Chris Paul Shoes [Signature Pairs of His Long NBA Carrier]

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Christopher Emmanuel Paul is a sensational name for all basketball lovers. He always stays in the limelight, not only for his playing but also for his shoe collection.

If you belong to our cagers’ community, you also love his shoe collection and wanna wear them on your court. Right?


Well, this article will help you to know Paul’s most fabulous signature pairs along with the brand name and availability, which I made from my own fascination.

Let’s dive!

What Shoes Does Chris Paul Wear?

Chris Paul and other NBA players always prefer shoes that are a little different from regular shoes. As we know, Paul is exceptional and wears only custom FAMU sneakers for his NBA program.

In short, the player tries only some specific shoes that are specially designed for his requirement and comfort.

Each and every part are well planned of his shoes. You can notice the identical marks of Chris Paul from the heel area to the swoosh.


The Jordan brand specially designed b.ball sneakers models that are known as the CP3 signature line, where you also find the ‘Jumpman’ logo.

The brand incorporated a well-balanced cushioning footbed, that dual density utilized pods work in the strike zone to provide an extra bouncy feel. Finally, Zoom Air collaborated with the well-featured Podulite and make the iconic CP3.VII.

Christopher Paul wears shoes from both Nike and Jordan, including his own line. And every time he maintained a strong relationship with the brand.

At a time, he only promotes one brand, and they offer a huge remuneration for his promotion.

On top of that, he creates a rule, ‘One Night, One Shoe’. Because he never repeats the previous pair in their current NBA tournament. And Christopher kept the word from his first debut in 2005 to now.

Moreover, Jordan releases more than 12 editions for our renowned basketeer for his NBA schedule.

CP3 Coolest Signature Collection

An iconic designed shoe is made to individuals’ choices and preferences. Some players need sturdy shoes for better stability, whereas some of them used to wear extra breathable bouncy shoes for easy movement.

Chris Paul is a famous quick point guard and prefers lightweight, flexible sneakers. He always selects a good griped shoe during his b.ball timing.

He loves to hit on the field with a slim & slick profile shoe that provides a limited bounce and unlimited running without being slow. The Jordan keeps all requirements in mind to make the shoe perfect for Chris Paul and make the CP3 signature line. Now I’m describing the famous shoes of Chris Paul.

Here are the coolest 9 signature shoes of CP3:

1. Jordan CP3.I

Price: $120 per pair.

In 2008 Jordan produce the very first sneaker pair for Christopher. The Air Max and Zoom Air technology make them iconic pairs.

This is the most famous signature pair with a personal touch.  The CP3.1 holds a story of his transition point in one word, and that is Sixty1 on the heel cup. Where the number was the symbol of his very first 61 points and his grandfather’s 61 years.

And after that thoughtful theme, the signature line never looks back.

2. Jordan CP3.II

Price: $120 per pair.

After a vast recognition, the 2nd pair launched in the same year 2008 with an extra padded collar. It also includes an external padded heel that is made of DHIP cushioning foam.


This CP3.2 model was swifter than the previous version for its heel counter and ample cushioning.

Personally, I loved that pair for its suede and synthetic leather upper, including the color variation.

3. Jordan CP3.III

Price: $120 per pair.

In 2009, the 3rd sneaker model incorporated the Podulon cushioning system for the first time in basketball sneakers.

And for that implementation, they enlarge their shoe lifetime and durability with airy feelings.

4. Jordan CP3.IV

Price: $120 per pair.

After a year, in 2010 Jordan designed a sneaker with a mesh upper for extra breathability. Breathability is always mandatory for cooling guards’ feet during summer.


Additionally, the lockdown heel was also present in this model for a grippy and aggressive texture.

5. Jordan CP3. Advance

Price: $125 per pair.

In 2011 the advanced model of CP3 applied some new technology to Paul’s signature line.

Along with the Podulon cushion, you will find the midfoot stability wing that was connected to the lacing system. The wing boosts the support.

6. Jordan CP3. V

Price: $120 per pair.

In the same year, the brand invents a new model where they mixed up all well-balanced technology together and made CP3 V.

The shoe used the previous Podulon and air zoom with the new Flywire and Hyperfuse, the combination made an extraordinary pair with a slip appearance.

At a time, It was quite breathable and lightweight, with a cozy feel.

7. Jordan CP3.VI

Price: $125 per pair.

After a short break in 2012, the CP3.VI arrived as the simple sneaker of the signature line.

The shoe only used Hyperfuse upper and Podulon cushion in the heel cup area. But the combination of these two makes that pair extraordinary. The

three-layered upper was breathable and safe for cagers.

Along with the airflow, it also offers a fixed seat and relentless traction.

8. Jordan CP3.VI AE

Price: $125 per pair.

After another year, the Artisan Edition was released and called CP3.VI AE. That shoe was manufactured with the same cushioning midsole and outsole but emphasized on a fabulous designed upper.

A well-combined mesh and synthetic upper replace the Hyperfuse sole. Also, the Dynamic Lockdown System offers a better counter in the heel.

9. Jordan CP3.VII

Price: $130 per pair.

In 2013 October five, Jordan launched his splendid model CP3.VII sneakers. That model describes Chris Paul’s career by using every microscopic change in his shoes.

The sneaker not only enlarged its feature through storytelling but also incorporated all top-notch technology.

These are the coolest signature shoes of Christopher, after mentioning the model every year the line makes another signature shoe for him.

But conforming to his personal aspects, the b.ball player love 1s,4s &7s most.

Does Chris Paul have a Shoe Deal?

Christopher makes deals with Nike and Jordan in his long 18 years carrier. The first deal in 2005 with Nike, that deal was fixed at approximately $600,000 per year.

However, his relationship does not last and it ended up in 2006. And at last, Jordan invited him and set a deal worth $4 million dollar each year. There is a clear bond between Michael Jordan and Air Jordan, and now the brand sharing its bond with Chris Paul.

That’s the turning point in his endorsement carrier. The bond between Jordan and CP3 is still ongoing.

Basically, he has been the all-time Nike Guy because he started his carrier by wearing Nike pair and is still attached to them partially.

Where Can You Find Chris Paul Shoes?

It’s obvious to search the signature shoes of CP3 for those who admit Chris Paul as his idol. Okay, after searching several times, I found his used and unused shoes on different platforms.

Stock X is a reliable name for all sneakerheads, where you can find all the brand-new sneakers of Paul’s signature line. No need to worry because Stock X never sells used or duplicate shoes.

But if you want his used shoes and consider that pair as his souvenir, then GOAT is the perfect name. On GOAT’s website, you can find his used shoes along with brand-new pairs.


If you are confused between Stock X & GOAT, check their reviews and select which one is suitable for your purchase.

On top of that, the signature models are still available on Amazon and eBay websites.

Look Before Bouncing

Christopher Paul holds a craze for his remarkable carrier. Who creates a noticeable presence by wearing signature pairs.

I hope, this article already gives you the answer that you searched for. So, without any delay, grab your desired CP3 pair.

For further queries, shoot a comment, and don’t forget to share with me which model you loved most.

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