How Long Does It Take to Break in Thursday Boots [Explained]

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When we chatter about long-lasting, elegant boots, the name Thursday boots spontaneously comes to our mind.

Various designs are available under this premium leather boot category, such as Logger, Captain, Diplomat & so on. Prior to buying any of these styles, we should inquire about their break-in period besides other features.


So, without further ado, let’s know how many wear Thursday boots require to break in & how it differs as per the designs.

Do Thursday Boots Need to Break in?

Whether the Thursday boots need to break in or not depends upon your desired fit. Being made of leather, the boots fit snugly but are not uncomfortable at first attempts. But when it breaks in after some wear, users can experience more comfortable and molding footwear.

Let’s hear what Thursday boot is saying about this matter –

They said on the official website, “the boots are meant to be snug at first since natural leather will stretch to form your feet over time. They should be snug but not uncomfortable. Durable leathers can occasionally take more than a few wears to break in. Once the leather flexes and your foot adapts, you’ve got something durable enough to last for years!”


In a word, if you expect the snug-fitted Thursday boots, don’t break them in when you first get the pair. The break-in on its own with regular wear is sufficient in this condition.

But in case of a roomy fit, you should manually break in the boots. You can do it with a shoe tree and leather conditioner. Besides, walking in them regularly for a certain time also accomplish this task.

How Long Does It Take Thursday Boots to Break in?

It requires a maximum of 15-20 minutes of walking for 2 weeks to break in your newly purchased Thursday boot. However, the duration changes with style. But the positive thing is Thursday’s break-in doesn’t involve any kind of nasty blisters, soreness, or negative issues.

Can you guess why no foot issue arrives?

Actually, it’s due to the prime hides and smooth leather lines. These materials are tanned and processed in the most renowned tanneries in the world. Later, the talented craftsmen manufacture most of the charming boots by following the Goodyear Welt Construction.

Now, let’s talk individually about some worth mentioning Thursday boots break-in –

Captain: captain

Made with resilient leather and a Cork-based midsole. That’s why it fantastically conforms to the feet within a short time. 4-5 days of wear is enough. However, some consumers claim that Captains demand zero time to break in. And it feels great from the initial wear.


Full-grain leather is the main ingredient of this timeless silhouette. Similar to the previous one, it also favors a comfortable and clean cork midsole. Has got a rating of 4.9 out of 5 in terms of high quality, durability, charm, and comfort.

But in terms of a break-in, it needs relatively more time, i.e., about 2 weeks or at least 5 attempts to fit perfectly.

Logger: logger

Thursday loggers break-in involves 10 miles of walking. Though you may face minor rubbing for the first three miles when sockless. Because the leather is somewhat rough. So, it’s better to stick with socks for the first ten miles. Therefore, the chances of abrasion will be zero.

Diplomat: diplomat

This handcrafted Moc toe boot is fabricated with rugged-durable hides. As a result, you may feel a little bit of discomfort and heel rubbing at first times. But keep in mind that things aren’t the same for all. People go through this hurting issue due to picking the wrong sizing of Thursday boots.

Hence, some customers obtain a wonderful fit at the second wear while others have to wait for 4-5 days.


A few days are enough to attain the perfect fit from this stylish footgear. And the credit goes to Full Glove Leather Interior, which ensures the softest touch. Amazing design and solid color combinations come with this piece.

Since only a few break-in days (2-3 days) are required, you can pair up with this set for any purpose soon after the purchase.


This 8 eyelets boot needs a maximum of 5 wears due to the rough-out leather. During this time, no blisters or pain will appear. Because likewise the Cadet, it also contains supple glove leather lining on the interior. Just like Red Wing, this Thursday boot blends a great fit with an amazing look. So people just fall for this pair at first glance.


This signature piece is known as the 1940s superlative rendition of the classic American service boot. Built with flesh Horween leather, which is top-notch in terms of quality & durability. It grabs 15-20 minutes for almost 4 days from your busy schedules.

If you think your Thursday boots are consuming more time to break in (though the chance is minimal), speed up the process by applying a leather conditioner to your boots.

Apply evenly distributed conditioner both inside and outside of the footwear. Then insert a Shoe Tree into each boot and leave them overnight.

Meanwhile, leather will soften and accelerate the break-in. I’ll recommend using the Cedar Shoe Tree as it also delivers a soothing fragrance. And that’s how you can enjoy walking with a well-fitted Thursday boot.

Wrap Up

So, if you feel your Thursday boots are uncomfortable, don’t get frustrated. Wait for a couple of weeks.

Daily walk in the boots for a short period of time for 2 weeks or surpass 10 miles of distance. Remember, this is the worst-case scenario. Otherwise, Thursdays take only two days or three.

Drop your further queries in the comment section.

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