Clarks Desert Boots Sizing: Find Your Best Fitting

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For more of a sophisticated look, Clarks desert boots have long been a footgear staple among the males. But you can only take advantage or slay a party with your Clarks desert boots only when you get your perfect sizing boots.

Clarks desert boots sizing are true to size. So it’s really easy to find your suitable fitting size once you get to know about the Clarks desert boots sizing chart.

Bad sizing and returning are surely a hassle but following certain methods, you can effortlessly get your ideal boot size.

Go through this article, we will guide you with all the spectacular techniques which will help you to achieve your perfect Clarks desert boots fit.

So let’s jump into the post!clark-desert-boot-sizing

Clarks desert boot sizing Guide

Due to its casual style and long-lasting feature, Clarks desert boots are mostly preferred by both gents and ladies.

No matter how comfortable your boots are but getting an ill-fitted boots will definitely make you uncomfortable and difficulty in walking. Shoes are meant to be comfortable with a snug fit.

There is a wide range of Clarks desert boots sizes for children to adults. Clarks desert boots sizing chart is the best way to find the exact sizing of boots required for your feet.

If you prefer online shopping then you should definitely get a good idea about Clarks desert boots sizes.

Now, All you have to do is, take the accurate measurement of your feet and you will get your perfect size.

Then you can easily know which one is the most suitable size from this Clarks desert boot size chart.

The Clarks desert boot sizing chart comes in three different sizes- the US and EU.

Here are the Clarks desert boot size charts:


Measure your feet at home

Here are the steps to measure your feet size at home:

  1. Place your foot on the floor with the heel against an upright linear surface.
  2. Put a ruler alongside your foot touching the liner surface.
  3. Measure the distance in millimeters from the end of your longest toes to your heel.
  4. Repeat the same process with the other foot and take an average.


Match your measured feet length with the shoe sizing chart to know your true size boots.

Remember, the longest toe might not be your big toe always.

There are Clarks desert boots fit for wider feets too and that’s a savior for many people. The Clarks desert boots size chart there is a complete option for wider feet. So those who have wider feet can choose that option and get a wide Clarks desert boot sizing.

Also, Clarks sizing come in both half and whole sizes, so if you are in-between size, no worries Clarks half size is to the rescue.

Things to keep in mind for proper Clarks desert boots fitting

To get the snug fit and comforts of Clarks desert boots, you need to keep certain things in your mind. Here are some of the aspects you should know before buying the perfect sized Clarks desert boots:


Lace-up the boots:

Lacing up the Clarks desert boots will give you a secured fitting. The placing of the laces is over the instep, which ensures the firm grip of the heel in the boots.

Wiggle-room around the toes:

Your boots should be snug fit rather than a too-tight fit. Make sure the area around the toes is not very tight-fitted or compressed in the forepart of the boots. There should be space around the toes for movement.

Wear socks:

Put your socks on with the Clarks desert boots. If you think your boot is a bit large, wear any thick socks, it will occupy the extra space and give a proper fit.

Also, when the boot is new, the leather around the ankle area is stiff, to shield your skin thick socks can be a good option. But once you wear them and the boots undergo the break-in process, it will feel comfortable.

Use insoles:

If you are not comfortable in socks, you can add insole inside the boots. This will improve your shoe fit. As well as, insoles hold the feet in the correct place in the boots, hold up the arches, reduces foot pain if you have any.

Measure feet length:

To get the true size of your feet, measure it in the afternoon. Because in the daylight our feet swell due to walking and at night the feet are at the largest size.

Proper fit:

 Your heels should not slip in and out of the boots rather it should hold the heel comfortably in its place.

Stretches out:

 A new pair of boots will be a bit tight around the toes, but over-time it will stretch out a bit. Only a slight stretch will take place, so on that note, do not try to buy extremely tight shoes.

Two different size feet:

 If both of your foot size is not the same, buy the larger foot’s size shoe rather than smaller size because you can wear socks or add insoles in the boot of your smaller foot which will eat up the extra space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Clarks desert boots run big?

Generally, Clarks desert boots are true to size. However, to get the perfect fitting we would suggest you measure your feet to find out the accurate length and width.  By going to a physical store or buying boots online you shouldn’t have any problem finding a perfectly-sized shoe.

How do you break in Clarks desert boots?

The break-in phase is not very long. The technique is to ease into them. You will not wear any new pair of boots for more than 10 hours continuously right? Let them sit for a few hours every other day to soften them up, and then you’ll be ready to slay in your boots.

Do Clarks Desert Boots stretch out?

A new pair of boots should feel very tight-fitting around your feet or your ankle. Over time, desert boots stretch out slightly and have an increased longevity than any ordinary boots. After this point, the boots will still have a few years of life in them and will continue to shape themselves as the shape of your feet.

Do Clarks desert boots run true to size?

Well, there is a debate still going on about the true size of Clarks desert boots. Some say, they find the boots run about half a size too large, while others say they are true to size. All you can do is to try out on your normal size as well as a half size down, and compare which fitting is the perfect. If you are purchasing from online, make sure to check their return policy and buy one in each size, return the boot that doesn’t fit you.


Clarks desert boots are very much in fashion, from suits to jeans, these boots can be styled in any way and still look classy. If you don’t own any desert boots, do not waste any more time, add an elegant and perfectly fitted pair of Clarks desert boots in your shoe collection.

Knowledge about Clarks desert boots sizing is very necessary for buying these amazing boots from online.

This article contains all the necessary information about Clarks desert boots sizes that will help you to achieve your exact boot fitting. We love to know our reader’s thoughts. So feel free to comment how this Clarks desert boot sizing guide helped you out.

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