Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx? Know The Real Truth[2024]

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Can you sell used or worn shoes on stockx? Will the platform even accept you to sell any second-hand shoes?

You may think I’ve gone mad or insane!

But the truth is, you may sell deadstock or brand-new shoes on stockx but not the used ones. The shoes you have left in the box for years, and new reasons, or lost interest in wearing them.


Stockx created a great option to resell shoes and make an excellent opportunity for buyers who are searching for desirable sneakers models.

Well, now I’m going to explain all the information which will help you.

Keep reading the article to know every detail about selling shoes on Stockx.

Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx?

No, you can’t sell used shoes or sneakers on stockx! Even if you try to sell used shoes, stockx will punish you.

Stockx mainly authenticates deadstock shoes or sneakers which have never been worn.

Suppose you have a pair of shoes from college or school days. They are just brand new, and you might have tried them one or two times. But that shoe didn’t match you, or you skipped wearing that pair of shoes for some reason.

That shoe has been sitting in the closet for years and will be counted as deadstock. You are allowed to sell any deadstock or new shoes on Stockx.

Before selling anything on stockx, you may go through the verification methods to ensure the product quality and authenticity. You can post product images after the stockx approves you.

But if you try to cheat, stockx will catch you instantly and punish you for breaking the rules.

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Can You Find Used Shoes On Stockx?

No, There is no chance of getting used shoes on stockx!

According to stockx, they only approve brand new shoes or the shoes hardly worn once or two. The sneakers are deadstock, so that the shoe will be almost unworn.

If you shop from stockx, the sneakers may look like older ones. It happens due to aging, or the company may stop continuing that specific model. At that time, the stockx exchange played an important role here.

This platform will dig out those models and sell them at high prices.


So there is no single chance that you got used shoes on StockX. Even if you try to sell used sneakers on stockx,

they will fine you for the first time. Again if you try, then stockx will ban you from their website.

Does Stockx Define Deadstock Sneakers?

Obviously! Stockx defines deadstock sneakers that may sit for years in your shoe closet.

Deadstock means the shoe you used once or twice in your whole life. Authentic and brand-new shoes are considered deadstock. These deadstock shoes, especially the sneakers, are from famous brands and the most popular models.

Stockx verifies those deadstock sneakers on hand and permits them to display on the websites. stockx must wrap The sneakers with better packaging, like the new one.

Stockx will adequately seal the box with all the details, including the shoe size. Sometimes the box may provide you with extra laces to fit the sneakers most on your feet.

Sometimes, the package can be discolored or a little defective as they were not been used for years.

But this won’t minimize the appeal of your desired piece of sneakers. Even the sneakerheads are mad about deadstock sneakers.

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Does Stockx Sell Fakes?

No, stockx is strict against selling or buying fake products!

Stockx firmly maintains the verification and authentication process to avoid counterfeit sales. There are several condition lists or criteria to get confirmation.

Stockx is one of the best-selling and buying websites where different types of retailers or buyers get together to shop. So it’s necessary to abide by those terms and conditions as rules.

To avoid fake sales, you must check all the requirements.

Even when you are going to bid for sneakers, you must inquire about all the details which have been given on the website. If the seller is caught selling fake products, they have to refund you. And the website will ban them forever.

Can you sell shoes on stockx without a box?

No, you can’t sell sneakers on stockx without a box; even the container has to be well-conditioned like the brand new one.

Well, I mentioned earlier about the deadstock term. The deadstock term is related to boxing or packaging. If you want to sell any deadstock sneakers on stockx, those must be brand new or unused.

The website follows verification methods to consider well authentication.

If you want to sell sneakers or any type of shoe on stockx, your product must pass the verification test first. Stocks bear this process to get brand-new sneakers after delivery.


The boxing must be leveled with the correct size and brand to pass the verification test. Often the box goes through the tear and wears in shipping or storage. The parcel must be high-quality and protectable as it saves the shoe from internal pressure and wrinkles.

Sometimes the packaging may be aging and defective as it is older than 5 years or more. It’s pretty common when the product is stored for a long time.

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How to Spot a Fake StockX Tag?

If you don’t know which elements you need to be sure about, spotting a fake stockx tag will be very difficult. Because the fashion world is moving so fast, the chance of getting a fake product with a fake stockx tag is rising daily.

To deal with it, you must know the path you will walk.

Before delivering the product, it must go through several authentication processes. The product must meet the authentication rules and get the green tag.

To get an authentic stockx product from them, you must follow the tag position and other authentic methods to avoid fake stockx tags.

Here are the features of identifying the fake stockx tag:

Tag Positioning

Finding the tag in the correct position is easy to catch fake stock tags. The stockx always puts their identification in the right shoes.

It will be crystal clear that Your shoes, especially the stockx sneakers are authentic or not by checking the tags. Even people are very conscious about it now as it’s one of the easiest ways to find the genuine product with the actual stockx tag.

Tag Features

The tag feature includes the tag color and style. The authentic tag color of stockx is green; the fronts are bold, white and more significant than the fake tag.

Even the color feature is different or maybe shaded.

If you get the chance to compare the two tags, you will notice the fake tags are low-quality paint and thinner than the real tags.

Whereas the original stockx tags value retailers’ product quality there, the counterfeit labels spoil the reputation of seller lining. Sometimes the retailer adds an extra tag to indicate the product is marketed-out.

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Authentic QR Code

Qr code will help you quickly find the product’s authenticity. You can easily find QR codes in stockx, which may lead you to the specific sneakers model.

But the QR code will show you an error if you get the fake stockx tag. Another interesting feature is providing cards and receipts inside the box.


stockx provides a short greeting card and receipts with the package.

For the fake one, the card quality and color may differ. So, if you have shopped from stockx, you will spot the fake one easily.

Refund Or Return Policy

Stockx maintains a return and refund policy to ensure vital authenticity. If your product is damaged or not like the website image, then stockx will allow you to return the product.

Stockx has customer care to update the authenticity. If you have trouble and cannot make the right decision, then customer care of stockx may help you to assist with the best service of theirs.

Can You Sell Used Shoes On Goats?

Yes! You can sell used and new sneakers you will not wear on goats anymore.

Some shoes may stay in the box for a long time, or you may lose interest after buying a new pair of shoes. What will you do then? Will you leave the shoes to get damaged?

Well, you have an excellent opportunity to resell them.

You can sell these new and used shoes on the goat. Thousands of buyers are waiting to get a good pair of footwear at a reasonable price. Goat made a revolutionary chance to connect all the resellers and the buyers.

So you may make a profit from your left shoes, and the buyer may get their desirable shoes with efficient money.

Remember, the condition of the reselling shoes must be spotless and flawless. They can be a little defective but mostly fresh or new.

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Ending Thread

Well, stockx is an amazing platform for reselling deadstock sneakers. The expensive shoes that are left in your wardrobe for years and years may serve other people.

And especially for the sneakerheads who want to collect different models and designs of sneakers. Stockx has made a unique platform for them.

Now you know all the information about selling used or unused shoes, including the ways of spotting fake sales.

So shop smarter, and feel free to ask any question in the comment section.

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