Are Skate Shoes Non-Slip? Everything You Need To Know [2024]

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Non-Slip feature is mandatory in your kicks when you work in the hospital and service center or any other sensitive area where you need the best grip and safety.

In modern times, shoe manufacturers produce special footwear for exceptional purposes, skateboarding is one of them. You better know their characteristics if you want to buy a pair of skate shoes.

Make sure they have all features which are essential for your desired footgear.


However, if you want to know in detail about non-slip features and how they work on skate shoes, then you arrived at the right place.

After using a few pairs of anti-slip skate shoes, I’m ready to help you to find your desired ones.

Continue reading till the end to fix all your confusion.

Are Skate Shoes Slip Resistant?

Yes, skate shoes are anti-slip. Skate shoes incorporate the rubber outsole, which is more slip-resistant than other outsoles.

Skating is the most offensive passion for their risky slide, and quite famous for injuries.

Before a person goes out to purchase a pair of skate shoes, a couple of questions often go through their mind. Are the shoes appropriate for my feet? Are they appropriate for the surface where I am used to playing?

Skate shoes are specially designed for skateboarding.

If you want to purchase a pair of skate shoes, then you have to check twice; little ignorance leaves behind a major injury.

Naturally, non-slip shoes come with a notable rubber sole, which gives you better traction for slippery surfaces. When you practice your skating skill on half pipe surface area, anti-slip shoes are a surefire component.

If you want my suggestion, then I think slip-resistant is an unavoidable quality for skate kicks.

Don’t ever think you can’t use them for other purposes, non-slip shoes are best for your daily use.

In the market, there are few brands that publish skateboard footwear, and Vans, Etnies, Adidas and Nike are the most renowned for them. When you are confused about which shoe you should pick, you can choose one of them.

Some of us think if we buy rubber sole shoes, they might be more weighty than canvas shoes. But in skate shoes, producers use lightweight outsoles.


And that’s the main reason why I love my skate shoes most. I gave up my skateboarding, but I still attached my skate shoes. I still don’t want to switch them; I think they deserve the love.

I choose high-neck skate shoes for my daily use and my skating passion. You feel safe with your non-slip skate shoes.

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What Are Skate Shoes For?

Skate shoes first came in the 1960s, and after that, their demand is increasing day by day.

The skateboarding shoes’ notable feature comes with minimal tread, vulcanized flat outsole, and extra cushioning and shock-absorbing insoles. These features help to prevent dangers and unwanted accidents.

The first skate shoe was invented by vans, which was made by collaborating with the Randolph rubber company, and it became the famous one.

The most surprising fact is that the footgear charges a low price after all the special features.

At the present time, there are a lot of sneakerheads, and I also love sneakers with casual outfits. But when you compare it with skate shoes, they are not durable enough like them.

Skate shoes are quite different from other footwear. They arrive with some essential offers with their cool appearance.

Here are the main features of skateboarding shoes:

  • Provides you the flat soles for moving easily.
  • Specially designed for skateboarding with more security.
  • Extra padded upper sole than regular shoes.
  • Incorporate lace loop to hide laces for safety purposes.
  • Suede upper for the more long-lasting criteria.
  • Vulcanizing or cupped soles.
  • Best grip or anti-slip rubber outsoles.
  • Shock absorbing feature with arch support attribute.

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What Are Considered Non-Slip shoes?

Non-slip shoes, as suggested by the title, are shoes built with the exceptional ability to hold the surface and give you better traction on slippery terrains.

A slip-resistant shoe is softer than other footwear because they are made with rubber soles which are more flexible than leather.

Anti-slip shoes are essential for those who work in restaurants, healthcare, construction firms and other sensitive areas. It works better during the rainy season because most of the time, you have to walk on a wet surface.

Various features make non-slip shoe poles apart from others.

Here are the notable property of anti-slip shoes:


Actually, the manufacturer uses normal-looking materials, which mainly show their true color when the feet connect to the floor. Non-slip shoes are softer outside cause they are typically made with soft rubber for better grip.

After wearing slip-resistant shoes, you can feel safe on the slippery surface.

For that rubber sole, your shoe gets dry faster than any canvas shoe.


Anti-slip shoes main active area is their outsole. Producers make divergent patterns for the traction system. Some patterns are specially designed for safety. It holds you when you walk in a slippery tiled, or wet area.

Most non-slip shoes create an interlock tread pattern and dont leave space for entering any watery element in the outsole.

Unless they make a Channel pass the liquid material from the outsole.


Non-slip kicks are always specially designed for sensitive work purposes. They offer the most effective traction with their fancy look.

The following features are essential for non-slip shoes. It actually saves you from unwanted accidents and shocks. You can use them for your work purpose or daily use.

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How Can I Tell The Shoes Are Anti-Slip?

European regulation sets three standards for scrutinizing effective non-slip secured footwear. The safety standards are SRA, SRB and SRC; before claiming anti-slip, every shoe passes any of them for confirmation.

When you want to purchase a pair of slip-resistant work shoes for sensitive work grounds.

The European regulation EN20345 sets the grade after testing such slippery areas like tiled floors with water and detergent or steel surfaces with glycerin.

Lastly, they set the SRC level for plumbers, industry workers, and social workers who help us to lead normal lives. The renowned brand labeled its slip-resistant item separately after completing the EN20345 test.

Before buying, you can check the label and ride a test drive to ensure the feature.


But if there is no label, then you can identify them by checking some simple elements.

Here are the Elements of anti-slip shoes:

Inspect Tread Pattern

Shoes are oil-resistant that have a distinct tread pattern from others.

If you look a little carefully, you find different shapes of tread, like a circle or hexagon motif on the outer surface. The tread allows abrasion and offers the best grip when you work on a slippery floor without trapping water inside the sole.

If you don’t find any tread pattern, then those shoes might not be slip-resistant. Small treads offer better traction than large ones. Please check the water entry locking system also.

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Check The Sole Materials

Most of the time, the manufacturer uses leather ingredients in the outsole. But when you buy oil-resistant shoes, try to buy rubber sole shoes.

Rubber offers you better friction than leather or canvas shoes.

When buying, look for durable EVA soles with rounded attributes. Rounded soles are more non-slip than flat soles.

Look for Grooves

Soles with grooves give you a better grip, it’s like just another pattern, but it creates a channel to pass the liquid well.

Grooves make the shoes more flexible, along with the best support system. This gives you the ultimate comfort when working in vigorous areas because it’s quite moldable.

When you purchase your shoes from an outlet, please check the previous quality to ensure security.

On the other hand, if you order your shoes from any online platform, you better zoom in on your device and check their features properly.

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Final Line

As skaters, you always have to be selective about choosing a suitable pair of shoes. Little ignorance gives you lifetime bruises. Slip-resistant features are essential for skateboarding passion.

If you want to pick a convenient duo of skate kicks, you must check the prominent non-slip feature.

I hope the information is helpful in finding your desired anti-slip skate shoes. Let me know in the comment section if you face any other problems with your skate shoes, I’ll try to solve them immediately.

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