Timberland vs Thursday Boots [9 Must Know Differences]

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Timberland and Thursday Boots are renowned footwear brands, each with a rich history and distinct manufacturing approach. They offer a plethora of stylish and durable boots.

In today’s comparison, I’ll discuss the key differences between Timberland and Thursday Boots, guiding you through their craftsmanship, materials, comfort, and more.

Join me as I start the comparison to uncover which brand reigns supreme in footwear excellence.timberland-vs-thursday-boots

With that said, let’s jump right in.

Overview of Thursday Boots and Timberland

Thursday Boots and Timberland have made a name for themselves in the boot’s history. Each brand brings its own unique qualities and history to the table, catering to different preferences and styles.

Thursday Boots

Founded by Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson in October 2014, Thursday Boots focuses on producing quality boots at an affordable price point.

With its headquarters in New York, United States, the brand has garnered a reputation for handcrafted attention to detail and a commitment to ethical sourcing. Thursday Boots aims to expand its reach by establishing stores in various countries.


With a heritage dating back to 1952, Timberland is synonymous with durability and craftsmanship. The brand gained recognition for its iconic yellow work boots and has since expanded its range to include various footwear.

Timberland is renowned for its rugged construction, innovative designs, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Both Thursday Boots and Timberland offer consumers stylish and reliable footwear options, catering to different tastes and preferences.overview-of-timberland

That said, let’s lean toward the comparison. Also, you can check Timberland and Dr. Martens for their rich history.

Feature Comparison of Thursday Boots and Timberland

Thursday Boots and Timberland stand out as leading brands in stylish and functional boots. When choosing the right pair of boots, it’s essential to consider various factors such as sustainability, traction, durability, etc.

FeatureThursday BootsTimberland
Upper MaterialsHorween leather, Chromexcel, Suede, CalfskinFull-grain leather, Nubuck, Suede
ComfortVery comfortableModerate
SustainabilityCommitment to ethical sourcingSustainable practices
TractionGood traction on most surfacesExcellent on various terrains
DurabilityComparatively less durable than TimberlandLast long with some proper care
WaterproofWeatherproof and water-resistantWaterproof options available
ConstructionThursday Boots excels in meticulous craftsmanship with premium materials for exceptional qualityCrafted with premium materials for durability and performance, these shoes include features like a rubber outsole and moisture-channeling mesh linings
Break-inRequires no break-inNeed some time to break in
SizeRun true to sizeRuns half-size larger
Price Range$120 – $199$85 – $295
Brand ReputationHighly renowned brand for quality and durabilityEstablished a reputation for quality and affordability

Overall, both Thursday Boots and Timberland provide high-quality boots with distinct features and benefits. That said, check the below section for a more in-depth comparison.

Primary Differences between Timberland and Thursday Boots

Timberland and Thursday boots offer durability and style. Timberland uses tough leather, while Thursday focuses on details with Horween leather. Timberland is pricier, but both ensure comfy wear all day.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed various seemingly minor differences that can greatly influence the decision to purchase and wear the boot.

Here are the 9 key differences between Timberland and Thursday Boots:

1. Comfort and Overall Fit

Timberland boots, with their sturdy construction and iconic design, provide reliable support for long days on your feet.

From personal experience, I’ve found that Timberlands initially feel a bit stiff, but they gradually mold to your feet over time, offering a snug and supportive fit.

On the other hand, Thursday Boots prioritizes comfort right out of the box. Their lightweight design and soft interiors make them a joy to wear from day one.

In my journey with Thursday Boots, I’ve been impressed by how they seamlessly conform to the contours of my feet with the Cork-Bed Midsoles.comfort-and-overall-fit-of-thursday-boots-and-timberland

Which provides all-day comfort without any break-in period required.

In terms of fit, Timberland has models with wider choices. For example, if you choose the Classic 6-inch boots, then you will find there is enhanced space in the shoe, which can sometimes cause foot slippage.

However, Timberland has a huge number of models, and many of the modern models have a snugglier fit.

Meanwhile, in my personal experience, I find the fit of the Thursday Boot to be perfect. I have the Captain model and it fits perfectly out of the box.

Also, both Timberland and Thursday Boots have Steel shanks for better arch support.

Thursday Boots could also be your pick. But if you’re after durable boots that will eventually fit your feet, Timberland is worth the consideration.

2. Durability Concerns

Durability is another key point when picking boots, and both Timberland and Thursday pack a punch.

I remember my dad rocking his beat-up Timberlands for years. Their thicker leather and iconic construction can withstand serious wear and tear. However, some say the quality isn’t always as consistent as it used to be.

Meanwhile, Thursday Boots uses high-quality, full-grain, strong, flexible leather. Plus, their GoodYear welt construction allows for resoling, extending their lifespan for years.durability-of-thursday-boots-and-timberland

While Thursdays might not feel quite as indestructible as old-school Timberlands, they’re built to last with proper care.

I’ve had my trusty Timberlands for years, and they’ve been through thick and thin. But I find myself reaching for my Thursdays more for everyday wear. They’re lighter, more comfortable, and still seem super durable.

3. Material Quality

Timberland boots are renowned for their exceptional choice of materials, often opting for premium full-grain leather. The leather enhances durability and develops a distinctive patina over time, adding character to the boots.

Additionally, Timberland incorporates other robust materials like nubuck leather and waterproof membranes to enhance performance and longevity.material-quality-of-timberland

On the other hand, Thursday Boots also prioritizes material quality in their boot production. They meticulously select top-grade leathers, including full-grain and suede, ensuring that their boots are stylish and built to last.

I’ve noticed that Thursday Boots pays meticulous attention to sourcing ethical and sustainable materials, which is a bonus for conscious consumers.

In terms of quality, Timberland’s consistency can vary. While some Timberlands feel amazing and last for years, others may seem stiff and break down faster. Their iconic yellow boots are still known for their durability, but some newer styles might not hold up as well.

In contrast, Thursday Boots focuses on using top-notch materials and construction. I’ve been consistently impressed with the quality of their leather and craftsmanship.material-quality-of-thursday-boots

It feels like they put a lot of care into each boot, which gives me confidence in their durability.

I used to assume that all Timberlands were built like tanks, but my experience has shown me otherwise. Also, my Thursdays have consistently delivered high quality, with durable leather that seems built to last.

4. Construction

Timberland primarily employs cement construction, utilizing glue for bonding. While this method offers lightweight and flexibility, resoling can be challenging.

However, recent models have shifted towards the Goodyear welt method, where the upper is directly stitched to the sole. It enhances durability and allows for resoling, albeit it may feel stiffer initially.

Similarly, Thursday Boots also adopts the Goodyear welt construction, renowned for its durability. The method involves stitching the upper, welt, and sole together, facilitating multiple resoles and significantly prolonging the boot’s lifespan.

My old Timberlands, though comfortable, lack the option for resolving due to their glued construction. In contrast, my Thursdays, featuring Goodyear welts, feel robust, ensuring longevity.

5. Slip Resistance/Traction

In my day-to-day use, both Timberland and Thursday Boots deliver dependable performance.

Timberland boots excel in grip across different surfaces, thanks to their rubber outsole with an aggressive lug design. This design enhances traction and stability, making them ideal for outdoor pursuits.slip-resistance-of-thursday-boots-and-timberland

On the flip side, Thursday Boots also prioritizes slip resistance, utilizing StormKing® Durable Rubber Lug Outsoles and Studded Rubber Outsoles.

While their treads may be slightly less aggressive, they still provide ample traction for everyday use.

6. Waterproof Feature and Safety

In my personal experience, Timberland boots have great waterproof membranes, such as GoreTex or TimberDry, which provide a reliable barrier against water penetration. This feature is particularly beneficial if you frequently encounter rain or wet environments.

Thursday Boots also offer waterproof options, typically treated with waterrepellent coatings or constructed with materials like waterproof leather.

Despite lacking specific waterproof membranes like Timberland, these shoes offer a degree of water resistance to protect your feet from moisture.

Moving on to safety features, both brands prioritize ensuring their wearers’ well-being.

Timberland boots often come with reinforced toe caps, such as steel or composite, offering protection against impacts or compression.

They also pay attention to slip resistance, incorporating lug soles or specialized outsole patterns to enhance traction on various surfaces.

Thursday Boots also prioritize safety, with some models featuring reinforced toe boxes for added protection.waterproof-feature-of-thursday-boots-and-timberland

When talking about the waterproof and safety features, Timberland stands out as the superior choice. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the boot industry is evident through these exceptional features.

7. Weight and Size

In my experience, Timberland boots tend to run half a size larger than my usual shoe size. So, when I usually wear a size 9, I find that a size 8.5 in Timberland boots fits me better. I always keep this in mind when ordering online or trying on Timberland boots in-store.

On the flip side, Thursday Boots generally run true to size, so I can stick to my usual shoe size when purchasing them. This makes sizing more straightforward and convenient, especially when ordering online.

As for weight, Timberland boots usually weigh from 2.5 to 4 pounds and can feel slightly heavier compared to Thursday Boots. This is due to their robust construction and durable materials.weight-and-size-of-thursday-boots-and-timberland

While the weight difference may not be significant, it’s something to keep in mind if you prefer lighter footwear.

8. Price and Value

Timberland boots tend to come with a higher price tag compared to Thursday Boots. This is mainly because of their sturdy build and top-notch materials. Also, the brand’s reputation adds to the cost.

However, compared to some other traditional boot companies, Timberlands is more budget-friendly. While some brands go up to $700, Timberlands typically range around $200.

On the flip side, Thursday Boots are priced similarly to Timberland boots, ranging from $100 to $200.

Yet, in my view, Thursday Boots offer more bang for your buck. They provide excellent comfort and boast features comparable to pricier boots. Thursday Boots are a smart investment with their blend of quality, style, and durability.

9. Product Offerings & Design Variations

Timberland provides a diverse range of boots to suit various tastes and needs. From classic work boots to outdoor footwear and casual sneakers, Timberland covers it all.

Also, they have exceptional work boots at their disposal. For example, you can check the Timberland Pit Boss and Direct Attach.

Their products, which are available for both men and women, are renowned for durability, functionality, and timeless appeal.

Thursday Boots, however, concentrates on crafting high-quality, stylish boots with a focus on classic designs and modern aesthetics. While their selection may be more curated, Thursday Boots excels in craftsmanship, attention to detail, and comfort.

In terms of design, Timberland offers a wider variety of styles, colors, and materials, including nubuck, full-grain leather, and waterproof options.

Thursday Boots refines classic designs with modern touches, offering different leather finishes, stitching details, lacing systems, and sole options to enhance style and character.

Product CategoriesTimberlandThursday Boots
Work BootsTimberland PRO 6" Pit Boss, Timberland PRO Men's Boondock, Timberland PRO Men's Powertrain Sport Alloy ToeLoggers, Scout
Outdoor BootsTimberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof, Timberland Women's Norwood Mid Waterproof, Timberland Men's Mt. MaddsenDayton Service Boot, Duke Desert Boot, Captain, Hero, Diplomat
Fashion BootsTimberland Men's 6" Premium Waterproof Boot, Timberland Women's 6" Premium Boot, Timberland Men's Earthkeepers Rugged BootDiplomat, Churchill, Desperado, Maverick, Legend, Cavalier, Cadet, Wingtip
Casual SneakersTimberland Men's Groveton Chukka Boot, Timberland Women's FlyRoam Go Knit Sneaker, Timberland Men's Killington Chukka BootPremier Low Top, Premier High Top, Handsewn Runner

These are some of the popular models of Timberland and Thursday.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Timberland and Thursday Boots

Timberland and Thursday Boots are both major players in the boot industry. But which one comes out on top?

Let’s examine Timberland and Thursday Boots’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • »An iconic brand with a long-standing reputation for durability and craftsmanship.
  • »Variety of boots and sneakers, including work, outdoor, fashion, and casual styles.
  • »Known for their signature waterproof construction.
  • »Has better traction compared to Thursday Boots.
  • »Seems bulkier.
  • »Requires a longer time to break in.
  • »Expensive than Thursday Boots.

Thursday Boots

  • »Handcrafted boots with attention to detail and high-quality materials.
  • »Known for their stylish designs that blend classic and modern aesthetics.
  • »Affordable compared to Timberland.
  • »Requires a very minimal break-in time.
  • »Enhanced comfort than Timberland.
  • »Smaller selection of styles and categories compared to larger brands.
  • »Not the ideal choice for the work environment.

Timberland Vs Thursday Boots: Which will be Ideal for You?

If durability and ruggedness are your top priorities, Timberland boots might suit you best. Known for their robust construction and excellent waterproofing, they’re great for outdoor pursuits or demanding tasks.

However, if immediate comfort and sleek design matter more to you, Thursday Boots could be the better choice. Their lightweight build and stylish options ensure comfort right from the start. Additionally, Thursday Boots generally do not require a break-in period.

For me, Thursday Boots win out due to their instant comfort and stylish designs.

As someone who values both style and comfort, they strike the perfect balance for my daily wear, keeping me comfortable and fashionable.


Are Timberland boots worth the higher price?

Timberland boots are justified by their exceptional durability, superior craftsmanship, and diverse range of styles. The brand’s longstanding reputation speaks for the quality and reliability of its footwear.

Do Thursday Boots provide good value for money?

Thursday Boots are known for offering excellent value for money. Their handcrafted boots combine attention to detail and stylish designs, while their direct-to-consumer model ensures competitive pricing

Are Timberland boots heavier compared to Thursday Boots?

In comparison to Thursday Boots, Timberland boots are slightly heavier due to their robust construction and emphasis on durability. This additional weight can be viewed as a reasonable compromise for the increased longevity and toughness that Timberland boots offer.

Does Thursday Boots offer a wide selection of styles?

Thursday Boots offers a selection of stylish designs, but their range may be smaller compared to larger brands. However, they focus on quality and blend classic and modern aesthetics.

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