Can You Use Tactical Boots For Hiking | All You Need To Know

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Tactical are versatile boots, and they can be used for different purposes other than the military. But can you use them for hiking?

Well, today, that’s what we’re going to find out. After talking to multiple hikers and doing plenty of research, I’ve compiled this guide just for you.

So, can you use tactical boots for hiking?

A giant yes, you can use tactical boots for hiking. They’ve all the characteristics of that of hiking boots. They’re made of sturdy materials which offers proper feet and ankle protection and is weather resistant. They have either rubber or vibram soles which  provides traction on any surface.


Now that you’ve your answer, I’d suggest you carry on reading as there’s more indepth analysis. And, I can assure you it’s well worth it.

Can You Use Tactical Boots For Hiking| Answered

I don’t know how you’ll react, but tactical boots are one of the best footwears for hiking if not the best. They pretty much have everything in their locker to provide you with proper backup while you go on a hike.

What are the fundamentals of a pair of a pair of genuine hiking boots? It’s comfort, safety, durability, flexibility, closure and traction.

Well let me tell you something, you’ll find all these things in a pair of tactical boots. In some cases you’ll find them in better proportions,while in other you might get them in less.

But, the fact is you’ll find them.

Tactical are mainly made of two different materials Polyurethane or EVA. The ones made from Polyurethane tend to be more sturdy and durable, great for hardcore hiking. They’re a bit costly, but the service they’ll provide makes them totally worth it.

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On the other hand, the ones made from EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) are lighter than the ones made from Polyurethane. They’re a great option if you don’t have much load on yourself. Both the materials offer excellent durability.

Tactical boots are military specific boots, which means safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about safety. It’s there.

They also come with reinforced tongu and collars and do I need to mention about the steel or composite toe they come with? You get allround protection.

Soldiers need to make brisk movements, therefore the footwear needs to be flexible to prevent any kind of injuries. Tactical boots have more than enough flexiblity in them to make your hiking a whole lot smoother.


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Being military-grade footwear, tactical boots are weather resistant. So, hiking in any kind of condition across any terrain souldn’t be an issue.

Tactical boots come with speed lacing system or side zippers. It allows the wearer to put them on or off with utmost ease.

What good is a pair of boots if they don’t provide enough traction? That too while hiking! Can you imagine the damage due to footwear with poor grip? The consequences can be fatal.

Thankfully, tactical boots come with rubber soles with deep lugs to begin with. To make things more interesting, you’ll can get them with vibram soles too.

Made in Italy, these soles can withstand industrial substance, oil, and ofcourse slip-resistant. They’re quite durable too. Now, they’ve become the industry standard.

Now, you can hike your heart out with out having to worry about anything.

PS: Not all tactical boots are made the same way. So, look for the ones with the features mentioned above.

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What Features Make Tactical Boots Good For Hiking?

In many ways tactical boots can be a better option over actual hiking boots, especially if you consider its versatility. So what makes them suitable for hiking? I’ve listed some important features that makes them good for hiking.

Here are the features that make tactical boots good for hiking:

Protection: Being military compliant footwear, tactical boots are all about safety. The collar is generally above the ankle, so you get ankle protection. There’s also protection in toe as well. And, you won’t find hard object penetrating them easily thanks to the inclusion of different kind of shanks.

Flexibility: Soldires need to make quick and tricky movements, so tactical boots were made flexible tobegin with. Now you can use this to your advantage while hiking.

Breathability: The real wearers of this footwear are meant to wear them for long duration of times,so tactical boots are made using adcanced materials to make them breathable. Many of them even come with breathable lining. So, when you’re hiking in hot-humid days your feet will remin crisp and dry.

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Comfort: I think even you can guess that tactical boots are full of comfort. One of the reason is the inclusion of a modsole, which provides extra cushioning. Also, there’s cushioning in the collar and the tongue.

Closure: Tactical boots come with convenient closure that gives you a custom fit. They either come with speed lacing system or side zippers, which also allows you to slide in and out of them effortlessly.

Tongue: Tactical boots come with reinforced tongues, which not only prevents unwanted elements entering your footwear but also adds an extra layer of comfort and protection.

Durability: These footwear are made using materials such as Polyurethane which is sturdy and lasts for a long long time. With proper maintenance,they can go the extra way. 

Soles: Tactical boots come with rubber soles with intricate tread patterns for proper traction. Now, they’re avaliable in vibram soles which is of the highest standard, and they’re resistant to industrial substance,oil, and slip (ofcourse!). No matter what the terrain, traction won’t be an issue. Polyurethane

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Tactical Boots VS Hiking Boots| Key Differences

It’s true, tactical boots and hiking boots share plenty of similarities. But, what about the differences? I thought knowing about them will allow you to make a better purchasing decision, hence I’ve noted them down. You’re welcome!


Here are the key differences between tactical and hiking boots:


Tactical boots are generally made using Polyurethane or EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). On the other hand, hiking boots are made using leather or high denier nylon material.


While the rubber sole is common for both of them. But, you won’t get hiking boots with vibram soles.


As mentioned earlier, tactical boots are militray grade footwear wher safety is of utmost importance. They’re made using sophisticated materials and are equipped with various safety features. You do get fair amount of protection in hiking shoes. But tactical boots edges this one.


I think we all know who is the clear winner here. Tactical boots’ versatylity is second to none.


Tactical are flexible, but they can be extra sturdy for various safety features. Hence, hiking boots are the winner here.


Tactical boots are comparatively heavier than hiking boots. Pus, the extra sturdiness may give you a cramped feeling. So, if you look at the comfort side of both these footwear, hiking boots get the nod in this department.


Tactical boots are made to withstand the toughest of terrains and the hardest of use, to ensure that highest quality materials are used. I’m not saying hiking boots are totally of the mark but due to their real purpose tactical are a tad bit better when it comes to durability.


Both, tactical and hiking boots have excellent lacing systems to ensure they’re glued to your feet. But, the inclusion of side zippers in tactical boots allows them to have a better closure.

Tactical Boots For Hiking| Pros And Cons

For hiking tactical boots are more than good enough,but they too have their cons. I’ve listed them down for you so that you can make a proper choice considering every aspects.

Here are the pros and cons of tactical boots for hiking:

Pros Cons
Ensures proper protectionA bit heavier compared to hiking boots
Offers excellent traction on various terrainsMore expensive than hiking boots
Very durableNot all of them are meant for hiking
VersatileCan be uncomfortable at time due to the extra sturdiness 
Better closure system

Tactical Boots VS Combat Boots| For Hiking

One of the most common and unfortunate scenario is when people mix combat boots as tactical boots. And, to add further fuel; some dishonest sellers sale combat as tactical boots.

Combat boots aren’t for everyone. They’re meant to be worn by highly trained soldiers and advanced level hikers.

Although they share many similaritties, but the main difference between tactical boots and combat boots is their weight. Tactical boots are relatively lighter. So, if you’re an entry level hiker or not a hardcore one, then I’d suggest you use tactical boots.

Besides, tactical boots are more practical. They’re easier to get since common people use this footwear for various reasons nowadays,and their lightweight is of better convenience anyways. So, the choice is yours.

Tactical Boots VS Hiking Boots| Which One Should You Wear?

Weren’t tactical boots supposed to be an alternative for hiking boots? This article was all about that right? Thse are some questions which might come to your mind when you see this headline.

But, hold on. There are instances when wearing a pair of tactical boots will make better sence than wearing actual hiking boots. Ans, I’m going to tell you exactly when and where you should use tactical boot and hiking boots.

So, let’s cut the chase and let us begin.


If you’re a hardcore hiker or a mountaineer, and love staying in the wilderness for weeks with heavy loads, then it’s better you wear tactical boots. They’ll back you up in the harshest of weather in hardest of terrains. While breathability won’t be an issue. You can keep an extra pair of hiking socks, they’ll add a layer of insulation if the temperature drops.

If you’re someone who’s into light hiking, let’s say for an hour or two or even few days then hiking boots should be your preferred option. They’re lighter and are great for casual or light hiking.


You can use tactical boots for hiking, and that too in a great way. As I mentioned earlier, they’ve pretty much have it all it takes for hiking. But, not all of them are upforthe task. There are some specific features which are neede for hiking. So, therefore it’s your duty to get the ones which are suitable for hiking.

This is all from me today. I sincerely hope you’ve no confusion left. And if you do, don’t hesitate to ask me down in the comment section below. Happy hiking.

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