Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels? (5 Reasons To Know)

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If not, you will find out in this article.

After conducting extensive research, I discovered five reasons for logger boots having high heels.

So answering the main question, why do logger boots have high heels?

The logger boots’ high heels provide excellent ankle support, keep your feet free of mud and grime, and keep the rider’s feet firmly in the stirrup while riding a horse. Furthermore, the elevated heel provides adequate traction and support in uneven and rocky terrains.

So keep reading to know about the reasons.


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5 Reasons Why Logger Boots Have High Heels

There are a few reasons why logger boots have a higher heel. Check out the following five reasons why logger boots have high heels:

Keeps feet in the stirrup while riding a horse

Logger boots are a must-have for anyone who rides horses, such as farmers and ranchers. The raised heel keeps the feet in the stirrup from sliding forward.

As a result, the feet stay in the stirrup and do not slip while riding the horse.

Not to mention, the logger boots’ high heels help with balance and stability while riding.

Accidents are avoided while riding because of improved balance and a firm foothold in the stirrup.

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Helps in climbing

Logger boots are a logger’s best buddy. The loggers benefit significantly from the high heels since they make logging much more effortless.

Climbing is a part of logging, and the elevated heel makes climbing the trees much quicker and safer for loggers.

Spurs are required to climb a tree. Fortunately, logger boots are designed with gaps that allow the spurs to be tightened and correctly fitted. As a result, you will be able to climb the trees without slipping.

In addition, logger boots are designed with deep lug patterns, which provide outstanding traction on rugged grounds.


Elevates feet from the ground

Loggers love the high heels of the logger boots as they keep their feet safe from muck and filth.

The ground where loggers work is quite swampy and filthy, yet the elevated heel protects their feet from debris and keeps them dry.

The raised heel also provides excellent traction on uneven and slick roadways, preventing them from slipping on the wet surface.

Working in marshy places raises the possibility of getting your boots wet. However, because logger boots have high heels, water cannot enter the boots.

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Provides arch and ankle support

Most of you believe that high heel boots cause foot problems, but let’s bust that misconception right now!

The high heel of logger boots doesn’t cause any feet problem; in fact, they provide a couple of advantages while you wear them to work.

The lifted heel offers adequate arch and ankle support which is very much needed when doing outdoor work.

Because of the high heel, there will be no extra weight on the ball of the foot, allowing you to work comfortably.

Furthermore, the high heel ensures that you walk with a straight posture.


Since the heel of logger boots isn’t too high, and when all of the above features are combined, logger boots become really comfortable to wear.

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Last longer

Working in muddy and rough terrain often causes the boots/shoes to deteriorate faster. However, because of the raised heel of logger boots, they endure longer.

Because the majority of the weight is centered in the heel area, the pressure on other portions of the boots is reduced.

Furthermore, the heel is made up of robust yet soft rubber, making the boots sturdy and flexible.

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Are Logger Boots Comfortable?

Yes, logger boots are comfortable. Logger boots minimize foot pressure and soreness, allowing people who work long hours on their feet to work comfortably. Furthermore, the elevated heel and excellent ankle support make the footwear more comfortable.

How do you define a boot to be comfortable?

Is it just the padded feel the boots give to your feet?

No, this isn’t the definition of comfortable boots.

When a boot has all the necessary features to keep up on challenging grounds, only then it can provide your feet with optimal comfort.

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So, let’s have a look at what makes the logger boots comfortable:

  • Logger boots are made of high-quality leather that is exceptionally breathable. Even in extreme heat, your feet will remain cool and fresh.
  • Loggers boots act as a shock absorber, reducing pressure on your feet and allowing you to perform for an extended time.
  • The EVA foam insoles provide a comfortable and cushioned feel to your feet.
  • Because logger boots are oil and water-resistant, you can walk on oily and wet surfaces.
  • The outsole of logger boots provides exceptional traction on both wet and rough terrain, eliminating the need for slippage.

Are Logger Boots Good For Flat Feet?

Yes, logger boots are good for those with flat feet. While walking, logger boots provide enough support and comfort to flat feet. However, when purchasing logger boots for flat feet, consider boots with medium arch support because too much arch support can twist the ankle.

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Let’s look at some of the features of logger boots that makes them ideal for flat feet:

  • Logger boots have immense ankle support that maintains the ankle’s position and keeps them in place.
  • The heel of the logger boots is not too high nor too low. The slightly elevated heel makes flat feet walk comfortably.
  • Flat feet typically have wider toes. And thankfully, logger boots have a wide toe box that allows enough space for the toes to wiggle.
  • The insoles are really comfortable and absorb any impact. As a result, flat feet will not feel any vibration when they strike the hard ground.

Last Words

Answering the question one last time, why do logger boots have high heels?

The high heels help the logger with climbing, provide immense arch support, offer a firm grip, prevent slipping the feet in the stirrup, and keep the feet from filth.

Hope this article answers all your queries. If you have any questions regarding logger boots, please leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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