Are Jordan Good For Wide Feet? [Check Before Purchasing]

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Nike Jordan is one of the most desirable basketball shoes worldwide. Every shoe freak wanna put Jordan on their feet, but can people with wide feet put on Jordan and flex?-that might be your question.

Let’s figure out the answer to this burning question throughout the article.are-jordan-good-for-wide-feet

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Are Jordans Good for Wide Feet?

jordans-good-for-wide-feetNot all Jordan models are good for wide feet. Jordan shoes were first released in 1985 but still have a huge fan base. Jordan line has some unique features that make it an all-time favorite, and no doubt that makes Nike Jordan so expensive.

But some of Jordan’s models are not good for wide feet people. Jordan 4 is one of them. It is the most uncomfortable Jordan shoe for wide feet. With narrow feet, people also feel stiff wearing this. Although the outer silhouette looks giant, the inner space is too narrow.

No worries, there are many models of Jordan which are good for wide feet people. To know about those wide feet friendly Jordan, continue reading the article.

Do Jordans Come in Wide?

Jordan does not have an official wide-size option. But most of the Jordan model’s toe boxes are more spacious than other Nike models. So wide feet people can wear Jordan without taking one or half size up. But if your feet are exceptionally wider, then it will be safe to take half size up.

I suggest people buy Jordan shoes from a physical shop. You can easily find out your perfect match by trying several sizes and models in a retail shop.

But It’s tricky to buy Jordan online because some Jordan models run bigger than the true size and some of them are narrow.

Which Jordan is Good for People with Wide Feet?

As I told you, Jordan is good for wide feet, so if someone has narrow feet, they need to take one size down for proper fitting. But not all Jordan comes big. So you must have to know which Jordan comes true to size, which is big or runs small before purchasing it online.

Here I am providing some famous Jordan models which are good for wide feet:

Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan is true to size and because of its leather material stretching, it’s also good for wide feet people. After the breaking period, Air Jordan adjusted to your feet size.air-jordan-1

However, this famous pair is known as an all-time famous basketball sneaker, but Nike Jordan 1 is also good for skating. I have wide feet, and I am a proud owner of an Air Jordan 1 After a few wears, it perfectly fits now. But if your foot requires 4E width then better to take half size up.

Don’t take a size down if you have a narrow fit, think of stretching. For a better experience, take the perfect size of Air Jordan.

Jordan 11

Yes, as Jordan 1 this Jordan 11 is also stretchable and true to size. Jordan 11 looks stiff, but the material is so stretchable and comfortable. These cool Jordan pairs don’t have enough space in the toe box, so don’t think about buying the small size. It will not be that loose, but can give you an unwanted blister.

Jordan 12


Jordan 12 is one of the best Jordan models which is also good for your wide feet. This amazing pair comes true to size, but there is a thing you should know Jordan 12 is too loose after you break into it. Narrow to medium wide feet people fall into hassle sometimes when these Jordan pairs become so stretched out after a break-in.

So you have to take one or half size down if you want to avoid too much space in the toe box.

Jordan 13

Jordan 13 is the perfect pair for wide feet. This Jordan pair runs bigger than any other Jordan model, so it’s obvious it has a huge space in the toe box. Jordan 13 is my favorite Jordan pair. It has good ankle support and a very good grip on the sole.

You don’t have to worry if you have wide feet, Jordan 13 will back you up.

How To Stretch Tight Jordan Pair For Wide Foot People?

Finally, you have gotten your desirable Jordan pair after ordering online, but it feels too tight! Don’t freak out. Shoes take some time to adjust with your feet. But you are confused that maybe the shoe never adjusts, even after the break-in period.

In that case, before returning the shoe, why not try some ways to stretch the shoe earlier?

Here I am sharing 4 effective ways to stretch Jordan Shoe:

1. Thick Socks and A Blow-Dryer

Wear thick socks and put on the shoe, now apply the blow-dryer for 30 seconds on the tight area. But remember, the blow-dryer should be in medium heat, otherwise, your shoe leather might be destroyed.thick-socks

Wearing shoes without socks is bad, socks help to protect feet from unwanted injuries also. Jordan shoes look cooler with socks. You can check my article to know what socks to wear with Jordan.

2. Wear Them in the Evening

Wear your shoe in the evening and walk on the carpet for about 15 -20 minutes. If you are confused about the size and thinking about returning it! Then this is the perfect idea to check. Just make sure your shoe bottom should not get dirty.

3. Shoe Stretch Sprays and Liquids

Applying shoe stretch sprays on the tight area of the shoe can stretch your shoe easily. Both market and online, there are a variety of stretch sprays. But after applying this, you might not return your shoe. So if you are enough determined that shoes will fit after moderate stretch, then apply this idea.shoe-stretch-sprays

4. Find A Shoe Repair Professional

A professional shoe repairer/cobbler can alter your shoe. They have unique machines that can manually stretch your shoe, and they also can make your shoe long-lasting.


Who doesn’t love to wear the world-famous Jordan sneaker line? After reading my article, your concern about your wide feet which restricted you to buy Jordan should come to end.

Your foot structure is never a reason not to buy this amazing Jordan shoe. I have also provided some models which will fit on your wide feet along with some effective ways to stretch your Jordan shoe after buying.

So don’t delay purchasing your favorite Jordan and style it on your way. But for now, it’s goodbye!

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