Are Jordan 1s Good For Skating? [Supportive on the Board?]

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For skating, specified shoes are designed for the maximum outcome. The most hyped footwear among the Jordan series is the legendary Jordan 1s.

But are they the ideal skating gear to put your trust in?


From this article, you will know every detail of whether Air Jordan 1s is your ultimate skating best friend.

Keep reading till the end to enjoy your further skateboarding experience.

Are Jordan 1s Good For Skating?

Yes, Jordan 1s is a decent option for skating. Though professional skaters were skeptical about the functionality of these retro-looking shoes at first, Jordan 1s made their way to the heart of sports critics through the protection, cushioning, and versatility they offer.

These sneakers were first manufactured as basketball shoes and feature everything that is a must for such movements.


The Nike Jordan was not meant for quick moving sports like skating.

But turned out they were suitable as skateboarding shoes.

When skating, the comfort and durability Jordan 1s provide for, skateboarders are mind-blowing.

Eventually, Jordan 1s became a common name in the skateboarding and basketball industry. In that case, you should also know how a basketball shoe fits to get the maximum outcome.

Among youngsters, Jordan is still hyped sportswear to show off their skills and not to mention the styling purpose.

Like Jordan 1s, another iconic model Nike Air Force is also staying caught up. Furthermore, knowing the differences between Nike Jordan 1s and Air Force will be very helpful in getting the perfect pair for yourself.

How Jordan 1s Became A Skating Shoe?

As I mentioned above, Jordan 1s was not launched for skating.

When skating started to warm up, more people gravitated towards movement experimentation.

Soon the skateboarding culture started to revolve, and most skaters began to break the usual shoe trend. And eventually, more colorful and fashion-forward sneakers were seen on the court.

Vans was the first brand that launched a separate line of shoes dedicated to skating.

And boy, they were popular.

But the main issue was the price range. Vans shoes with the grip tape feature were a must for skateboarders, but the high price made them hard to get.

On the other hand, Jordan 1s was a new and exceptional addition to the era of traditional skateboarding sneakers for their out-of-the-box aesthetic looks. But they were also not so affordable at first.

Eventually, they dropped the price from 65$, and skaters started to give Jordan 1s a try.

That’s how Jordan 1s got included as skate shoes, and even today, their fame hasn’t dropped a bit.

Why is Nike Jordan 1s Suitable For Skating?

The non-traditional-looking Jordan 1s sneakers are rocking the world of skateboarding., And still, they are considered a decent pair to wear when faster physical movements, like in skating, are involved.

There are several significant qualities that you can get from Jordan 1s to ease your feet.

Here are the reasons why Jordan 1s is a perfect skating shoe:

Ankle Protection

When trying on Jordan 1s shoes, keep in mind that they offer three types of designs, and you have the freedom to choose as you wish: High tops, mid tops, and low tops.

Jordan low-top versions are the most lightweight and give you more freedom; however, you may end up with heel bruises because of the low-cut design.


The mid top covers a little bit more ankle than the low top.

On the other hand, the High Top Jordan is the best if you want maximum ankle protection, but it’s equally important to consider that high-top models won’t be so helpful for skating.

The main reason is the ankle movements get a bit restricted, but if your pair is suede-made, you can move more comfortably as suede stretches.


Skaters need a reliable surface for their feet to land when they jump. And to provide that support, cushioning is a must-have feature for any rolling shoe.

Jordan 1s shoes use Nike’s Air technology, which makes the shoe super lightweight.

Cushioning prevents blisters and foot injuries even with fast movements.


Nike does not compromise their product quality. You will see the visualization in Jordan 1s with the high-quality removable insoles.


You can get a more supportive inner shoe pad and change the previous insole if you need more support.

Likewise, you can also attach a new one without removing the previous slip sole the Jordan sneakers come with though It’s totally up to your preference.


When you are buying shoes for skating, keep the protection of your feet in mind.

The cupsole is not ideal for some skaters as they can’t feel the board, but it’s not like that will be the same for you.

Jordan 1s comes with a cupsole feature. For me, I prefer this quality over vulcanized pairs where the capsules are taped to the shoes.

But for Jordan 1s, that’s not the case. You won’t have to think about comfort, durability, and functionality.

The only drawback is, these models are a bit heavy for skaters.


For the ultimate comfort during skating, Jordan 1s midsole has Air technology.

These soles are made of high-quality compressed airbags, and with such features, you don’t have to worry about comfort when wearing these lightweight suede sneakers for your skating lessons.


For superb traction, the outsole is a significant part of any shoe. Jordan 1s comes with a rubber outsole.

After wearing these sneakers, you won’t have to worry about slipping. You can concentrate more on your movements in these grippy sneakers simultaneously.



Shoes with single stitches are not suitable for skating. Your shoes must have several stitches to cope with various stunts.

Jordan 1s has multiple stitches on the upper, thus making them sturdy. The longevity also increases because of the sewing.

Heel Support

Heel protection is a must for skating shoes. High Top, Mid Top, and Low Top shoes from Jordan have excellent heel support.

After wearing Jordan 1s High Top, my friend said, he felt the warmth of padding around his heel.

And it was comfortable as he was used to moving a lot while skating. The heel support he got from this model reduced any kind of bruises and damage he used to get quite often.

That is one happy and satisfied Jordan lover.

Toe Cap

To perform kickflips, some skaters prefer toe caps on their shoes. In Jordan 1s, you will see rubbery toe caps.

Lacing Facility

When you wear a shoe for fast movements, the laces should be long enough to adjust any fitting the user might want.


Jordan 1s comes with a sturdy adjustable lace to provide the ultimate protection you need while skateboarding. They also add metallic lace protectors to make the laces more long-lasting.

Can You  Use Jordan 1s As Snow Skating Shoes?

Yes, you can wear Jordan 1s during snow skating. As a skating shoe, this model is quite ideal, even for icy surfaces.

Nike is cautious about producing shoes that you can wear all year round. In Jordan 1s’ case, it’s no different. You can wear these shoes comfortably in winter and also go ice skating.

Just keep in mind that they might get wet as skating involves a lot of foot movements.

But if you are into Adidas, they make Superstars for skating.


Do Jordan 1s Have Good Traction?

The Jordan 1s is ideal for traction, ankle support, and court feel. For any skating sneaker, they provide just the exact grip you need for your quick movements.

Do Jordan 1s Loosen Up?

Yes, they do. Jordan shoes are true to size, like Vans. Your Jordan 1s will stretch a bit if you have a wide foot.

Can You Skate With Any Shoes?

If you are a beginner, any regular sneaker is fine. But wearing skating shoes while practicing is the best way to perform better.

Final Thought

Jordan 1s became an iconic skating sensation though they were not launched as one.

With notable features like durability, comfort, and heel and ankle protection, it paved its way and still is rocking. Except for skateboarding, you can pair them for your other outgoing activities too.

This is everything you need to be assured if you can put your trust in Jordan 1s shoes.

For any additional queries, comment below.

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