What Does GUA Mean In Shoes? Is It Scam Or Not? [2024]

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Being a sneakerhead, there are some terms you must know to play the sneaker game well.

Let me share my story with you! Once I was scrolling through a sneakers website and suddenly fell in love with a sneaker at first sight! I love to wear sneakers.

From that craving, I ordered it without justifying anything. When I was about to pay, they asked me to use GUA.

They said, It will be considered as a gift, and I will get a discount on transaction or shipping.

So I did that and guess what just happened? I found a box full of paper instead of sneakers! That was a good lesson for me.

keep reading to know every detail about GUA if you don’t want to get caught like me.


What Does GUA Mean?

There are several terms and words used for selling or buying shoes. You will be surprised to know their real meaning. GUA is one of them, mostly used for sneakers.

Basically, This specific term stands for “Gifted Upon Arrival” and a lot of people use this term mostly for online payment transactions. It saves cash as it is used as a code.

For example, when you buy a sneaker or any kind of sneaker’s accessories, You can ask for Gua payment via paypal. This will provide the seller with a voucher to avoid the extra shipping fees. And the payment will be marked as a gift in paypal.

However, there is a huge chance of GUA being fake or a scam.

When Gua payment or shipping is made, you can do nothing but lose your money, as the seller can be a scammer who is sending you a fake package. In that case, PayPal won’t take any responsibility as the transaction was made as a gift.

Sometimes it’s much better to get a shoe as a gift from any offline store rather than any online platform.

Well, if you intend to buy sneakers as Gua or from any online resellers, be very careful about Gua offers. They may offer you GUA payment, GUA Shipping or only GUA. Don’t even think of taking advantage of it!

Besides this, you may ask the reseller about the payment with no Gua. If they accept your option, you can continue buying otherwise, stop the transaction and walk away.

Trust me, this will save you from losing money!

What Does GUA Mean In Sneakers?

As a sneakerhead, there are many terms you need to know about. I Don’t Know if You are well known to Gua or not. It’s the trendy term for now, actually.

When I was about to buy a sneaker from a popular online platform, I found this term to use. It’s a special word you will hear when purchasing sneakers. As I mentioned before, the term Gua meaning is ‘Gifted Upon Arrival,’ but practically, it doesn’t work in most cases.

I’m afraid it will disappoint you if you know the real truth about GUA. Literally, this term is used for scamming or cheating. The sneakers which are expensive and attractive, resellers drag your attention to them!

And they add Gua terms in addition to it as it saves cash during transaction fees.

But after getting your delivery from them, you may not find the product in the box. And the notable point is that online platforms are not responsible for it. It’s the resellers who deal with it.


Basically, it’s a fake trendy term that is applied most for scamming. Authentic websites never allow sellers to use this type of code or terms.

So, I think as a sneaker lover, you must know about this term.

Otherwise, you may lose your hard-earned money.

How Can You Avoid GUA Scams?

You must be a little worried to know about the online scam. Don’t be so scared! I have found some amazing solutions too. Suppose you order a pair of sneakers or another type of shoe from any online platform. After looking at all the conditions and details, you made the payment with Gua.

As I mentioned earlier, It’s a term of giftedness upon arrival. So your order will be confirmed as a gift, and your transaction fees will be lower. Seems everything is okay, right?

After getting the product in your hand, you will be so happy to open it. Your happiness won’t stay longer if your box is filled with paper or something like that. This is actually a scam! The website won’t take any responsibility for it.

So what can you do to kick out the scams?

First of all, be aware of scams because scammers will create an account the same as any legit online store or physical shop. And then they will trick you with their unofficial cheating skills. You must avoid the shortcuts to paying for a sneaker unless you know.

Here are some pro tips you can use to skip the GUA scam: 

  • Check the reseller’s account before confirming the order. If you don’t find any authentication, you can ask questions in the sneakers forum or Facebook page to crosscheck. You will find the answer or information within an hour.
  • Try to buy from authentic and reputable online platforms or resellers. It’s best to purchase from any physical stores or retailers as you can pay transactions on hand there.
  • Avoid Gua terms to lower your transaction fees. And check the pictures of the product as they are taken from anywhere or not.
  • Ask the reseller for invoice payment. This will save you from scams.
  • Check out the reviews before shopping. There are several platforms like Reddit, Quora or any online shoe forums.
  • Shop from any sneakers specializing in online stores like Goat or Stockx. They will provide you with their best service to avoid this thing.

Buying sneakers from any physical store or retailer can be costly, but there is security not to be scammed. I’m not saying that every reseller or online platform is fake, but many scammers on online platforms are waiting for your money to take in their volt.

So be very careful about scamming and be aware of this stupid thing like losing your money without no reason.

What Does UNDS Mean In Shoes?

This term stands for “Un-Deadstock, ” meaning you bring a pair of deadstock kicks and wear them. It is also known as “popping tags”.

In brief, the resellers use this term to describe the sneaker’s detail in a short and easy way. Deadstock means a pair of new or unworn shoes. For sneakerheads, it’s a shortcut keyword to understand the condition of products at first sight.

UNDS stands just opposite to Ds. It helps you to get your shoes when it’s stocked out or unavailable. Many retailers collect them and deliver them to you.

What Are GS And TD Mean In Shoes?

You will be surprised to know the terms, which are usually used for a single-click realization. These terms and conditions make your demands simple and easy to get. GS is one of them.

The GS- Grade Schools mainly offer Sneaker sizes for kids or adults with smaller feet than the regular size. Mainly it’s a specific term for school kids and the people who suffer much for being small feet. The GS size usually starts from 3.5-7, but it may differ for GG- Girls Grade and BG- Big Grade school kids.


The TD term is used for toddlers in the 1-3 age range. This shoe design and conditions are made keeping toddlers in mind. And they are lightweight and comfortable to wear as toddlers don’t need to bear their weight down while walking.

So using this term, you will find the perfect shoes on the first chance.

What Does it Mean When a Shoe is GR?

GR is a synonym for General Releasing for shoes and sneakers, which means GR shoes are generally stocked with no limited quantities. The retailers or the resellers use this term to make you understand that the product you are searching for is available in enough quantity.

So when you find this term leveled on shoes, take a chill and buy it when you get the scope or want to buy.

Closing Thoughts

All the terms of shoes are used to categorize the product and minimize to understand the conditions better.

You will see these terms while browsing the stores. And they help to find your exact product.

And for GUA, you need to know all the details about it before playing a sneaker game. Otherwise, the seller will cut your pocket by fooling you. And you can’t do anything except eating chocolate.

I hope this article will help you avoid the sneakers scam and shop smarter without any issues. Now, let me know if your shopping experience was enjoyable or not through the comments!

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