How to Spot Fake Jordan 1 Low [Ways to Identify the Replica]

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Jordan 1s Low is the most famous basketball pair for its exclusive outlook and top-notch features. Of their immense popularity, it’s very obvious local markets are flooded with Jordan knockoffs.


And now, you are searching for the marks and symbols which aid you to spot fake Jordan pairs easily.

In this write-up, I’ll share my personal experience that I use in my time when I bought my Jordan 1s low and avoid the replicas.

Let’s dive in!

How to Spot Fake Jordan 1 Low

Being a die-hard fan of the famous NBA player Chris Paul, always try to wear Chris Paul’s iconic shoes on my b.ball court. For the same reason, I’m aware of their shoes every single detail that helps me to identify the mock-ups.

And in this writing portion, I’m going to describe all the identical facts of the fake Jordan 1 low shoe.

Let’s find out how you can spot fake Jordan 1 Low:

1. Toe Box

In the toe box, you will only find microscopic differences, yet the variations are huge.

At first, if you compared the black leather line of the shoe’s upper, design-wise both real and fake shoes are the same. But when you check them more carefully, you will find some extra space in fake Jordan while the real pair leave a minimum space. toe-box-extra-space

After the leather lining, when you check the upper perforations, you also find some pattern and size variations in fake Jordan. upper-perforation

Moreover, the leather curved line of knockoff Jordan is more congested than the authentic ones.

When you inspect the Jordan Wings logo on the shoe back, on the fake pair, you will discover the woven changes on the letter “N”. Also, the writing font of the duplicate Jordan is different compared to the real one. wings-logo

Not only the writing pattern but also the sizes of the leather portion of shoes are small in real Jordan pairs.

After all this variation, if you check their stitching technique you will find a lot of differences in the wings logo like the threading size, cord color, and gaps.

3. Tongue Jumpman Label

The famous Jumpman logo of Air Jordan pair is the finest identity of real Jordan, and it’s not easy to replicate. jumpman-logo

In real Jordan 1 low-bred, the Jumpman logo is smoothly stitched and has little defined edges, whereas the fake logo embroidery is thin and unfinished.

And in the left arm of the symbol where it holds the basketball, the ball is large compared to the real pair.

On top of that, in the right arm, you can see the visible fingers in fake pairs, contrary to the real Jordan logo only has the finger outlines.

4. Nike Swoosh

When you check the iconic Nike swoosh, you definitely find them unevenly cut and unfinished stitches on the fake Jordan pair. The fake Nike Swoosh has a thick and bulky tail compared to the authentic Jordan 1s Low. nike-swoosh

On top of that, sometimes in fake shoes, the bottom leather line overlaps the swoosh tail. However, the sewing of the swoosh in the original Jordan pair is thick and evenly shaped.

5. OutSole

Original Jordan 1s low offers a well-balanced designed outsole for grip and traction, where you can find a Nike logo in the middle. And around the sole edge, you will find the asterix (small stars) pattern in both fake and real shoes. But the stars are small on fake Jordans shoes. jordan-outsole

Additionally, the overall texture in the original Jordan is like granules, whereas the fake pair has more vertical lines.

6. Sockliner 

Sock liners are more large honeycomb holes in the real Jordan 1 low shoes.

On the other hand, the fake shoes have small holes in the honeycomb pattern yet thicker innersole. Though the sock liners of real pairs are thinner, I found them more comfortable.

7. Box Label

Last but not least, finally you should check the box labeling, and you will find a lot of differences between fake shoe boxes and original ones.

The fake box labels are poles apart from the real box labels, the writing font, the boldness, the font sizing, everything is different. box-labeling

In fake shoe boxes, the lettering and logo are bolder. Not only the boldness but the Jumpman logo color is also dissimilar. In the real label, the Jumpman logo is golden, but the replicate label uses a bronze color to dye their logo.

So, before unpacking your shoes, you can check the box label and find out the knockoffs easily.

What Things You Should Consider Before Buying Real Jordan 1 Low

Spotting fake Air Jordan is quite tricky because the shoe industry is flooded with counterfeit products. Moreover, the fraud manufacturers include all the exclusive characteristics and successfully made a twin of Jordan 1 low.

Even so, after understanding the distinguishing factors, you can identify fake Jordans within a minute.

So, let’s move out and check the variations of real and fake Jordan 1 low:

The stitch quality and thickness are top-notch and the same pattern is everywhere.Poor-quality stitches and improper thickness all over the shoes.
Similar tag labeling size and font patterns.The lettering size and font are different in tag labeling.
The Jumpman logo is finely embroidered on the shoe's tongue.You will find the thick and imperfect Jumpman logo on the shoe tongue.
The Nike swoosh logo is perfectly shaped and sewn.The Nike swoosh is long and bulky.
Perfectly used the same writing font on overall box labeling.Different sizes and fonts are used in box labeling.
The sock liners are thinner yet comfortable.Thicker sock liners.

These are the most common iconic identifications that rarely can be replicated. And it will assist you in getting the authentic Jordan 1s low. Moreover, you also can spot your fake Jordan 1 Mid by determining some unique factors.


Is there an app to check if Jordan’s are real or fake?

Yes. In the app market, you will find recently launched the CheckCheck app to spot fake shoes. Many resellers, sneaker plugs, and sneakerheads use this app to avoid knockoffs.

Can you check the original Nike shoes with the barcode?

Barcode is the easiest way to identify the original shoes. All original Nike products provide stitched tags where Nike mentions their model number and specific barcodes. So you can easily check the shoes’ authenticity by using the barcode.

Are Jordan’s made in Vietnam fake?

Nike has many warehouses in different countries and Vietnam is one of them. Moreover, Vietnam produces all the Air Jordan 1s satin products. Vietnam also uses its made-in sign on the tag logo of Nike shoes.

Look Before You Buy

As I have already said, fake Jordan is pretty similar to the real one, and you will get trouble distinguishing them.

But this well-researched writing piece will help to choose the original Jordan 1 low sneaker. Now you can buy your AJ1 low confidently. For further queries, knock me in the comment section.

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