Is GOAT Legit? [Know Before You Purchase From This Site]

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When your coveted sneakers are out of stock from the outlets and official websites then a sneaker reselling site is the reliable option.

Nowadays, GOAT is one popular platform for getting high-end sneakers. But as an alert consumer, you must know whether this site is legit or not.


Because if the reselling plot is unauthorized, there’s enough chance of wasting your bucks on a pair of replica shoes.

So, let’s get into the main topic and reveal if GOAT is legal.

Is GOAT Legit?

Yes, the expensive sneaker resale platform GOAT is legit because of its rigorous checking of shoes and dealing with only authentic pairs. Established in 2015, this USA-based company is very precisely building up the connection between buyers & sellers.


One of the main marketing policies of legendary brands is a limited supply which brings about more demand and a hefty price tag. While following this strategy, sometimes shoe companies pause production.

At that time, reselling platforms like GOAT attain huge attention for providing long-yearned footwear.

This specific site deals with 3rd party sellers and leaves no stone unturned to ensure the quality and authenticity of the sneakers.

Until now, I’ve said that GOAT covers only genuine shoes. But can you guess how the verification takes place while selling shoes via GOAT?

Well, you’re gonna know about it after getting a clear insight into its legitimacy.

Other Factors That Make GOAT Legit

Selling genuine foot gear and assuring the quality with evident authentication procedure isn’t the only strong point of GOAT.  There are several more worth mentioning agents which make this platform trustworthy.

Here are some additional things for which GOAT is considered legit:

  • GOAT has generated a Buyer Protection Policy which is applicable within 3 days from the date mentioned on the receipt. This policy works in case of received yet fake and incorrect footwear. You can also expect to get an exchange for a description or image mismatching item and a key feature missing product.
  • This online marketplace-like stage doesn’t include any hidden charges, terms, and conditions. All the fees and taxes related information is clearly mentioned on their website. So, there’s no scope for unnecessary customer confusion.
  • Submit a request option is always on, where you can write about your request or any complaints in detail and get a response ASAP.
  • There’s a chance of Order Cancellation within 3 hours of placing it or before the seller’s confirmation.
  • GOAT favors a return policy for its consumers. Though it includes a number of conditions such as Final Sale, Special Goods, Direct-to-Buyer items and so on that cannot be returned or exchanged.

But it’s quite advantageous to have the return opportunity in GOAT, whereas similar sneaker resale plots like StockX do not provide this benefit.

How Does GOAT Authenticate Sneakers?

With the help of verification specialists, digital devices, and machine learning technology, GOAT authenticates the sneakers from over 600,000 sellers around the world. The skilled person manually inspects each detail including the label, stitching, texture, color, joints and so much more.


Thousands of data regarding the sneakers and sellers’ necessary info are stored in the database of GOAT.

The employees conduct the authentication of the shoes by means of the stockpiled info and shoe specifications.

Moreover, they also check the manufacturing details in hand. When all the actions are properly performed and the shoe’s authenticity is proven, GOAT confirms that the shoes are genuine and releases the pairs for sale.

What Happens If GOAT Considers a Shoe to Be Fake?

GOAT takes immediate action as soon as it deems a shoe to be counterfeit. The authority ejects that fake piece from the list and sends a rejection follow-up to the seller. That’s how GOAT abstains from condoning the sale of faulty apparel and protects buyers from phony shoes.

But what about the buyer who has already ordered that specific pair?

Well, GOAT tries to ship the same authentic model from another seller. But in case of an empty collection, they offer a full refund.

So, you must have realized that the chances of receiving fake products are minimal while buying from GOAT. However, GOAT also avails used shoes and slightly defective sets at a cheaper rate.


Is It Trustworthy to Buy from GOAT?

Yes, GOAT is a legit site that sells only authentic sneakers. Consequently, it’s completely trustworthy to buy from this place.

How Long Does GOAT Verification Take?

Usually, it requires only 1 hour or some more for the verification to take place on GOAT. However, the confirmation email may delay due to a lot of traffic and server down issues.

How Long Does GOAT Take to Ship?

GOAT takes almost 1 to 2 weeks for shipping shoes to buyers within the United States. But the duration may become lengthy for overseas shipments.

Do GOAT Only Sell NIKE?

No, GOAT doesn’t only sell Nike. It retails huge and more varieties of Nike shoes. But other branded footwear such as New Balance, Hoka, Balenciaga are also enlisted in their stock.

Final Words

GOAT is one of the trusted partners for grabbing your most desired sneakers. You can get your highly anticipated sets like Nike Roshes or Balenciaga from this spot.

It generates a win-win scenario both for the sneaker enthusiast and the vendor who desires to make a good profit.

So, without getting into more doubts about GOAT’s validity, order your footwear and explore it.

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