How to Spot Fake Jordan 1 High [Detect Fake within Minutes]

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It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t desire to own a pair of Air Jordan 1. Among the three top designs of AJ1, the High top is more demanding for being the first signature shoe of NBA player Michael Jordan.

Consequently, the AJ1 High duplicates are often seen on the resale market and in unauthentic shops.


But it doesn’t make sense to invest your hard-earned money in phony shoes. Hence, I’m gonna inform you of the simple ways for detecting the AJ1 High’s replica.

So, stay tuned!

How to Spot Fake Air Jordan 1 High?

Many reviewers suggest to check the quality and texture of newly bought Air Jordans. According to them, the fabric is more smooth and its quality is obviously better than the replicas.

But you can perceive these subtle differences only if you have a duplicate and a real product at the same time. Otherwise, understanding these dissimilarities is pretty complicated.

Being a professional researcher and user of Jordan’s for years, I have gathered some easy tricks which will help you to spot the deceitful Jordan 1 High within a few minutes.

The pictures of real and fraudulent sets are attached here. You can compare your purchased one with those pictures.

Steps to Detect the Counterfeit Air Jordan 1 High:

1. Look at the Box

  • The authentic pair is generally covered with a polybag and you just can’t see the shoes as soon as you unbox them. On the contrary, the phony AJ1 doesn’t come with any cover so you will get to see the sneakers immediately after opening the shoebox.

It’s not the only thing to notice in the box, rather there’s more to observe which is given below.


  • The original sneaker comes with a deeper-toned shoe box, no matter what the color is.
  • Real shoebox size label leaves more space under it. Some portions of the Swoosh logo are seen below. On the other hand, only a little part or nothing at all is seen in case of the counterfeit footwear.
  • The numbers beside the barcode of the legit shoebox are more clearly visible and have a decent font. The space inside the holes of the number is evident for the original box.

  • First, check the alignment of the Jordan Wings logo. In the actual sets, the logo is slightly incurved and more embossed.


However, the fraud manufacturers have almost solved this finding. So, conscious buyers have found new strategies which are mentioned below.

  • The alphabet R and D are always connected in the genuine Jordan 1 High. But these two letters are separate in the non-legit sneaker. Moreover, the letters are significantly thinner.

Though many people authenticate the footwear based on the ™ logo. But doing this isn’t valid. Because both thin and thick ™ shapes have been found in Jordans.

3. Check the Rear Leather Stitch

The stitching is wider and somewhat meandering in a pair of authentic AJ1s. Now, take a look at the sham. The stitching is more perfect, polished, and straight here, isn’t it?


Actually, this is one of the brilliant tricks to cover up the clones.

4.  Analyze the Swoosh

Have a closer look at your pair. How does the end of its swoosh logo look like?

If it is more sharp and arrowy, that means you have got the real Jordan 1 High. But if the end is somewhat circular in shape and looks bulky, then it is the duplicate pair.

5. Test the Outsole

The outsole pattern is similar in the legit and non-legit Air Jordan High top sneakers. Numerous stars/asterisks are seen on the outer. But the shade of the outsole color is diverse. While the authentic sneaker has a lighter shade exterior sole, the replica has darker.

6. Notice the Insole

Usually, the insole comes with eye-soothing white color. But the Nike swoosh logo of the replica is comparatively vibrant. Additionally, it contains a square-shaped size tag where black and white color is included in a circle.


On the contrary, the size label is round at the insole of the real AJ1 High.

7. Check the Tongue and Sock liner

The fake pair’s sock liner and tongue both are more padded and fluffy. But the legit set’s tongue is plain and thinner.

So, I have got you covered in the process of spotting the phony Jordan 1 High sneakers.

Apart from the mentioned methods, you might have heard about some other approaches such as:

– differentiating according to the ‘hourglass shape’.

– inspecting the letters and text of tongue tags.

– comparing the lateral and medial sides.

– inspecting the eyelets and perforations after exposing them to UV light etc.

But with the naked eye, these exquisite things are almost impossible to sort out.

Furthermore, it is also time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. So, you better go with the direct points which are noted above.

How Do I Make Sure My Jordan 1 High is Real?

You just have to buy from authentic outlets, official websites, or legit sites like GOAT. Thus, there will be no chance of getting any phony pair. And the main benefit of buying from these trustworthy sources is you can take the advantage of a return policy and warranty.

As a result, if you dislike the purchased product you can send them back within a certain period.


Similar to Nike’s other precious lineage, Air Jordan is expensive too. That’s why, many customers get curious when they see low-priced Jordan 1s. Without any verification, they end up purchasing the counterfeit Jordan.

On top of that, it is a hyped edition whose clones are widespread in the local market and also in some sneaker reselling sites.

However, you won’t feel any lack of comfort between the legit and fake pairs. But wearing the real one is obviously a matter of self-satisfaction. So, I recommend grabbing your highly anticipated Jordan 1 High from a genuine shop or official site to avoid any kind of deception.

Bottom Line

It seemed quite difficult to distinguish between the original and duplicate Jordan 1 High seeing the outlook, perforations, and quality.

But now the task is easier as you’re aware of several techniques to identify the real sets. And you must have realized that spotting fake Jordan 1 high is not rocket science.

So, before you make payment do not forget to check the authenticity of your product.

Happy Shopping!

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