Is It Safe To Buy Used Shoes On Goat? [Clear Your Confusion]   

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Goat is the world’s largest online selling platform for branded shoes. Besides the new ones, you can also buy used pairs from this platform.


As buying used shoes online might be a concern of getting cheated, you wanna be assured about GOAT’s authenticity. Being a regular customer of GOAT, in this article, I will disclose its authenticity, selling methods, and safety features.

Tag along till the end to know whether GOAT is a trustworthy site for buying used shoes.

Is It Risky To Buy Used Shoes On Goat?

GOAT is well known for selling authentic shoes for 7 years. Customers of GOAT are very satisfied with their services, so there is a very lowest possibility of getting scammed.

GOAT’s authority is conscious about delivering good and authentic products, and they don’t tolerate selling any kind of fake products. Hence, their team in the resale market works hard to provide you with authentic products. So, buying used shoes is safe on GOAT.

But you might be curious how they recognize the fake shoes, whereas replica shoes are now too accurate that it’s hard to identify the genuineness.

Ok, let’s know how GOAT exactly maintain their quality and prohibit delivering fake products to customers.

How Does GOAT Authenticate Sneakers?

GOAT is a platform for selling products, so vendors, retailers, boutique shops, and personal resellers of different areas can list their products for sale on the GOAT marketplace.

When you order something on GOAT, sellers don’t deliver directly the product to you. Instate of that, they send it to GOAT.

After receiving products from individual shops or vendors, GOAT’s special team who are shoe experts examines each shoe, even after asking for 100% authentic confirmation from the seller.

Checking the accuracy of shoes, not ending here. For detecting high-quality copied products, GOAT uses AI technology. After double confirmation, GOAT finally dispatch the order to the buyer.

GOAT is dedicated to providing genuine products to their valuable consumers. Knowing their process of verification, should console you and assure you to buy any shoes from GOAT.

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Does Goat Only Sell Used Shoes?

Such a big platform, GOAT only sells used shoes!-It’s legit to be curious.

GOAT is renowned for selling high-end, authentic sneakers, both brand new and used. Even they sell slightly defective brand-new shoes at a cheap rate, which is rejected by brands. So you have different options to save your money.


Not only that, you can sell your unworn shoe on GOAT to clear your closet for new pairs.

You might be thinking “if GOAT sells clothing and other accessories, it will be fun” right? Great news for you, GOAT is not like another platform that only sells and resell shoes, they have apparel and accessories options too.

Does Goat Clean Used Shoes Before Shipping?

Thinking to buy used shoes, but confusion about their condition is natural. Generally, used products are quite dirty, and it’s not pleasant to buy a thing and take it for washing. GOAT solves this problem.

GOAT has professionals who particularly clean worn shoes perfectly to give you the best experience. This is GOAT’s newest program called GOAT clean.

For offering a transparent shopping experience, they clean each shoe’s sole, upper, laces, and insole and take high-resolution photographs to showcase the worn cleaned condition. Not only that, they originate a grading system to make you understand the exact condition of the shoe.

So buy worn shoes without worrying about cleaning on GOAT. They offer a great deal on cleaned used shoes. Purchase used shoes on GOAT and save for the next pair.

Does Goat Accept Returns On Used Shoes?


GOAT is very flexible about returning what you have bought from them. But the return policy only applies if the product is in the exact condition it was in when sent by GOAT. So you can’t return your used shoes to GOAT. But you can sell them as used shoes on GOAT. I already have written an article where you can know about the in detail process of selling shoes on GOAT.

If you want to return your shoe if it does not fulfill your desire or any other issue, you have to maintain some requirements. I am providing those requirements which are essential to follow for returning products on GOAT.

Requirements for returning shoes on GOAT

  • You have only 3 days to decide if you want it or return it. After 3 days, GOAT doesn’t accept any return requests from buyers.
  • The returning product must be included with the returning label which you will get after requesting a return on the app and the packing slip.
  • Products must be in fresh condition (no damage, no stains, no sole wear, and all original packaging included).
  • You have to ship your shoes within 3 days after getting a return label from GOAT. The company takes up to 7 days to take their final decision after getting your returned product.

This top sneaker-selling platform offers a very good deal with some awesome benefits like return refunds and re-sell. The procedure of return, and resell is easiest for everyone. So you don’t have to worry much, where GOAT offers you such good deals.


GOAT is reliable and one of the best shoe-selling platforms. They not only offer authentic sneakers, but GOAT also has some fantastic deals which are convenient for all.

Especially they have a unique program called Clean GOAT which provides clean used shoes and that is a tremendous facility in resell market.

So knowing all the facilities and their strong authentication process should remove your all confusion.

If you have any other queries, leave a comment below.


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