GOAT vs. STOCKX: Which is Better for Buying Shoes? [2024]

Written By Mahia

When you need to buy or resell sneakers, STOCKX or GOAT is your perfect destination! Are you confused about these platforms? Or maybe afraid that they are trustable or not?

Well, I was in your shoes at once! And trust me, I know how hard it is to trust any online platform at the time of buying footwear. After thinking about everything, I took the risk and ordered two different types of sneakers from them.


You won’t believe I got the delivery just after three days of ordering from the GOAT!

As you can see, I have had some good and bad experiences with them, and I’m going to share them with you.

So keep reading to know them all!

Overview of GOAT and STOCKX!

With the increasing popularity of sneakers, these online resell platforms are growing unexpectedly. In comparison, offline stores are becoming a circus today!

They provide various types of benefits and scopes to resell your products, which creates many options for choosing a brand of sneakers from many ones.overview-of-goat-and-stockxIn STOCKX, you will find the website well organized and simple. At the time of reselling your products, you just have to place your shoe on the website which one you want to sell. Now all you have to do is, wait for a suitable customer.

It won’t take much time to sell the products as it’s the minimal way to represent them.  Here STOCKX completes the authentication producer for you and lists the products by their category.

So again, you can start with very little effort. And this marketplace is anonymous for both buyers and sellers. You don’t need any bigger reputation to start with at all.

On the other hand, if you want to become a seller of GOATs you have to be patient because it’s not as easy and minimal as STOCKX.

The First steps to passing the screening and getting the approval for placing the shoe.

GOAT approves all of its sellers, whereas many people want to work with it. So you have to wait until the approval has arrived.

After getting the approval, you can start selling, but you must need your sneakers’ SKU numbers. Then you may post pictures of your selling products on your own. You don’t need to do it in STOCKX. But the GOAT is different.

Also, you need to describe all the details and conditions of your sneakers’. In that case, you have to be very honest if you want to succeed in GOAT.

Don’t worry! There is a pricing tool to help you out. You can use a pro tip in this sector to sell your product faster.

Send your sneakers for verification first, and when they send them back with the price labeling for shipment, you can send the sneakers fuss-free.

You will get the most authentication here than STOCKX. After verifying the products, you can sell them on GOAT websites. It has android and ios apps as well you can use them only for buyers.

For payment, you must wait for the website to pay you in GOATs rather than the STOCKX providing direct payments from customers.

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Which website is better: STOCKX or GOAT?

It’s hard to decide which is best! As both are excellent places to buy and sell sneakers.  They are reputable, and undoubtedly these two online platforms have made their strong places in the online marketplace.

But if you are looking for fees, then, of course, STOCKX is the best option for you. They charge you a few fees, and you can start here without making great recognition. There you can send products for verification too, but you don’t have to wait like GOATs.

On the contrary, the GOAT sellers are highly reputed and approved by their website. So the sneakers you are gonna buy are authentic and genuine to offer you the best assistance.

The Four Common Similarities Of GOAT And STOCKX?

I guess I don’t need to introduce these two websites, at least to the sneakers lover. They have already made their own places in the online market platform and spread their recognition worldwide.common-similarities-between-goats-and-stockxThey created different types of advantages for buying a pair of sneakers and other shoes, Like choosing shoes from many brands and qualities. Also, you can find your products in an affordable price range there.

So let’s see what the common benefits they offer:

Brand Rage

If you are one who wants to buy or resell shoes in the online market, there are many brand options here. There are several places for a variety of brands to buy or sell, and these are good platforms to start.

Especially for sneakers, you have the best advantage of choosing your desired one from many brands as you found them here all in a row.

You must know that there are some restrictions and rules for physical stores which you may get rid of on this floor. This is another benefit you can take for both buying and selling products.

It gives numerous access to a lot of sellers with different types and brands of products. And you don’t have to bind those limitations which are created by old offline stores.

Another reason for getting numerous brands on online sale platforms is stocking products without having any store places. That means They don’t need to stock footwear in places like physical stores.

Then How do they manage their available products?

It’s much easier than before! Only in time of need the seller makes them available by authorization from the company and allows you to choose from many.

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Authentication Process

When you choose a product for purchasing or available for delivery, both the GOAT and STOCKX websites have them go through under some authorization to ensure the details or match the conditions of your desirable products.

In a word, you will find their many authentic installations to confirm the absolutely genuine and top-quality sneakers and all other accessories.

Actually, these two online platforms are working like a truss bridge between the customers and the sellers.

Customers are getting their expected products from thousands of types and qualities, and the sellers benefit by introducing their best products to make their ranks. The brands provide every detail in product description sections like color, size and the present conditions of shoes.

Also, they have qualified workers who ensure every aspect, including the same texture, stitching, materials and level of packaging etc, as in the advertised sneakers.

So you can trust them with closed eyes!

Buying Guides

Both GOAT and STOCKX websites have some guidelines for buyers and sellers. For STOCKX, you can bid at the lowest price and place an offer at the price you want to pay. Interestingly, they will notify you when the price will move into your bid. Again bids can be removed or renewed if the expiry date of that product is gone.

Another thing is that they will help you to choose the right products as you desire and analyze the historical prices and time-stamped trade for every product to shop smarter.

On the other hand, GOAT serves you safe shopping and makes sure of all the protection policies. It’s the most trusted marketplace which helps you to find sneakers, apparel and all other accessories. But it doesn’t meet the actual standard of the products. 

Free Shipment

Both GOAT and STOCKX give you the advantage of free shipping. This means you just have to bear the transportation cost only after ordering the products.

You have to make the payment just after authentication of your desired products, and they will ready your product for transport and consolidation of the shipment charge.

Their buyer protection policy provides the best service to their customers both before and after purchase. In a word, they ensure your safe ordering from any method of selling by covering the shipping processes.

If anything goes wrong with your order, the GOAT will help you to fix it. And there is a full refunding option.

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The Main Differences Between GOATs And STOCKX!

GOAT and STOCKX are now outstanding online markets across the world. They both offer many advantages and time-saving methods in your shopping.main-differences-between-goats-and-stockxAlthough they provide the best support to their customer, they have some different issues with product policy and shipping procedures.

Here are they:

Lower Seller Fees

When you are the seller, you must think about the profit of your selling products. In this case, you will want to drive the cost as much as possible. This will provide you with much-increasing profit to margin the sustainability.

The GOAT will help you to lower your selling fees more than the STOCKX. GOAT will charge you 9%, whereas STOCKX will charge 12%, which is pretty high to compare.

Item sold

You will find an outstanding opportunity to resell the products in GOAT, which is probably not possible in STOCKX. You can only sell products that are new or unworn.

So sellers must ensure the products which have not been previously used or owned by anyone. Another thing is the product description. It must have been tallied in specific and authentic results if you want to sell it faster.

Seller Programs And Fees

Hey, have you thought about the seller programs and fees which are included on these websites? Both websites cut fixed fees based on your sales. For STOCKX there is a 9.5% plus 3% transaction fee then additional shipping is 14%.

While GOAT fixed the charge at a 9.5% transaction fee with a 5 $ additional fee, in a word, if you sell 1000 products in STOCKX, you will have to pay about 140$ compared to that in GOAT, you will have to pay around 129$.

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Faster Shipping

As I mentioned before, both websites offer free shipping, but STOCKX is one step ahead in this sector where they process Bulk shipping. It creates a bigger opportunity for the seller if they need some space and sell a large stock of products. It also saves you the time and forth back the orders.

On the contrary, GOAT provides extra benefits for buyers. The sneakerheads demand their products faster after choosing or replacing the order. For hype sneakers, they can not be found often in retail stores.

So they must wait for their products to be delivered on these online platforms.

Now, both platforms require 6-10 working days to frame out the time. Whereas GOATs take 3 to 5 business days to deliver the sneakers from their storage to the customers directly. GOAT uses the term Instant ship, which saves you time during buying.

Less Competition

There is more competition in stocks rather than GOATs for selling. STOCKX is a bigger pool for resellers as they don’t have any approval matters on their website. You can post any picture and details of your reselling products to place the order just after entering the website.

However, more competition means fewer profits to the margin for competitors. After two days of hype release, the resell prices gradually drive lower.

As STOCKX is an open market, this annoying thing happens.

But GOATs choose their seller by approving the terms and conditions. So there you will get less competition between sellers. Though you will have to be a reputable seller, the profit margin will be higher than STOCKX.

Return Policy

Generally, GOAT and STOCKX offer the same brands and products, but these websites have some drastic differences. Return policy is one of them.

Where STOCKX doesn’t offer any return policy thereby, GOAT provides a 3-day return policy.

Although you might find some better opportunities in STOCKX to deal with, you won’t find the chance to return products unless you don’t like them.

The notable point is that you can return the product In GOAT, which you may not like after delivery. In that case, you have to get it back in 3-days of working time. You may get a refund from them too!

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How Does Selling Work On GOATs vs. STOCKX?

If you want to know how selling works on GOATs and STOCKX then I’m pretty sure the answer will not upset you. Both websites have different processes for selling work.

Well if you look into GOAT, you will see that they will permit you to get approval first to place the product.

After getting approval, you have to send the product, and the website will take all the steps to authenticate it. This will take time and you have to be patient.

On another side, In STOCKX  you can post every detail of your product on your own. You can fix the price range too! Because the website is fully arranged and easy to navigate. Also, the seller section and products are listed there, so you may find a variety of brands and products for buying precisely.

Why Are GOAT Prices Higher Than STOCKX?

When you are on the topic of the price range between these two websites, STOCKX is cheaper than GOAT. GOATs are expensive because of their shipping methods.goat-prices-higher-than-stockxIn brief, the GOAT has a high price as it ships your shoe faster than STOCKX, and for ensuring authentic product quality. Although STOCKX has extensive product quality, there is no return policy or refunding option for it.

Therefore GOAT is providing you a 3-day return policy with refunding if you don’t like the products. And also avoids the chance of being fake products.

Above all, GOATs have good reviews of the price set and finding genuine pairs of shoes. That’s why it rages higher than STOCKX.

Is GOAT trustworthy to buy from?

I found GOAT the most trustworthy website among all online platforms known worldwide by sellers and buyers. Personally, I purchased sneakers from both STOCKX and GOAT, and I have experienced better with a GOAT several times.

As I mentioned, GOATs permit their sellers after verified products, so there is no chance of faking them. You can’t even set the price range high or cheap to compare the real price of products.

Beyond everything, the GOAT has a return and refund policy which ensures you the trust part of your purchase.

How Do You Pay Less In STOCKX?

STOCKX created an amazing trading policy to reduce the selling fees on your sale. If you are a new seller on this website, STOCKX will charge a 10% transaction fee with level 1.how-do-you-pay-less-in-stockxDon’t get frustrated to know that cause there have a golden chance to reduce the fees through your performance.

STOCKX applies tricks to grow your sales and the term is the more you sell, the lower the fees will be.

This means if you sell 3 items of any or a total of 500$ of products, this will value your achievement of getting lower fees. So you may make a good quantity of profits by increasing your sales.

Before you Leave

Well if you are curious to know my opinion, I will go with GOAT because GOAT served me with good product quality and faster delivery courtesy.

But you Don’t need to follow me if you want to buy sneakers or any other accessories at a cheap rate along with quality; you may choose STOCKX.

They won’t disappoint you either! Now go explore your actions and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section.

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