Are Timberland Boots Waterproof? Know the fact

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Timberland boots are advertised to be waterproof. But do they really provide 100% waterproof boots or it’s just a marketing stunt?

As a Timb enthusiast, I wondered as well. So I researched and came across a few interesting facts.

But before digging deeper, let’s get back to the question.


Are Timberland boots waterproof?

Timberland Boots are waterproof because of their Gore-Tex or Timberdry membranes used in the boots. They also use high-quality waterproof leather and sealed construction for extreme wet conditions. And lastly, they take a waterproofing test before launching on the market.

Keep on reading to know what Timb users think about their waterproof feature.

Are all Timberland Boots Waterproof?

Yes, all Timberland Boots are waterproof. It’s not just Timberland, but every user and expert agreed on this point. They also tested using water and oil on multiple stages. And surely the boots did a great job that eventually earned a great number of positive 5-star reviews. 

One thing Timberland ensured throughout their journey is their waterproof feature.

No matter which Timberland boot you choose to buy, they all come out waterproof.

From 1973 till now, with their hard work and dedication, they continued with this legacy. People may forget, but they won’t.

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They knew how this feature brought them to the place they are now. So they kept on improving with time.

They go through reviews and each of our words, to bring the improved version to us.

Recently, they added the Gore-tex or Timberdry membrane to waterproof better.

And not to mention their top-class quality leather. Which is also waterproof itself. Because of the silicon injected in this special type of leather.

Last but not the least, the sealed construction of each boot gives complete protection against water. As they coat any openings of the boot with extra silicon. Just like how a raincoat protects us from rain.

In addition to all these components, they also test each boot’s waterproof capability. Especially before releasing on the market.

How Waterproof are Timberland Boots?


Timberland Boots, as stated above, are 100% waterproof.

And by being waterproof, I mean perfectly waterproof.

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It’s because of the extensive number of steps they follow to ensure complete protection.

Here are few factors why they are considered highly water-proof boots: 

  • Leather: The leather is not just of high quality but also is injected with silicon. A material, once injected, can make the leather waterproof.
  • Sealed Construction: In every place, the soles are stitched tightly, hot silicon is used. Pressing the soles tightly together. This hot cement-like material helps seal any opening for the water to sneak in. Just like how we use gloves for protection against the outer material.
  • Gore-Tex Technology: This brand new Gore-Tex or TimberDry membrane is infused for enhancing the waterproof feature.This fibrous membrane is sewed between the multiple layers of soles.  This unique fiber is designed in a way, that allows internal water to come out. But repel external water from coming into the boot.
  • Testing for Improvements: After the successful making of our boots, they go through multiple stages of testing.Testing to see how waterproof these great boots actually turned out to be. Not once but multiple times, before releasing on the market.

This helps them note down all the possible places they can improve for their upcoming launch as well.

Now that you know all the steps they go through. Just to ensure their boots are waterproof and not just great-looking.

You might be able to answer the question yourself. Which is, they are amazingly waterproof. And also, out of 10, most users rated them around 8-9.

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Do I Need to Waterproof My Timberland Boots? 

Yes, you do need to waterproof your Timberland boots. Even though they are already waterproofed. It’s only to ensure they last for a longer period of time. As no inbuilt waterproofing feature lasts forever. So the temporary waterproofing acts as a barrier to make it more durable. 


As I agreed above, all Timberland boots are surely waterproof.

However, this assurance still doesn’t answer some of our questions.

Questions like, how long will this feature last? Or is it really necessary to waterproof boots that are already waterproofed?

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The reason we bring this up is that most good reviews end with questioning their durability. Even with such a great waterproof feature, most users were taken aback by how short-lived this happy moment was.

The moment when you and I wore it for the first time, the moment when nothing changes the greatness of these boots. Not even water or oil stains.

But nothing to worry about. As you have waterproof spray, you can easily extend the waterproof lifecycle.

How Long Do Timberland Boots Stay Waterproof?

When it’s about the waterproof feature, people still think of Timberland first.

And why won’t they?

They use one of the best waterproofing technologies to protect their boots. Which uses different layers of protection and sealed methods.

That works magnificently.

However, when it comes to durability? Timberland uses a kind of “wear and tear” service.

This basically means, after a few years, as your boots let water in, they would simply allow you to exchange the old one with a new version.

It does sound and feels good to get a new boot every time. But it doesn’t change the fact that all their boot’s waterproofing features last for 2-3 years max.

So as long as the grand service exists, the longevity of the waterproofing feature doesn’t matter.

However, do note that this policy is followed by Timberland’s official store mostly. The other store’s policy may vary.

In that case, it’s essential to know how to waterproof manually.

Do Timberland Boots Need to be Sprayed?

Yes, you need to spray for extra protection. Although there are multiple methods to waterproofing manually. However, spraying works faster and doesn’t affect the boots at all. Even if you use it multiple times a week, you would still find absolutely unaffected.

By now, you are already familiar with Timberland’s great waterproof feature and durability.

Durability is their weakness.

No matter how much they improve their quality, they don’t seem to last long.

Especially the recent versions. Some say the boots last for a few months and others, a couple of years max.timberland-boots-waterproof

Compared to the price we pay, it’s sad to see our boots lasting this long.

And as I said earlier, not all shop policies would exchange your old water-stained boots with a new one.

So what should we do? Do I spray them then?

Yes, you guessed it right! Spraying is necessary for extra protection from water and dust. Waterproofing does include multiple methods that do the job manually. However, among all those techniques, spraying works faster and doesn’t affect the boots at all.

Noticed, I used the word “affect” a while ago. It doesn’t mean, these waterproofing sprays don’t do their work well.

It only means other than waterproofing the upper, it doesn’t ruin the leather at all. Where else, it further improves the quality.

So there is no reason to hesitate while using sprays right before usage.

Not even for those who can replace it with a new one.

After all, it’s considered best practice to always spray our boots.

As a Timb user myself, I found them last long as I took care of them and sprayed them on a daily or weekly basis.

Can I Use Ugg Spray on Timberland Boots?

Yes, Ugg Sprays surely can be used on Timberland Boots. Since Timberland’s upper has the same texture as Ugg’s skin does.  So the Ugg spray works on any similar textured material. Whether it’s suede or Ugg, It works perfectly on both skins.

We now know, using sprays, in general, is allowed. As a matter of fact, it is considered a good practice for enhancing the durability of Timberland Boots.

However, most people, and even me myself, got confused about using ugg spray.

It’s obvious that ugg skin and Timberland’s skin come from different origins.

Timberland’s suede leather comes from cows’ skin whereas Uggs suede comes from sheepskin.

The only common thing between these skins is the suede material.

And believe it or not! That’s all it matters when it comes to sprays. Even though there are uggs and suede sprays, both work the same.

And it’s all due to their texture. If the texture matches, any sprays work equally fine. Whether it’s uggs spray or suede spray.

However, the smooth leather spray will not work at all. It’s because the texture is different. One is rough and fibrous and the other is smooth and shiny.

Stay dry!

So it’s true. All Timberland boots are very waterproof.

Their Gore-Tex Technology and the sealed methods took their boots to a whole new level.

But as you saw, when it comes to durability or longevity, Timberland seems to slack down a bit.

This is why, no matter what, extra cleaning care and spraying save our boots from losing their features way too early.

So, did you find my article helpful? Comment down below, your waterproof experience with Timberland boots.

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