Are Adidas Superstars Good For Skating? [Rigorously Tested]

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The sky-rocking popularity of Adidas still remains through their ironic sneakers like the Superstars, a common shoe on the skateboard.


With so much variety in colors and design, this line changed the so-called myth about the exact use of sneakers. You can pair these versatile shoes with literally anything.

But are they as versatile as in the skating sector, or it’s only a rumor?

Here along with the various and effective uses of sneakers, I will answer your question through my experience.

So, dear, sit tight and stay tuned.

Are Adidas Superstar A Good Skating Choice?

Yes, the durable Adidas Superstar sneakers are just the most ideal skating shoes. With it’s closed lacing system, you get the independency to adjust the fit during skating. You also get comfort from the low-cut feature and safety from the OrthoLite insoles.

Any tricky movement is much easier with these shoes. The upper is either made with suede or full-grain leather, which is pretty much perfect for skateboarding.

Even though some models don’t have full-grain leather, they are still outstanding in providing the performance they are supposed to do.

Don’t forget the OrthoLite sock liner, which is essential for skating as it is breathable and great for cushioning.

Wearing Adidas Superstar, your feet will be protected, cared and ready to skate all day long, whether you are a beginner or professional.

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Why Adidas Superstar Shoes Good For Skating?

The Adidas Superstar hype is still so fresh that sometimes people buy them just by their popularity. Maybe you are one of them. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with it.

But, to make the right sneaker choice, you need to know why they are suggested for one specific activity.

Like here? For skating.

Let’s dive deep into why Adidas Superstar is a good skating shoe:


To cope with the super-fast movements of skating, you need rigid and long-lasting materials, which is exactly what you’ll get from Adidas Superstar sneakers.

The suede-made upper was a bit stiff at first, but as I continued to wear them regularly, they became softer and stretchier. Also became perfectly fine for skateboarding!

However, if you get a snug-fitted pair, gradually, they will be comfortable as the break-in. With top-quality leather, you are out of any tension.


Padding is a feature that protects your feet from excess stress and any kind of injury that you might experience from skate practice.

To save your feet, joint and ankle areas, the Superstar model provides perfect padding in the heel area and the side walls.

So, your feet will land on a safe surface when you jump or try any new tricks to impress someone special!

Lace-up Closing

The Iconic lace-up feature is a statement in Adidas Superstar shoes. The lacing allows you to get the preferred fit.

Moreover, my shoe was a bit loose-fitted, but thanks to the lacing system, they are as tight as I want them to be. And also get the little bit of space that the slightly bigger shoe comes with.

Rubber Toe Cap

Another exceptional feature of the Superstar sneakers is the rubber toe cap. It gives your toes a bit of room and protects them when you skate for months.

It is also responsible for making the life span of your sneaker longer. Such small details, but the impact is much bigger. How fascinating!

Low- top Feature

I prefer these low-top sneakers as they are so lightweight and perfect for skateboarding. And they’ll give you a stylish look, to begin with!

When it comes to skating on sneakers like Adidas Superstars, I don’t mind losing the padding around my ankle because cushioning and developed insole will still be there for all the comfort I need.



For any skateboarding shoe, the outsole is crucial as it goes through all the pressure you put on it.

In the Superstar skate shoes, you’ll find traction, flexibility and grip for the best skating experience. When I was a newbie at skating, I used to fall from the board. Thanks to the grippy outsole, I was unharmed.

Vulcanized Soles

The vulcanized sole is the only ideal solution to get the board feel and flexibility. And that is exactly the case with Superstar skating sneakers.

The vulcanized sole has rubber components that are attached to the upper portion with the help of a narrow rubber strip. It helps you to wear your shoe sooner for skating than other brands.

These are features that made the Adidas Superstar a good skating run!

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How To Care For Your Adidas Superstar

If you want to expand the lifespan of your skating pairs, you need to take good care of them. And for your Superstar shoes, there’s no exception.

With these smaller steps, you can enjoy these bad boys longer on the board!

Let’s see how you can care for your Superstars:

Using Waterproof Spray

To protect your sneakers from any unexpected water accident, you can use waterproof spray. This will help your shoes last longer and in the rainy season, you will be tension free.

Applying Glue For Exposed Areas

Normally, the shoelace gets damaged quickly due to frequent contact with the grip tape on your skateboard.

So, applying glue can slower the process, and you don’t need to change shoelaces quickly.

By Proper lacing

Superstar sneakers are famous for their open lacing, and by properly tying them can help you maintain the shape of your shoes.

I learned it the hard way because I didn’t tie them properly, and the shape looked slightly off.

So, a friend of mine suggested this idea, and it works like a charm!

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How Does Adidas Superstar Fit?

There is no doubt Adidas Superstar sneakers are true to size. However, you may find it snug fitting sometimes if you have wide feet or you prefer a roomier toe area.

To be more precise, the size 10.5 may give you a snug fitting and somewhat tight in the toe area as they left less space there. It will be the case for wide feet, though. In terms of length, Adidas Superstar will fit you just fine!

And for the wide-feet individuals, they’re providing the half sizes to adjust.

So far, Adidas has done a great job maintaining its size. Haven’t they?

Mine are so comfy; they mold to my feet and have the exact amount of room without being too tight.

To get your comfortable wear, you can size up or size down for a more proper fit.

These factors are influenced by preference. And Superstar sneakers are more than that.

Are Adidas Superstars Comfortable?

Yes, Superstar sneakers are super comfortable. But not freshly out of the box. These classic boys need a bit of time to be familiar with your feet.

I’m talking about the break-in period!

Once you pass the break-in time, and you won’t feel a thing while on the board or on the road.

The low-cut structure and lace-up closing ensure maximum comfort. And don’t forget the OrthoLite Sockliner for additional cushioning and breathability.

During the first year of launching, almost 75% of NBA players, including Kareem Abdur- Jabbar, wore the ironic Adidas Superstart sneakers.

A great marketing success. Isn’t it?

So you can understand with those non-marking soles, rubber toe protection, padding in the heel area and side walls, how comfortable these runs are and how much trust they have built so far.

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Adidas Superstar: Longevity Check

Adidas Superstar sneakers are known for their top-quality materials and outstanding features. With such facility for extreme skateboarding, these shoes will last around 2 to 3 months.

My friends are obsessed with skating. And they buy new pairs every 3 to 4 months. So you see, the longevity depends on the use.


As for me, I just love to wear my superstar for daily activities and occasionally for skateboarding sometimes. So my pair will naturally last longer than any average skaters, right?

If you are someone who likes to bend their shoes a lot, they need to be aware of their sole ripping at first. And I am careful about my footwear, so even after 9 months, they are as good as new.

You know the suede and leather-made upper can be a little stiff, but that doesn’t affect your performance, so be relieved. And enjoy your time.

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Parting Thoughts

In Adidas Superstar shoes, you don’t need to worry about your feet not getting the comfort or support for the heavy and quicker movements during skateboarding.

Many people, especially beginners, worry too much about their footwear as safety is an issue.

I can assure you from my experience you can go for your first lesson or tournament in these super comfy and functional skating pairs, and for your daily wear, these are as versatile as skating!

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