Timberland Boondock Vs Pro Boondock HD: Which is Best?

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Nowadays, Timberland has become synonymous with the most dependable work boots with greater quality and durability.

Among numerous Timberland work boots, the standard Boondock and the Pro Boondock HD are the most popular options for their exceptional performance and protection.

As a Timberland work boot devotee, I have tried both shoes on multiple job sites and pushed them to their limits.timberland-boondock-vs-pro-boondock-hd

Throughout this comparison, I will share my findings to assist you in choosing the best Timbs and determine which reigns supreme in the Timberland lineup.

Overview of Timberland Pro Boondock HD and Timberland Boondock

Both Timberland boots are widely known for their rugged style and durability, but these shoes serve different needs.

Let’s start with the Pro Boondock HD.

Timberland Pro Boondock HD is a heavy-duty work boot that is suitable for construction, industrial jobs, or demanding outdoor activities.

For the construction of this boot, Timberland utilizes the most recent and advanced technologies to ensure the best safety features.

For example, the upper is made of premium waterproof leather, the midsole consists of Polyurethane (PU), and the outsole is formed of Vibram Fire & Ice™ rubber.

Blending all these techs, the Pro Boondock HD is the best-rugged boot from Timberland.

On the other hand, the Boondock is a versatile boot that is suitable for everyday wear, light work, hiking, or casual style.

This boot features the same premium leather for the upper.

However, for the midsole construction, Timbs utilizes a dual-density PU midsole, and for the outsole, they applied the all-weather TPU outsole.

Attribute Comparison of Timberland Boondock and Pro Boondock HD

The primary differences between Boondock and Boondock HD are safety protection, sole materials, longevity, and comfort.

Besides, these boots also differ in several other aspects.

For a clear understanding of all the divergences, go through the subsequent attribute comparison table.

AttributeTimberland BoondockPro Boondock HD
UpperPremium Timberland® waterproof leatherPremium Timberland® waterproof leather
Toe SafetyComposite Safety ToeCarbonShield™ technology
Electrical Hazard ProtectionYesYes
MidsoleDual-density PU midsolePolyurethane (PU) midsole
OutsoleAll-Weather TPU outsoleVibram Fire & Ice™ rubber
Slip ResistantYesYes
Break-in PeriodNoneLonger due to safety features
Anti Fatigue SolesYesNo
Odor control and antimicrobial treatmentYesYes
LiningMoisture-wicking ReBOTL™ fabricMoisture-wicking ReBOTL™ fabric
Pull tabNoYes
StyleCasual, work-inspiredWork boot
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
Water ProtectionWater-resistantWaterproof
ComfortVery comfortableComfortable with supportive features
Price$150 - $200$200 - $275

Differences Between Timberland Boondock and Pro Boondock HD

Though both boots are from the same lineup and brand, they differ significantly in material, build quality, comfort, safety features, and price.

The Pro version utilizes more premium materials and has the best safety features inside the sole. These extra features also make it heavier than the regular Boondock.

For a better understanding of all the divergences between these Timbs boots, consider the subsequent discussion.

1. Build and Materials

Timberland boots are good for their premium materials and industry-standard safety protections.

Their work boots have the best build quality and the most premium materials. Timberland also focuses on the environment and utilizes recycled materials to manufacture eco-friendly boots.

For the upper construction of regular Boondock and Pro Boondock HD, Timbs uses full-grain leather that is extremely durable and usually lasts several years.build-and-materials-of-boondock

Both boots feature different materials for the midsole and outsole construction.

For instance, the midsole of the standard Boondock is made of Dual-density PU midsole, and the midsole of Boondock HD consists of single layer Polyurethane.

The Pro version utilizes the Vibram Fire & Ice™ rubber for the outsole, while the regular version utilizes All-Weather TPU for the outsole construction.build-and-materials-of-pro-boondock-hd

In addition, there are also some unique materials on both boots.

For example, the regular and Pro Boondock utilize fiberglass shank, moisture-wicking lining with antimicrobial treatment, and dual-purpose top hardware for lacing customization.

Overall, both boots have the best materials and the most durable construction.

2. Fit and Comfort

Generally, Timberland boots run true to size, but there are exceptions.

The regular Boondock has a wider toe construction and is best suited to people with wide feet. On the other hand, the Pro Boondock HD has a comparatively narrow toe box.

It’s better to try them on before purchasing. If it’s not possible, go for your regular size when choosing these boots.

But if you’ve wide feet, you should choose the wide version for Pro Boondock HD.

Both boots are available in wide and medium width. Check out Timberland wide vs medium to learn the differences between wide and medium versions.fit-and-comfort-of-timberland-boondock-and-pro-boondock-hd

New Timberland boots can often hurt your ankle, which applies to all other boots from all the prominent brands.

In such scenarios, you should properly break in the boots to prevent ankle pain and blisters.

Surprisingly, the Timberland Boondock has no break-in period, meaning out-of-the-box comfort.

Though both boots are comfortable, I prefer the regular Boondock for its superior comfort. This boot features an Anti-Fatigue polyurethane footbed for extended comfort.

The StepPropel footbed of Pro Boondock HD is less comfortable than the regular Boondock.

Both boots provide dual-purpose top hardware for lacing customization, directly impacting the overall comfort.

In short, go for the regular Timberland Boondock for a better fit and comfort.

3. Water & Electric Protection

Usually, Timberland boots are waterproof, but not all of them.

For instance, the regular Boondock utilizes a treated leather upper that repels water to keep the feet dry.

This upper is not completely waterproof; instead, it is water-resistant. I noticed it soaked water while using this boot for long hours in wet conditions.

This boot can effortlessly tolerate light rain or occasional splashes.water-and-electric-protection-of-timberland-boondock-and-pro-boondock-hd

On the other hand, the Pro Boondock HD utilizes a waterproof membrane, making it ideal for wading through puddles, rain, and even snow.

Both boots meet the standard ASTM F2413-18 electrical hazard protection, meaning these shoes can block 18,000 volts of electrical currents for one minute.

But somehow, the Pro version can block more electrical currents for longer.

In summary, the Pro Boondock HD surpasses the Boondock with better water and electric hazard protection.

4. Safety Features

Timberland’s heavy-duty Boondock boots offer industrial-grade protection in all segments, which applies to regular and Pro Boondocks.safety-features-of-boondock

We all know Timberland’s work boots are very good due to their safety features.

For the construction of Timberland Boondock and Pro Boondock HD, Timbs utilizes several protection features, such as a protective toe cap, electric hazard protection, etc.

Both boots feature asymmetrical composite safety toe features to keep your toe safe. However, the Pro Boondock HD has a Carbon Shield toe cap for extended protection.

Electrical hazard protection is a common facet for working boots, and fortunately, both shoes offer built-in electric hazard protection.

Moreover, the regular and Pro Boondock offer fiberglass shanks for structural support.safety-features-of-pro-boondock-hd

The Pro version also utilizes ExoSpine™ technology for lasting structure and durability with an improved heel fit, which is missing on the standard Boondock.

But the regular version offers an Anti-Fatigue Technology polyurethane footbed for better shock absorption and ensures excellent energy return.

To be frank, I am pretty satisfied with both boots’ safety protection features.

In this segment, the Pro Boondock outshines the standard Boondock with better safety features for harsh work environments.

5. Durability & Upkeep

Due to different materials and distinct intended uses, both boots have unique longevity and maintenance methods.

Let’s discuss durability first.

Though both boots feature similar full-grain leather upper, the upper of the Pro Boondock HD is more durable and less prone to damage.

The dual-density PU midsole and all-weather TPU outsole of the regular Boondock offer excellent cushioning and traction, and most importantly, these materials are highly durable.

On the other hand, the Pro Boondock HD features a Polyurethane (PU) midsole and Vibram Fire & Ice™ rubber, making this boot more durable.durability-and-upkeep-of-pro-boondock-hd

I have been using Timberland Boondock for the last two years, and it still looks like a new boot.

But to get the best lifespan, you must regularly clean the boot, apply a quality leather conditioner every 2-3 months, and replace the sole when needed.

In my opinion, the Pro Boondock HD needs more maintenance and extra care due to its more premium materials.

Surprisingly, you can use household items to clean Timberland boots.

But to get the best lifespan and performance from your Timberland boots, you should use a professional cleaning kit from any prominent brand or contact expert shoe repairers.

Overall, Timberland Pro Boondock HD offers superior durability thanks to its premium materials and construction. However, the Timberland Boondock is still a durable boot for everyday wear and is easier to upkeep.

6. Price and Value

In terms of price and value, there are some noticeable differences.

We all know that the Timberlands are so expensive, and the same applies to the regular and Pro Boondocks.

While the 6” standard version costs around $200, the Pro version is available for about $220.

The price can vary slightly depending on the model, color, and feature.

The regular Boondock offers exceptional value for versatility, comfort, and durability for everyday wear and light work.

On the contrary, the Pro Boondock HD offers great value for exceptional protection, durability, and performance in demanding work environments.

In summary, Timberland Pro Boondock HD offers the best value in heavy-duty work boots, while the Timberland Boondock provides the best value in versatility.

Pros & Cons of Timberland Boondock and Pro Boondock HD

Though both models have several differences, they also have their own merits and demerits that you must consider when narrowing your purchasing decision.

Following are the pros and cons of Boondock and Pro Boondock HD.

Timberland Boondock

  • »Anti-fatigue system for all-day comfort.
  • »Comfortable ankle support.
  • »Out-of-the-box comfort.
  • »The water-resistant upper keeps the feet dry.
  • »Highly versatile design.
  • »Wider construction is not for narrow feet.
  • »Less durable than the Pro Boondock HD.

Timberland Pro Boondock HD

  • »Best safety toe and electrical hazard protection.
  • »Extraordinary traction on challenging terrains.
  • »Lasts longer than regular Boondock.
  • »Enhanced comfort and stability.
  • »Waterproof features keep feet dry in wet conditions.
  • »More pricey than Boondock.
  • »Heavier than the regular Boondock.

Timberland Boondock vs Pro Boondock HD: Which Boot is the Best for You?

Choosing the right boot from these two models depends highly on your style preferences, work environment, and budget.

If you’re looking for rugged and extremely durable boots for heavy-duty work and safety, you should go for the Timberland Pro Boondock HD.

For extended comfort and maximum versatility, pick the standard Boondock.

Moreover, if you’re seeking superior traction on wet surfaces or the best protection against water or snow, Pro Boondock HD is the best pick.

And finally, you should pick the regular Boondock if you want an economical deal and the best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Timberland Pro Boondock HD run big?

Usually, Timberland’s Pro Boondock HD boots are true-to-size. However, sometimes these boots run larger than standard Boondocks. It is better to try them to ensure the perfect fit and sizing.

Are Timberland Pro Boondock HD boots comfortable?

Yes, Timbs Pro Boondock HD boots are very comfortable. These boots offer great comfort and are highly suitable for harsh work environments due to their soft & stable sole and a wider toe box. Unfortunately, the standard Boondocks are more comfortable than the Pro Boondocks.

What are the safety protections of Pro Boondock HD?

Timberland Pro Boondock HD features CarbonShield™ technology for toe protection. In addition, this boot also features water protection, electrical hazard protection, and antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

How long does the Boondock and Pro Boondock HD last?

Both boots are made to last over the years. If maintained properly, the regular Boondock usually lasts 2-3 years. The Pro Boondock HD often lasts longer than the standard Boondock and has an average lifespan of 3-5 years.

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