How to Get Gum off Shoes? 9 Most Practical Ways [In 2024]

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Bought a new pair of shoes and got gum stuck to them?

Almost all of us have faced this situation several times, and one thing is for sure it is not a fun experience if your pairs are brand new.

You can’t stay at your home with new shoes, you are bound to get out. Sticking gums to shoes is such an incident that is hard to prevent if you are not being careful.

And, when it does, only you are responsible for handling this sticky substance out of the shoes it is stuck to.

Don’t worry. Here I have disclosed the simple yet effective methods that will help you to remove gum from your shoes.

To clear any confusion, please read till the end.


Useful Home Remedies To Remove Gum Off Shoes

If you accidentally get gum on your footwear, the first thing you need to do is remove it or clean it off otherwise, it will be a hassle to scrape off if it hardens.

Sometimes the gum is so sticky that it’s not easy to remove. For that, there are several ways.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to remove gum from your shoes at home:

Melting The Gum

If the gum stuck to your shoe is hard, you can soften it. That way, it gets easier to remove.

It’s not like you need to roast your shoes in the oven. You can use your hair dryer. Using a heat gun is more effective in this case, but you need to be very careful not to burn the soles.

Just grab a spoon or knife and start heating the gum. Check the consistency of the gum, and then start scraping it off when it is less sticky and soft enough. Finish by wiping it with a wet towel, and you are good to go.

The Use Of Ice Cubes

Using ice cubes is another easy method as you have a freezer in your house, and even if you don’t, you can get them from any store.

To do so, place the ice cubes in a plastic bag to prevent the shoes from getting wet. Place the cubes on top of the sole. Now seal your shoe with an ice cube onto another zip lock bag to keep the cold inside.

Press the ice cube carefully, this will harden the gum. Make sure it is solid enough to scrape off.

Use a dull knife that is thin enough to strip off the residue without damaging the sole.

Using Olive Oil

You can use olive oil to remove gum. But try avoiding olive oil directly on leather.


Put olive oil on the surface and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, the gum will soften a bit. And when it softens, it will be easier to scrape it off the surface.

You can use tissue or paper towels to scrape the excess oil.

Freezing The Gum

To do so, you need to find a large plastic bag. It can be any type of bag to fit the shoe. And even if the shoe doesn’t fit completely, just make sure the part with the gum is pressed against the bag.

Then you need to press the gum firmly so that it sticks to the bag properly before freezing. Otherwise, this method will not work.

Put the bag with your shoe in the freezer, and make sure you don’t have any food items close to it to prevent germs from spreading. Leave the shoe in the freezer for an hour or two. This will help the gum to stick to the plastic bag.

When you take out the bag from the freezer, remove the shoe, and the gum will now stick to the plastic bag instead of the shoe. And that’s how your shoe will be gum free.

With The Help Of Peanut Butter

Who knew this delicious butter could be used as a gum remover? Apply a thick layer of butter on the spot and let it sit for 10 mins.

After 10 min, take a wire brush and scrape your heart out.

Are you done with brushing hard? Simply put your shoe under running water to clean any residue.

Sand And Stick Method

If you are outside and happen to step on gum, this method works like a charm while the gum is soft. All you need is sand and a wooden stick.

After removing your shoe, put some dry sand on it and find a wooden stick to apply sand all over the gum. In this way, it will start to come off in small chunks.

The sand works like an exfoliator for the sole of your shoe. As it starts working, put more sand and keep rubbing.

Keep doing it until the gum comes off completely. Well, certainly, it’s going to take some time. But it’s easy and time-saving if you can remove the gum instantly.

It will save you from the hassle if you let it be, and eventually, the gum gets harder.

Effective Chemical Methods To Remove Gum Off Shoes

There are other ways to remove gum except for home remedies. There are various substances out there to help you with this problem.

Let’s find out what are the options out there to remove gum from your shoes:

Using Compressed Air

You can use compressed air in the area to remove gum. Spray the compressed air directly onto the gum.

Now use a dull knife, or credit cards can come in handy too. If your shoe has texture, you can use a toothpick or tweezer to remove any lingering residue.

Solvents To Dissolve Gum

Solvents are mainly chemicals. So, you need to be extra careful while choosing solvents for this job. Impurities can damage and even stain the sole. Also, make sure the product won’t dissolve the materials of your shoe.


You will find this active ingredient in nail polish removers. If you have it in your house, it will do the job

Wet tissue or cotton with acetone and rub it gently on the gum several times, and it will come off.

One thing to remember is that acetone is flammable and produces harmful vapors, so when working with it, try doing that outside or in an open space.


Naphtha can dissolve chewing gum. It is a popular petroleum-based solvent that is used to clean paint stains.

Simply put a few drops on a paper towel and rub it on the spot. It clears gum very fast. The matter of concern is it may dissolve more than you wished for.

Again, Naphtha is very flammable, so while working with it, you need to be cautious.

Remove Gum With WD-40

You need to use this super lubricant in those situations where the gum is stubborn to move. When it’s quite impossible to remove gum with other methods, WD-40 is your savior.

This lubricant can displace gum but is mainly used to prevent grime and rust.

Get a can of WD-40 and spray it on the gum directly. You need to wait for a minute or so to make sure that it has loosened the adhesive bond of the gum.

You need to spray for a second time if the gum does not come off for the first time. Take a tissue, towel or rag to clean the residue. It will come off easily.

Again, use a towel or rag to wipe the rest of the excess substances to get a clean, new, looking sole. And after finishing, throw away the wiping tool.

How To Get Gum Off Leather Shoes?

You can return home with your leather shoes on, and surprise, there is gum stuck to it. Your mood gets ruined instantly.

Now first things first, you need to get the gum off. If it’s hardened, take a plastic tool to scrape it.

However, this method can be ineffective, and there can still be parts of gum left if it is soft in nature.

Remove The Gum With Ice Cubes

Just like any other shoes with leather shoes, ice cubes can come in handy to remove gum.

Put the cubes in a ziplock bag to avoid damaging the leather with ice drops. Put the ice bag on top of the gum and press it to harden it enough.


It should come off easily. You can use soap to clear the rest and a toothbrush but make sure it’s damp to avoid any damage. Then use a cloth to clean.

Finally, use leather conditioner on the dried spot to make sure the leather will not be discolored due to wet cloth, soap lather and gum.

Remove The Gum With Peanut Butter

Before using peanut butter in leather shoes, try to scrape it off with a sharp plastic tool. You can use your fingernail to spread the butter.

Mix the butter well before applying it. The oil from peanut butter helps to break the structure of the fiber of gum and remove it. If there are still some leftovers, use saddle soap to minimize the damage to the leather.

Don’t forget to apply a leather conditioner to the spot to restore the natural condition of the leather.

How To Get Gum Off Suede Shoes?

For shoes made out of suede fabric is delicate, and you need to take proper care to maintain the condition of the suede. Getting gum stuck on your footwear made of this fabric can be a matter of tension.

Don’t worry, I am here to help.

To separate gum from suede, you need to freeze it. Sounds a bit off? It’s fine to use this method. I tasted it on my pumps, and it worked.

Put a bag of ice cubes on the chewing gum to make it solid. After a few minutes, remove the bag and then use a patty knife, which should come off easily.

And, don’t you forget to use a suede stain remover to treat the stains that the chewing gum left.

If you see it’s getting softer, stop immediately and put the ice cubes again. You will be amazed at the result.

Also, You can get gum off your ugg boots by using WD-40. Spray the chemical directly on the gum and take a few min that way, it will come off easily.

To scrape or use a rag or paper towel. If there are some particles left, try a second time, and you’re all set. Your boots will regain their previous glory.

Wrap Up

It is obvious that no one wants gums on their shoes. But it is never in your hand. All you can do is to take the substance out immediately.

Getting gum on your shoes doesn’t happen every day, and that’s why it often takes more time to find the proper solution.

The best solution is to know about it beforehand so that you can take action whenever you have to.

Depending on what’s available to you, there are various home remedies along with chemicals to clear the bottom sole of your shoes. But which of the discussed methods you will use is up to you.

I hope this article provided you with the solutions you were looking for. If you have any further queries, please drop them in the comment section below.

Till then, Take Care.

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