How To Clean Timberland Boots With Household Items? [2024]

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 Timberland boots look good on the feet only when they are clean and spotless. However, as soon as you wear them outside, the boots lose their cleanliness.

What if I told you that you could clean your filthy Timberland boots with household items? Sound intriguing, doesn’t it?

After experimenting with a variety of cleaning solutions, I’ve narrowed down the best options for keeping the Timbs clean.


Continue reading if you want to discover how to clean Timberland boots in a simple and cost-effective manner.

How To Clean Timberland Boots With Household Items?

Timberland boots are mostly made of nubuck or suede, which gathers up more dirt than any other fabric. As a result, Timberland boots get filthy quickly.

You should treat your Timberland boots as soon as they become soiled. Because the longer you wait, the faster the dirt will settle in your boots.

There are dozens of cleaning methods for Timberland boots on the Internet, many of which need expensive tools, but most of them are clickbait.

As a result, I experimented with several cleaning methods using household materials and selected the best ones that worked excellently in getting my Timbs spotless.

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Here are the four effective methods to clean Timberland boots:

Prepare The Boots

You must first prepare them no matter which method you use to clean your Timberland boots.

To begin with, remove the shoelaces and wash them with liquid detergent. You may also wash the shoelaces in the washing machine by putting them inside a sock.

Now, allow the shoelaces to dry once they have been cleaned.

Place your hands inside the boots and smack both boots together to remove the loose dirt.

Brush the extra dirt particles off the outsoles and the nooks and crannies of the boots with a toothbrush.

You have completed the prepping of your Timberland boots, and they are now ready to be cleaned.

Method 1: Toothbrush and Soap Water

  • To clean filth, use a soft-bristled brush; a stiff-bristled brush can harm the texture of the boots. In a circular motion, brush all over the shoes. Brush the boots lightly to avoid scoring on the outside of the shoes.
  • Brush the bottom of the boots since the soles of the boots gather up the most dirt. While cleaning, we always focus on the top of the shoes, but the bottom also has to be cleaned.
  • After removing the soil, place a shoe tree inside the boot, or insert your palm inside the boot to preserve its form. Otherwise, when cleaning, the shoes will continue to crumble.
  • While washing, use your hand to push up the lines and wrinkles on the boots; this will help to restructure the more wrinkled areas.
  • Make soapy water by combining mild dish soap and water. Rub the soles of your Timberland boots with soapy water and brush away any built-up soil with a brush.
  • Wring out a clean cloth thoroughly after dipping it in warm water. Remove the soapy water from the boots using a damp rag.
  • When no soap residue is left on the boots, allow them to air dry.


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Method 2: Vinegar and Water 

Vinegar is an excellent ingredient for cleaning boots; not only does it make the boots dirt-free, but it’s antibacterial property fights the bacteria and neutralizes the bad smell in the boots, too.

  • Mix 2:10 vinegar and water in a bowl.
  • Dip a clean cloth in the vinegar solution and wring out the excess liquid.
  • Rub the boots with a damp cloth on the areas where they are heavily dirty.
  • Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, keep the boots in a well-ventilated place for drying.


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Method 3: Baking Soda

 Have your Timberland boots become stained? Don’t be worried.

Grab a tin of baking soda from your kitchen and watch the magic of the baking soda in cleaning the boots.

  • Sprinkle baking soda over the sections of the boots that are discolored. Allow the powder to settle on the boots for 3-4 hours. Baking soda will absorb the oil from the spots throughout this time frame.
  • Wipe away the baking soda with a dry clean towel after 4 hours.
  • Because the cloth may not remove all of the baking soda, brush the boots well with a horsehair brush or toothbrush.

Method 4: Facia/Baby Wipes

 Baby wipes may clean your Timberland boots the same way as facial or baby wipes to clean your face.

  • Remove any dirt particles from your boots using a brush.
  • Use a baby wipe to remove the spots.
  • Allow the boots to dry after the stains have been removed. 

How To Clean Suede Or Nubuck Timberland Boots?

Timberland boots are made of nubuck or suede and require a different cleaning process than ordinary boots. Because using too much water to clean nubuck or suede shoes might stain and discolor the boots.

That is why you must know how to clean nubuck or suede boots without ruining them.

Here are the ways to clean suede or nubuck Timberland boots:

1. Clean up the dirt

Brush the dirt from your boots. Brush the top of the ankle to the rear with a soft-bristled toothbrush in a circular motion.

Small debris will be removed from the boots with this mild brushing. However, brush the boot vigorously to eliminate as much grime as possible if the dirt is thick and settled.

Keep in mind that if the dirt is new and damp, you should not begin the cleaning procedure.

Allow the boot to remain overnight to dry off the filth and make the cleaning process more manageable.

Instead of a regular toothbrush, a suede brush will produce a more professional effect. A suede brush is specifically designed for cleaning these types of boots, so you will undoubtedly obtain better results.

2. Use a suede eraser

Using a suede eraser, remove any scratches on the boots.

Lightly massage the eraser over the scratches until the scuff marks fade.

This method will only work for mild stains or usual scuffs, and heavy or ingrained dirt removal needs a little more effort.


Tips And Tricks To Maintain Timberland Boots

Cleaning plays an essential part in extending the life of Timberland boots and keeping them healthy. However, in addition to cleaning, it is vital to maintain your Timbs on a regular basis.

Here are the tips and tricks to care for Timberland boots:

  • Keep the boots dry to avoid stains or watermarks.
  • Maintain the form of your boots by putting newspapers inside them; this will keep your shoes from collapsing.
  • If you wear Timberland boots frequently, brush them well once a week. Weekly cleaning will restore the appearance of your shoes, extend their durability, and prevent dirt buildup.
  • Use a leather conditioner and a water-repellent spray. These items will keep the boots from being too dry or overly damp.
  • To clean your Timberland boots, use the Timberland cleaning kit. The timberland cleaning kit includes all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Using a specialized cleaning kit helps increase the life of your boots.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning Timberland boots is not a difficult chore; if you carefully follow all of the instructions, cleaning the Timbs will be a breeze.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year to clean your Timberland boots, deep clean them once every 2-3 months.

In my opinion, a clean shoe is a clean personality, therefore never compromise on it.

I hope this article helped you find your solution. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.


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