Does DSW Sell Birkenstocks? All Questions, Answered [2024]

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Birkenstock has left its influence on the fashion industry as a whole and the shoe sector, where it is both admired and despised.

When you want to purchase something for your daily use footwear, then Birkenstocks really come first.

Whenever we think about Authenticity, DSW is the place that comes to mind.

The Designer Shoe Warehouse retail business runs approximately 500 stores in the United States an online store. Who buys and sells using the online platform? Despite offering a variety of products, DSW is not without criticism.

After I spent long hours researching the most authentic answers to the questions, I think I’ve done well on this.

Please read in-depth to learn about DSW and Birkenstocks’ Selling products and procedures.


Are Birkenstock and DSW Related?

The beginnings of Birkenstock can be found in Langen-Bergheim, Germany, in the year 1774. According to church records, the company’s founder Johann Adam Birkenstock was employed as a cobbler and shoemaker.

Because of their fame, Birkenstocks have existed longer than the United States of America.

Whatever your desire for boots or sandals, there are a number of extra alternatives.

According to your preferences, grade well in terms of consistency of sales.

The Arizona footbed sandal, which is well-known and adored for its classic comfort, is a prime example of the classic design that has transformed every warm-weather day into an adventure for generations.

When the relatable question is, are Birkenstocks and DSW related? Then the answer is yes.

You can shop Birkenstock for the comfort and style you adore at affordable costs from DSW! They offer free shipping on Birkenstock sandals, slides, clogs, and other footwear.

Does DSW Sell Birkenstocks?

It’s a perfect opportunity to pick up some footwear for you or your family in the expectation of spending the upcoming weeks relaxing outside.

Birkenstocks are a brand that manufactures its products for all gender and different ages people. Along with their variation, they provide some features for foot diseases.

Birkenstock offers beauty and comfort for any ensemble, from traditional Arizona to the charmingly feminine Mayari.

If you think of a good pair of summer sandals, your answer is Birkenstocks. But in the local market, many fake producers are free sellers, so you can choose some online-based platform.


The website retailer brand charges higher prices than local markets. Don’t lose hope if all the way close; there is another way always open, and the way is DSW. Whenever it comes to DSW, they are a renowned brand for their constant service and its surefire discount.

It’s a perfect opportunity to pick up some footwear for you or your family in anticipation of spending the upcoming weeks relaxing outside. To help you get through the summer without losing money.

There is no confusion; DSW sells Birkenstocks all products.

They use some rules and tricks to provide the lowest price, so their consumers always love them.

How Can You Tell If Birkenstocks Are Authentic?

The time for Birkenstock sandals has come, as evidenced by the rising temperatures and the impending end of daylight saving time.

Birkenstock’s footbed and distinctive style are frequently duplicated but never completely replicated. The internet is overrun with substandard replicas that could deceive an unsuspecting buyer.

Fortunately, distinctive design features and high-quality materials make authentic Birkenstock footwear simple to identify.

So what characteristics should a genuine Birkenstock have? Find out by reading on:

Certified Retailer

My major point of advice is only to buy shoes from authorized Birkenstock retailers if you want to avoid buying imitation Birkenstocks.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy source to buy your Birkenstocks, check out the official Birkenstock website, which offers a convenient store locator to help you discover an approved retailer nearby.

The approved seller uses some ZIP code; by using the code, you identify their authenticity.

Birkenstock Packaging

A brand-named package should contain your Birkenstocks. Pay close attention to dealers who don’t include the sneakers’ original blue box. Birkenstock boxes currently come in two variations.


The outside of the package also lists the features of the product and how to care for it.

Construction Inspection

Birkenstock is a premium company. Extremely obvious faults like dried glue globs gouges in any of the materials, or missing pieces of cork shouldn’t be present.

Here is the major construction variation:

  • Sole logo: Each pair of shoes has the Birkenstock brand imprinted on the footbed.

Older Birkenstock shoes with Original Footbeds have a yellow impression, whereas more recent shoes have a black imprint.

  • Footbed: If a Birkenstock has a trademarked “toe bar” and natural materials are used as the primary raw materials, it is authentic.

Each pair of shoes has the Birkenstock brand imprinted on the footbed.


  • Evaluate the Stitching: Whether or not a pair of Birkenstock sandals is authentic may be determined by the embroidery. If the stitching is shoddy and unequal, it’s a fake.
  • Outsoles: EVA material composes the majority of Birkenstock soles. The soles made for sports shoes are the exception.
  • Inner Side Imprint: Each shoe should also have the Birkenstock logo printed on the inside. You can feel the imprint if you rub your finger across the logo.
  • Buckle logo: Verify the buttons and buckles. Each buckle and button should display the word “Birkenstock.”


On the smaller buckles, “Birk” or “Birken” may be the only letters visible.

Birkenstock is famous, and they kept their promise by their service, the various kinds of logos for saving from the fake ones.

Does DSW Sell Real Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock is renowned for having developed the concept and developing a shoe with an ergonomic design. For its selection of shoes, Birkenstock uses two distinct footbeds.

Natural cork was used to make the midsole, which provides the wearer with support and comfort while conforming to their foot.

The price is slightly higher than other slippers for their variation of features. For these reasons, many people can’t afford the Birkenstocks. But buying from DSW might take some time, but you get the real one.

For their fair price and offers, some of them think they didn’t provide the real one.

Discussions about DSW prices have taken place on forums like Reddit and Quora. For example, a Quora user questioned why DSW offered such a discount.

After the sensitive question, the brand tries to explain the answer summary is DSW is a seasonal retailer. This means that when the next season arrives, the shoes from the previous season are put on clearance sales.

This keeps their stock in demand and their pricing low. They want to attract the target customer by offering a lower price than others.

DSW consumers’ records will include several amounts because of this.

The confusion is clear; you can check their reviews and nice vouchers, which is best for you.

How Long Does Birkenstocks Sandal Lasts?

They really do need to last you decades, or at the very least several years, depending on how frequently you wear them.

Because they adapt to the shape of your foot, Birkenstocks get more comfortable the longer you wear them.

Birkenstock only employs premium components in its manufacturing.

You can always resole your shoes for a minimal charge or acquire a new footbed because almost every component of the shoe is removable.

There are many factors that can shorten your Birks’ lifespan, including climate, cleaning/care, an irregular opening, and being overweight.

The brand ensures your safety and security first. It always makes sure that its products are put through a detailed evaluation. They support and serve as a foundation for the feet in addition to being strong.

How well you take care of the products and how frequently you use them will largely decide how long they will last.

They will survive a long time if you take good care of them.

Final Line

In conclusion, Birkenstocks are not just fashionable and cozy.

You must get genuine Birkenstocks for the greatest level of comfort. And If you want a pair, DSW will always provide you with various types of authentic footwear along with Birkenstocks.

I hope this information helps to snap up the real pair of Birkenstocks from DSW.

Please let us know the procedure for purchasing from DSW in the comments section.

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