How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Mid [Legitimacy Check 2024]

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Nike Air Jordan 1, especially the mid version, got the most popularity out of the three models. As the hype rose, fake Jordans were swarming over the market.


To invest in a real Air Jordan 1 mid, you must know how to spot a fake pair.

I will tell you the ways to identify a fake Air Jordan 1 sneaker and buy the authentic one. So, keep reading.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Mid?

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid shoes are the most prevailing, which outstand the low and high tops. So naturally, so many fake retailers make and sell them at the original price. So, you need to know how to spot a dupe.

8 Ways to Find Out the Fake Jordan 1 Mid:

1. Box Lebel

A real box of Jordan 1 Mid Fearless, has pinkish/beige colored Jumpman logo, but in a dupe, the color is darker brown or golden. Also, the Jumpman logo is longer than the real

The same is for the text, “JORDAN.COM”

Moreover, on the replica shoe box’s label, the indication of sizing is written in bold letters. This factor makes it easy to spot the duplicate Air Jordan 1 Mid.

2. Toe Box

Another indicating factor is the difference in the toe box. If you look closely, you will find the stitching, shape, and perforation holes are quite different compared to the original AJ 1 mid.

The fake Air Jordan Mid’s toe box is way too narrower than the real pair. My brother owns Air Jordan 1 Mid SE whose toe box is flat towards the bottom. That makes it wide.

His wide feet fit in his Jordan, that’s the main reason he got them in the first place.

As the toe box is wider in an authentic AJ1, the perforation holes are thinner, while in a fake sneaker, they are large and more densely populated.

The woven logo on the top of the tongue of an original Air Jordan 1 Mid has two circles “R” which you will not find in a dupe. Also, there is trademark information written in French and English on the backside of the logo.


The fake shoes will have the wrong lettering style and the tag will be stitched on crooked which is another proof of poor manufacturing.

4. Heel Strap Stitching

In a real Nike AJ1 Mid, you will find a heel tab covering the back seams of the shoe. Look closely, there are two stitch lines and the thread also doesn’t match with heel tab’s color.


On the other hand, a duplicate  Air Jordan 1 mid will have a single stitch, and also the threads will match the leather instead of contrasting.

If you see this type of construction, be assured that’s a fake Jordan sneaker. Since Nike owns Air Jordan, the building quality of every shoe speaks for itself.

Air Jordan’s iconic wings logo also helps to point out the fake one. Let me elaborate. Normally it’s easy to copy the wings artwork and apply it on a duplicate shoe.

You need to check these details of the logo to differentiate the original Air Jordan 1 Mid:

  • Check the detailing of the wings logo.
  • The real shoe will have a deeply embossed logo which is not seen in a fake shoe.
  • Look closely at the depth of the logo on the leather.
  • The text of the logo will be thicker in the dupe pair.
  • On a legit AJ1, the stitching around the wings logo follows around the parameter but on a duplicate shoe, it will be stitched next to the logo.
  • The wings logo is much more angular if you notice it in your original Air Jordan 1.
  • The real shoe’s wings logo gets steeper but not in the fake one.

So from here, you can see Nike pays close attention to the making of their sneakers, which explains why Air Jordans are expensive.

The outside logo is also quite different on a fake Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid if you look closely. The writing is wrong and the width of the letters will be narrower than in the original shoe.


Another notable fact is the “K” of the Nike logo will touch the tail of the Swoosh, which you won’t find in a fake pair. Even here the patterns of the thread will differ.

7. Size Tag

If you look closely, the size tag shows a few different features in a real Air Jordan 1 than a fake one.

Let’s see the variation of size tag to identify fake AJ1 mid:

  • The font size of the size tag is bigger in an authentic Nike Jordan.
  • The information about the country and size is smaller than an original shoe and also bold.

At a first glance, you may not notice these fine details, to get the original Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, take your time to find these imperfections.

8. Sole

The texture of Jordan 1 Mid has a grainy and random feel on the outsole of their shoes whereas the fake sneakers come with geometric patterns. And it’s quite logical that a fake Jordan’s sole is not as premium as a real AJ1 mid.

So keep your eyes open and see the sole of your sneaker to spot the fake Jordan 1 mid.

What Things You Should Consider to Avoid Buying Fake Jordan 1 Mid?

It’s not new that the market is full of fake Air Jordan 1 shoe as their popularity is in skyrocketing position. To buy an authentic pair except the stores is a risk. So, you have to know the distinguishing factors between a real and a dupe.

Here are the things you should consider to avoid buying fake Nike Jordan 1 Mid:

  • Check out the size tag, as in a fake Nike Jordan, the font of the size tag will be different.
  • The iconic Air Jordan logo will be too thin or thick in a duplicate AJ1.
  • Make sure to look closely at the wings logo, because the placement and depth of the logo will not be the same as a real one.
  • The toe box of Nike Air Jordan is wider, so measure the toe box of your shoe beforehand.
  • Take a close look at the woven logo on the tongue of your Air Jordan.


Is a Jordan fake made in China?

Nike imports their authentic shoes from China and a vast amount of fake Nike shoes have been found manufactured also in China. So, it depends on the manufacturers.

Where is authentic Jordan made?

Most of the authentic Nike Air Jordan shoes are made in Vietnam, China, and other Asian countries.

Are shoes fake if they say made in Vietnam?

No, a huge number of Nike shoes are made in factories which are situated in Vietnam along with China and other Asian countries.

Parting Thoughts

The Air Jordan 1 Mid shoe is a versatile, comfortable, and sleek silhouette that serves its purpose in every way.

Fake retailers are trying to rob people as they are still on the hype. So, it’s important to get the original pair. You got all the ways and features that will help you to buy the authentic Air Jordan 1 Mid shoe in no time.

Thanks for being with me and to know more comments below.

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