Thursday Boots Sizing [A Complete Size Guide For Thursdays]

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Are you planning to explore the world of Thursday boots, but struggling with their sizing?

Don’t bother anymore! This guide will clear up all your confusion about Thursday boots.


After extensive research and from my own experience with Captain and Cavalier boots, here in this article, I’ve compiled all the ins and outs of the sizing process of Thursday boots.

So, tag along to get your perfect Thursdays!

Thursday Boots Sizing Guide

Thursday offers a range of quality boots both for men and women. But the sizing is a little tricky, as their sizes are a bit different from other American sneakers and dress shoes.

So, let’s check out how the sizing works with Thursday boots:

Sizing Guide for Men’s Thursday Boots

Thursday boots run larger than typical sneakers. So if you are buying Thursdays for the first time, it’s suggested to go with a half-size smaller one.

To give you an example, if you wear sneakers of size 12, pick the size 11.5 from Thursday boots like Captain.

As I’ve experienced with my Canyon captains, they are super long. As my sneaker size is 12, I bought the Captain in a size 11.5. They fit perfectly but still are much longer than my Nike pairs.


Hence, if you don’t wanna walk around with long boots, I’ll suggest you buy one size smaller Thursday boots but go with the wider ones.

However, Thursday boots offer standard D, EE, and EEE widths for most of their men’s boot models. Though the wide options are a bit limited for Thursday boots, their famous models like Captain, President, and Diplomats are available in EE or EEE width.

So, to find your perfect Thursday boot size, follow the size chart given below.

Thursday boots size chart for men

ThursdayUS sneakerUKEUCM

To find the accurate size, you can also check each Thursday model’s page on their website. When you click on “Find my size”, they will ask you a couple of questions, and answering them properly will lead to your true boot size.

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Sizing Guide for Women’s Thursday Boots

When it comes to the sizing of women’s Thursday boots, the picture is totally different. That’s because, unlike the men’s boots, Thursdays for women run small. So, while buying, they recommend you go with the true size or half size larger than your standard sneaker size.


That means, if you are a size 9 for sneakers, then you need to go with the size 9 or size 9.5 for Thursday boots.

And if you are between sizes, the brand recommends you go with the larger one. For instance, if you wear both sizes 8 and 9 with sneakers, pick the size 9 for Thursday boots.

As for the width, women’s Thursday boots come with only the standard B width. Their standard width gives a perfect fit to most US women having average feet.

But if you wear A width for your narrow feet, sizing down to half size will resolve the problem, as suggested by the brand. On the contrary, for wide feet, you can go with a half-size up to get a comfortable fit from your Thursdays.

So, while purchasing your favorite Thursday boots, carefully choose the right size and width that gives you a comfortable fit.

How Should Your Thursday Boots Fit

Because of their commitment to quality and design, Thursday’s boots are immensely popular among hikers and tour lovers. They offer a range of fashionable models, which are also functional at the same time.

However, fitting is very important when purchasing a new boot, doesn’t matter if they are from Thursday or Red Wing. Because you need comfortable yet close-fitted boots while going out in the snow or simply walking through the trails.

As for Thursday boots, they use pure natural leather to make the shoes, so that you get a quality product. Since the leather stretches, the boots should give a snug fit at first. Over time, the flexible leather will stretch while conforming to your feet.

But, as said on their website, the boots should give a snug fit but not so tight to put you in discomfort.

So, before choosing the size, try the boots with the socks that you are going to pair with them. Also, check if your favorite models are available in the width you prefer.

Do Thursday Boots Run Big?

Thursday boots actually run big. Also, their sizes with all models are half-size smaller when compared to average sneakers. So, it is recommended to go at least half a size down with Thursday boots. Besides, as the leather tends to stretch, you should opt for a snug fit while buying the boots.

But as said before, in the case of women’s boots, they actually run small. Hence, in terms of women’s Thursday boots, you need to get the true size or even size up for a perfect fit.

So, to enjoy your weekend trips to the fullest, give a little more attention to the sizing process of your Thursday boots.

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Do Thursday Boots Fit Wide Feet?

Yes, Thursday boots do fit wide feet if you got the right width. They offer a range of widths for both regular to wide feet. The standard D width fits perfectly to both average and medium wide feet, even for those who wear an E width for other boots. Also, the EE width is available for people with extra wide feet.

Are Thursday Boots True To Size?

No, Thursday boots aren’t true to size, they actually run bigger than typical sneakers and boots. This is because they offer sizes that are half size smaller than US sneaker sizes. Hence, you need to size down to a half-size to get a comfortable fit.

Are Thursday Boots Waterproof?

Yes, with the use of natural leather in most of their products, Thursday boots are waterproof to some extent. The wax and oil found in the materials help to keep the shoes resistant to snow and water. They also offer a dedicated waterproof shoe line with WeatherSafe™ Suede leather.

Parting Thoughts

Sizing for boots like Thursday may be a bit more confusing than your regular sneakers. But, all the details I’ve provided in this article will definitely make the sizing process with Thursdays a lot simpler.

So, without worrying, just go for your favorite model from Thursday and secure the elegant look you want.

And do comment to let me know which model you got from this classy brand.

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