Why Doesn't StockX Sell Revenge X Storm? Here’s Why! [2024]

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StockX is a retailer platform for all branded sneakers and streetwear. These companies offer you authentic and genuine sneakers at a budget-friendly resale price.

Revenge X Storm has been famous for its sneakers, and they sell their sneakers through StockX.

But there are some issues between both companies. When I heard about the controversy, I was shocked. Many of us want to know what exactly happened with Revenge X Storm.


I researched the hot arguable topic for more than 7 long hours before writing about the sensitive issue.

If you want to know details about why StockX suddenly refused to sell Revenge X Storm, you arrived at the right place.

To know all the facts, read till the end.

Why is Revenge X Storm Not on StockX?

StockX always offers a product that goes through its rigorous test for authentication.

For that reason, customers trust them blindly. Revenge X Storm is one of their best-selling products, which is renowned in a short time with a high price.

Every celebrity, rapper, and music icon was praised for their different and highlighted appearance.

In 2017 when the storm first released their sneakers Kylie Jenner promoted by wearing them.


There are undoubtedly legal issues on the topic that many people are unaware of.

Here is the tweet which is posted by the management body of stockX:

“At this time, we have decided to remove this item from our site due to legal reasons. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to support@stockx.com with details. Thanks!”

The sneakers are no longer offered on StockX due to a breakdown in transactions and an agreement between StockX and The Revenge X Storm Sneakers brand.

Customers of these fantastic shoes are aware that StockX is no longer a source for Revenge X Storm Sneakers.

It is evident from the tweet and various customer and management moves and feedback.

After that tweet, every customer was curious, but according to the StockX reputation, they understand the depth of this agreement.

This had never happened in their whole business life before that, so they requested to consider the seriousness of the issues.

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What Happened to Revenge X Storm?

Revenge X Storm was founded by Ian Connor and co-founded and designed by Noah Stutz.

Since they were years ahead of the reinterpreted trend of vintage sneaker models, Revenge x Storm might have been leading little sneaker firms in 2021. The expanded manufacture of illegal Revenge storms began to be created and sold on Taobao in late 2019.

However, it was one of the key factors that contributed to the brand’s demise.

“Revenge x Storm was pretty much ruined by the folks who were trying to assist us at the start of it.”

Noah tweeted about the situation in December 2020, implying that the people he has around screwed him over.

“When Ian and I attempted to drop anything, the people who were meant to aid us instead set up phony businesses and sold them under the table out of greed.”

Noah explained in detail and described why he wanted to slow down on releasing a new version of X Storm. After that, the factories continued to produce them and began to profit by selling them at a fair price.  This was a big statement as he officially lets us know that the Revenge x Storm V2 was designed and produced.

“Version 2 is ready and designed to get everything perfect”.

But after that incident, they didn’t get that type of exposure for their new version. Now the brand is just perfecting everything while trying to get back the trust and love of its customers.

What is Behind all the Controversy about Revenge X Storm?

We all know about the newborn sneaker brand Revenge X Storm, which became famous within a few years.

At first, Ian introduced the model, which had features like the van’s old school.

Ian wanted to revive his favorite shoes Van Old School into his own brand in a new form, like a rebirth of them.

And after their back-to-back hit sneakers, everyone’s heart was taken away. The most renowned reseller company Stock X included them in their hit product.

The sneaker fanatics grab their favorite ones before they declare them out of stock.

In 2019 when the brand took the long stairs, some unethical shoe makers produced some replicas of their famous model. StockX is renowned for its constant authentic service.

When the replica of X Storm mixed with the original one then suddenly dropped its reputation. Their continual customer commented something negative, which has never happened before with stockX.

What a coincidence! That time another sensitive issue came in front of everyone, which was related to the owner’s character.

Ian is a famous influencer and fashion icon for modern society.

Six women have accused Connor of rape, and a total of 21 have spoken out against him. It is a remarkable reason for the downfall of his brand.

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Where to Buy Revenge X Storm?

For their versatile look, you can pair them with any type of attire that you want to wear.

Revenge X Storm is mainly famous for streetwear. It’s perfect for your go-to day look. And technically, it absorbs some features from the famous vans sneaker.

Some people fall in love with their different looks so that after all the controversy, they always stand with the revenge storm.

After StockX banned Revenge Storm’s die heart fan community, they bought them from other websites. Revenge Storm sells its shoes from its own website.


Moreover the huge controversy and breakdown, revenge x offered some discounts to regain their customer trust.

Amazon.com, eBay and some small retailers also sell their sneakers.

You can buy their sneakers from their authentic website, maybe you can find the real ones. If you buy one of them, please share the authentic website and your experience with them.

The History of Revenge X Storm

If you start from first, then the 1st name is Ian Connor. His struggling life story is like a high-rated movie script.

However, He started from zero when he dropped out of school in 9th standard. From influencer to designer to model, there is a long story.

Ian tries everything which inspires him. With Noah, who was a famous fashion influencer, they started the Revenge storm brand within a few times that small brand hit the milestone.

The two founders of this company, Noah Stutz and Ian Connor, have a passion for street or retro style.

It appears to be alarming that the brand is attempting to get over to the fashion world.

From 2016-2017 they made pop footwear and promoted their sneakers by famous celebrities and influencers. But their dream crashed within one and half years of their prominent image.

In September 2019, the company was falling from its peak of success. Actually, in a word, their history is rich with controversy and acquisition.

Closure Lines

If you think about the shoes only, it’ll give you a nostalgic experience. You feel you combine the different generations within one pair of shoes. The designer offers you a sober look with a vintage traditional appearance.

But your choice is more difficult if you think about the actual truth of those controversies.

If you want to know about any other topics like this, inform me in the comment section.

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