Why Do Soldiers Wear Combat Boots And Not Sports Shoes?

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Have you ever wondered why soldiers gear themselves with combat boots and not with regular sports shoes?

Well, there are various purposes for soldiers wearing combat boots which you will know in this article.


So, why do soldiers wear combat boots and not sports shoes?

Soldiers wear combat boots because they provide excellent traction, foot protection, foot stability, waterproofness, comfort, and the ability to survive the harsh conditions of the battlefield. Whereas, sports shoes are designed for light activities and are not ideal for rugged terrain.

That’s not all! There are many more reasons why soldiers prefer combat boots over sports shoes.

So keep reading till the end to find out all the reasons.

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Why Do Soldiers Wear Combat Boots| Answered

Combat boots and sports shoes are two different forms of footwear, each has its own uniqueness.

However, soldiers and military personnel require high-performance footwear during combat, which only combat boots can provide rather than sports shoes.

That’s why I’ve outlined the features of combat boots and sports shoes below, so you can get why troops prefer combat boots to sports shoes.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of combat boots and sports shoes:

Combat BootsSports Shoes
Treaded Outsole
Electrically Insulated
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Combat Boots:

Treaded Outsole: Combat boots include a deep-tread pattern outsole that gives a firm grip on a variety of surfaces.

Whether you’re training on slick or wet surfaces, the rubber tread sole provides solid footing and friction to keep you from slipping. Furthermore, the rubber outsole is sturdy and thick, so your feet will not feel the harshness of the terrain.

Electrically Insulated: Combat boots have a separate section of boots that are electrically insulated. The electrically insulated combat boots contain non-conductive soles and heels that reduce the risk of electric shock from high voltages and keep the feet safe and sound. However, not all combat boots protect against electric hazards unless the soles are made with insulated rubber.

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Breathable: Although combat boots have a fully enclosed and tall structure; they keep the feet cool and dry in the high heat of summer. The air inside the boots is sufficiently ventilated to keep your feet breathable.


When the feet are adequately ventilated, the tendency to sweat lessens. Even if the feet sweat, the combat boots’ anti-odor technology prevents odor from accumulating.

As a result, your feet stay fresh and odorless in combat boots for a long time.

Slip-Resistant: Combat boots include an anti-slip sole that keeps them from slipping on wet, greasy, or other surfaces. Combat boots are constructed with rubber outsoles with thick lug patterns that provide a strong foothold on muddy, wet, or oily ground.

As a result, the possibility of slipping and being injured while walking is reduced.

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Protection: Combat boots are tough enough to stand up to abrasion. Steel reinforcement in the toe area protects the feet against falling heavy items.

Additionally, the uppers of combat boots are puncture-resistant. As a result, the feet are protected against sharp objects and injuries.

The combat boots have a taller structure that keeps dirt, water, or insects from entering inside the boots.

Stability: Combat boots offer excellent ankle support on rugged terrain, keeping your feet secured in the sole and preventing your ankle from twisting.

Waterproof: Combat boots are designed to withstand wet conditions. Combat boots are, in fact, waterproof.

Combat boots are made with high-quality leather that keeps the feet dry under all circumstances.

Furthermore, waterproof combat boots include an exterior surface covering that prevents water or any other wet substance from entering the boots.

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Durable: Combat boots are one of the best in terms of durability. Everything is done to perfection, from selecting fabrics to the stitching to ensure longevity. It’s no surprise that combat boots are high-performance footwear. The boots’ high-quality leather, sturdy rubber outsole, and stitching make them long-lasting and resistant to various obstacles.

Comfortable: Combat boots are the toughest and most durable, yet they are also the most comfortable.

To make the boots as comfortable as possible, they’re embedded with a cushioned footbed that absorbs shock and minimizes stress on the feet, as well as a padded collar and ankle pads that provide comfort and ankle support.

As a result, you can stay on the combat boots for a longer duration without exhausting your feet.


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Sports Shoes:

Cushioned Insole: Sport shoes contain the best-cushioned insoles, ensuring all-day comfort. Their insoles are constructed of EVA foam, which acts as a shock absorber during walking and relieves pressure on the foot. The sports shoes will not tire your feet out no matter how long you walk or run in them; instead, they will give your feet pillow-soft comfort.

Lightweight: Sport shoes are incredibly light. They do not add bulk to your feet; thus, your running or walking time will not be affected.

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Breathable: Mesh uppers are common in sport’s shoes, allowing for enough air movement and letting your feet breathe. So, bye-bye to sweaty feet.

Grip: Sport shoes have a soft rubber outsole that provides moderate traction on rugged grounds. Why moderate grip?

Because sports shoes don’t have deep lug soles to offer strong traction on bumpy roads.

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Why Do Soldiers Wear Combat Boots?

Combat boots are specifically designed for soldiers to use during combat training. Soldiers or military personnel wear combat boots because they protect their feet from injuries, offer great ankle support, prevent slipping in wet weather, and, most importantly, keep the feet comfortable.

Soldiers cannot simply put on any old boots on the battlefield. Their boots must fulfill US Army regulations or AR 670-1 criteria.

Fortunately, AR 670-1 certified combat boots have all the necessary features. As a result, combat boots are the most popular choice among soldiers.

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Why Do Soldiers Not Wear Sports Shoes?

Soldiers do not wear sports shoes since they do not comply with AR 670-1. Troops must wear sturdy footwear that can keep up with them in the harsh terrain. Unfortunately, most sports shoes are simply running shoes that offer no protection to the feet.

Sports shoes may allow you to run an extra 1-2 kilometers, but they are not an appropriate choice for troops.

Sports shoes are pretty lightweight. However, troops must carry a large amount of equipment; hence sports shoes cannot sustain such weight. In simple words, sports shoes are not meant for soldiers.

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Wrap Up

Soldiers’ jobs are not easy; they are unaware of the dangers that await them on the battlefield. As a result, they must gear themselves with all essential equipment to protect themselves.

Sports shoes may be the most comfortable and lightweight shoes available, but their performance and features are insufficient to protect soldiers’ feet.

I tried to keep this article short and crisp so that you could quickly find your answer. Please let us know if you found this article useful in the comments section.

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