Is Ariat Non-Slip? Know Before Your Purchase [In 2024]

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Ariat, these full-grain leather boots are made to hold up in the real world. The quality craftsmanship has put them at the peak where they are now.

When opting for a quality boot, Ariat crosses thought for its construction and comfort. Another thought that pops up in your mind is, are they slip-resistant?


I get your concern, and I am here to help you out.

Recently my older brother bought a pair of Ariat Boots, and since rocking the looks along with the functionality, these boots provide.

In this article, I will discuss every feature Ariat has to offer, including its anti-slip properties.

So, keep reading till the end to know them all.

Are Ariat Boots Non-Slip?

The concept, slip- resistance is a bit tricky to describe in a word. There are several factors that work in favor of it.

For any shoes or boots to be truly anti-slip, they must have a specific rating, such as SATRA. The construction of Ariat features oil and slip-resistant

Yes, the durathread outsole is what makes them slip-resistant, and this is my brother’s most favorite feature.

It gives you added support with its 90-degree heel. The floor of my brother’s workplace has tiles on them, so he needed footwear that he could wear without the tension of slipping.

And, ever since he started to wear his boots, he has been happy with the functionality.

His boots have a thick rubber sole and provide excellent traction to prevent any sort of accidents. One day he subconsciously stepped on a very greasy corner; thanks to these boots, he was safe and didn’t fall.

The shock-absorbing qualities of his boots keep his knee and feet safe from any kind of strains.

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How To Make Ariat Boots Slip Resistant?

Most of the Ariat Boots have anti-slip properties. This makes them wearable for any kind of slippery surface. And they come with so many options too.

And, if your model is not grippy enough, you can make them with some easy peasy steps.

So, you dont need to worry too much.

Materials To Use

You will need these materials to make Ariat Boots super useful for any slippery surface.

  • Scissors
  • Traction Tape.
  • Pencil or Pen.

Not much, huh? But only these are enough to help you out and enjoy the ultimate comfort of these boots.

Here are 5 easy steps to make Ariat Boots slip-resistant:

Step 1

Take the traction paper that you bought for your shoe and position your boot on the paper side of the traction paper, as traction paper has two sides.

Step 2

Tracing down the size of the sole of your boot is a clever idea. This way, you know how much traction paper you will need, and there won’t be any waste.

So, take measurements of your traction paper; it will fit perfectly according to your boot size.

Step 3

After tracing, the next step is cutting the tracing paper according to the marked lines. Take your scissors and the paper carefully.

If your boots come with hills, you might have to cut two pieces for your heel and the rest of the outsole separately. So before marking, take a look at your shoes.

Step 4

After completing all the steps above, you need to stick the traction paper to the bottom of your boots and press gently to ensure they have appropriately stuck.

Step 5

At the end of the process, double-check if the traction paper is set. If you see some extra piece sticking out of the shoe. In that case, cut the excess part, and your shoe is ready to use.

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Anti Slip Ariat Boots

Though majority of the shoes and boots from Ariat are anti-slip, they have several models that are most trendy among other versions.

You can choose from various colors and styles and pair them with your aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at these fantastic Anti- Slip Boots:

Slip-Resistant Ariat For Men

For men, Ariat has quite a variety of models and designs, and they also come with slip-resistant properties.

Ariat Groundbreaker Pull-On Work Boots, Ariat Overdrive 8” lace Up Work Boots, Ariat Men’s Brown Worklog Patriot Western Boots, Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boots.

Slip-Resistant Ariat For Women

Even in their women’s collections, Ariat has their slip-resistant models that are stylish and functional simultaneously.

Ariat Flatbaby Cowgirl Boots, Ariat Canyon II Boots – Women’s Round Toe Lace Up Casual Boots, Ariat Women’s Anthem Patriot Western Boots, Ariat Women’s Terrain Serape Stripe Boots.

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Are Ariat Terrain Boots Slip Resistant?

Yes, Ariat Terrain boots are slip-resistant. These models have Waterproof Pro technology that keeps your feet dry and warm by keeping liquid particles away.

Terrain Boots have Ariat’s signature ATS platform; it secures and stabilizes your feet.

These are also very helpful in reducing fatigue. This is another reason my brother chose this model; ever since one boot is enough for him.

Another fantastic thing is these boots also have women’s collection. And I am thinking of purchasing one too.

The Durathread outsoles are very flexible to slide on and durable at the same time. Terrain models have all the small details that make them oil and slip-resistant.

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 Are Ariat Boots Suitable For Rain?

The majority of Ariat shoes are not waterproof, so you must apply waterproofing spray to wear them in the rain or any type of wet weather.

It’s not like you can’t wear them in the rain without doing some extra work. Ariat also comes with water-resistant features.


You can purchase the boots with the built-in water-resistant feature if you want.

The upper leather of these models has a waterproof coating to save them from liquid damage. My brother bought these versions keeping in mind the rainy season. And it paid off. Whether it’s raining or sunny, he is tension free.

Even I tried his boots one day while raining and mark my words; they worked like wonders.

So, if you want to wear these fashionable boots in the rain, buy waterproof ones or try the liquid-resistant spray to protect them.

Can You Wear Ariat Boots In Snow?

Yes, You can wear Ariat Boots in the snow.

Most of the Ariat boots are not totally waterproof but water resistant. If you want to wear them during snowy weather, you must use a proper leather-protecting conditioner.

If your Boots are insulated, they will keep your feet warm for hours in the freezing cold.

The height of the shaft prevents snow from getting inside your boots. The Hybrid Rancher boots from Ariat are the perfect western cowboy boots with the liquid-resistant feature.

The Waterproof PRO Technology takes care of your wet feet problems. And you can enjoy the snowy weather without thinking about your feet getting wet.

Like any luxury brand, Ariat also offers snow-resistant boots, and if you prefer, you can apply a liquid-resistant spray to keep your shoes safe from snow.

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Final Thoughts

Ariat can be your life saver if your workplace or surrounding are oily and wet. The outstanding construction of these boots will spare your risk of accidents.

Along with versatility and style, this brand offers all the most basic features, like slip-resistant properties.

I hope with this information, all your queries have been resolved.

If you or any of your family members have experience of using Ariat Boots, share their experiences in the comment section below.

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