Are 5.11 Tactical Boots Any Good? Know Before Purchasing

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Confused about whether or not 5.11 tactical boots would bring you any good?

Don’t be! Because this article will help you decide whether 5.11 tactical boots are good enough or not.

Let’s jump right into your question. Are 5.11 tactical boots any good?

5.11 Tactical boots are not just good. They are great boots for hunting, hiking, or heavy workloads. It’s due to its unique architecture that keeps the boots insulated, ventilated, waterproofed, and long-lasting for rough environments. However, only a certain group is benefitted from these boots.


Read till the end to know whether 5.11 tactical boots are of any good to your group.

Are 5.11 tactical boots any good? (for your type of work?)

Special ForcesWorkers 
(Hikers, Cowboys, Labors)
Average Users
True Fit
Shock absorber
Overall Customer ExperienceAverage

The above table gives an overall idea of why certain features of 5.11 boots are best for a certain group of people.

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Here are the reasons why 5.11 tactical boots can be good for any working person:

1. Special Forces(Not recommended) 

Just like guns, special forces heavily depend on their boots for survival. The rough environment they work in is far different from average hiking or hunting.

So can 5.11 tactical boots be any good to you as a special force member?

The answer is no. It’s due to a few reasons:

  • Not long-lasting enough to take heavy pressure in rough times. Boots saw to crack within year-long missions.
  • Not completely waterproof to last for a longer period. 
  • Not strongly sewn to hold parts during extreme rough missions. Boots are seen to lose outsoles from the rest of the boot.
  • Provides weak Slip-resistant rubber outsole for extreme slippery conditions 

  Expert recommends Hiking boots or specially designed boots special forces.

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2. Workers, Hikers, Cowboys, Labors(Recommended)

If you are a heavy worker, hiker, or cowboy who is in need of a tough boot that keeps your feet protected, then 5.11 tactical boots are recommended.

Here are a few reasons why.

  • Great Construction: comfortable midsoles, rubber outsole, and vented holes for better protection, comfortability, and durability.
  • Provides Slip-resistant feature:  based on your working conditions as a worker, this feature is good enough to hold onto slippery surfaces.
  • Provides breathable material to keep feet sweat-free.
  • Provides Ventilation during winter
  • Provides great shock absorbing feature while trying to move through rough terrains.
  • Provides great comfort with their cushioned insole material.
  • Very durable in general: lasts even longer if proper care is taken.
  • Includes waterproofing material to last day long for hikers or hunters. 
  • Side zippers provide great slipping in and out advantage  


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3. Average Users(Highly Recommended)

Other than workers or special forces, average users face a pretty stable environment. That includes smooth lands, a stable climate, fewer shocks or accidents, and lower rapid movements or usage of the boots.

So if you are an average user, 5.11 tactical boots would give you the best service overall. The best features are already pointed on the worker’s segment.

Although they provide the best service and are highly recommended, there are a few things you should keep in mind as a fellow average user. They are:

  • While purchasing, make sure to buy using your snicker size for a true fit.
  • Always go for side zippers instead of laces.
  • Always buy an extra insole for extra cushion
  • Double sew the pull-offs as they easily get ripped off
  • Cleaning them takes a longer time than usual boots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are tactical boots good for work?

Tactical boots are good boots but not good for all sorts of work. The work that is not as extreme as those in military missions and doesn’t require you to wear them for 2-3 days or even weeks straight is perfectly fit for tactical boots.

Where is 5.11 Tactical made?

5.11 Tactical boots are made in the USA. The design team is based in Southern California. The mass production of 5.11 boots is produced in custom shops all over the USA.

Is 5.11 Tactical a good brand?

The term “good” isn’t enough to describe the 5.11 tactical brand. It’s one of the best brands for hiking, hunting, or any heavy workloads. It is popular for its long-lasting soles, cushioned insole, and multiple pockets.

Do 5.11 Tactical boots run small?

Yes, 5.11 Tactical boots run small. According to the customer reviews, almost all 5.11 tactical boots are smaller in size. To get the perfect fit, purchase with your sneaker size or buy a half size bigger.

Are 5.11 Tactical boots comfortable?

Yes, 5.11 Tactical boots are very comfortable. It’s due to the advanced engineering applied to the insole for extra comfort. The insole has lightweight Ortholite polyurethane foam. It stays soft and provides long-lasting comfort to your feet. Unlike other insoles, they get flat and hard after a few days of wear.

Why is it 5.11 Tactical?

It’s because the brand was inspired by the Yosemite Decimal System, where 5.11 refers to the most difficult level while rock climbing. In 2012, the 5.11 Tactical brand purchased the Seattle-based custom outdoor apparel brand, Beyond Clothing LLC. Since the entire theme is outdoor-based, the word tactical goes perfectly with the term “5.11”. 

Final Thoughts

So are 5.11 tactical boots any good?

Yes, they surely are great and tough boots. They are used widely and have great customer reviews.

But are they recommended for everyone?


They provide great services for average users and heavy workers but not for special force members. Its because they are not designed to handle the extreme conditions they regularly face.

Do let us know your thoughts on 5.11 boots in the comments below.

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