Are Vans Non Slip Shoes? Tested And Explained [2024]

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Ever since childhood, I have faced bad experiences of shoe ripping and sudden stumbling. That’s why I am always careful in choosing footwear.

A few days ago, I was fascinated seeing the design of Vans Authentic and made up my mind to buy a pair. Then I wondered if it would prevent slipping or if I would trip wearing this one.

I searched on the internet, discovered positive responses and bought some of my favorite pairs.

Now, I’m here to share my experience with Vans shoes.

If you want to know how much slip-resistant Vans are and its other features, stick with this article till the end.


Are Vans Shoes Non Slip?

When looking for a non-slip feature in a shoe, you should first look at the material and structure of the outsole.

Slip-resistant footwear has a vast surface area with divots. A sole with grooves performs significantly better than a flat sole. It provides an improved grip.

You’ll see that the exterior sole of non-slip shoes is made from soft and bouncy rubber, including a tread pattern that improves grip.

Footwears of Vans are no exception to that.

The diamond and rhomboid shape on the vulcanized rubber outsole make Vans sneakers non-slip.

You might be thinking about what vulcanized rubber is. The rubber is processed with sulfur and heat, which turns into vulcanized rubber.

Vans utilize both natural and synthetic rubber to make the outsole.

The unique pattern of the outsole makes Vans more stable on the ground. It reminds me of the delicious chocolate waffle.

You might not be able to handle the temptation after hearing about the chocolate. Leave the thought aside of having a waffle for now. Let’s focus on the main topic.

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How To Gear Up Vans Slip Resistant Feature?

It’s necessary to boost the slip-resistant property of your shoe in two cases.

The first one is if you wear the same shoe too much, its outsole quality will drop to some extent due to recurrent friction. This will lead to a fall in the slip-preventing feature.

Furthermore, you may not be well pleased with the level of non-slip.

If you learn the technique of strengthening slip-resistant characteristics, you won’t have to look for a new pair; you’ll be worthy of making your shoes anti-slip by yourself.

Here’re the steps to boost Vans slip resistant feature:

  • Rub the outsole against a rough surface.

You should walk with your Vans on uneven areas. Doing this will make the grooves of the outsole more expert and endurable. Therefore, you can avoid the risk of sliding.

This method is quite effective but underrated for some unknown reason.

  • Buy non-slip pads and add this to the external sole of Vans.

It’s quite good and comes at a reasonable price. Insertion of these pads will ensure more grip and traction on the smooth and rugged surface.

  • Rub sandpaper on the Vans outsole for a few minutes. This process also improves the notch as well as the anti-slip property.
  • Apply the coating of traction spray on the outsole.

After spritzing a moderate amount of spray on the sole, leave it for 15 minutes to air dry. Then you can go outside with the shoe and notice the difference. This method is the easiest.

  • Use hair spray on the outsole. The application process is similar to using the slip-resistant spray. I mentioned this in the previous method.

You might feel that your Vans aren’t completely non-slip and might face hassles while walking for the first few days after buying it. Trust me, it’s not a long-lasting issue.

Vans shoes take time for proper break-in and walking. You should give the pairs some time so they can please you with their lavish performance.

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Can You Wear Vans To Work?

I’ll answer this question based on my experience.

On my way to work, I had to go down tiles-made stairs. When I used to go down those stairs wearing Vans, I never slipped off.

At my office, the floor is wrapped with carpet. I didn’t face any issues while walking on that surface with Vans.

On the celebration of university day, I went there for street painting wearing the shoes of Vans. The pairs didn’t disappoint me. I found excellent comfort underneath my feet and proper grip on the concrete and tarmac street.

When I went on the study tour, I didn’t forget to put the Vans in my backpack. They provided me with sufficient traction on the wet, smooth, rough path with their anti-slip bottom.

Moreover, the shoes offered accurate fitting and ankle support.


The Vans provide stronger surface traction in the presence of dampness, oil, or grease. It should be on your purchase list if you work in a shopping mall or a restaurant. Because the floor of those places is quite slippery, Vans will ensure your safety there.

You can also put on Vans for playing on the basketball or tennis court.

Vans shoes are water resistant and shock-absorbent. Your feet won’t sweat due to its good ventilation facility. With vulcanized rubber, Vans ensure electrical insulation and exceptional durability.

I’ll highly recommend wearing Vans in your workplace if you appeal to style, comfort and traction together.

It’ll help you to move with confidence in your workplace.

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What Are The Best Non-Slip Footwear?

There’re varieties of anti-slip shoes in the footwear industry. Depending on design, brand and budget, individuals choose them.

The best non-slip sneakers that I found in Vans are ComfyCush, Old Skool and Authentic.


These are able to prevent slipping as well as very comfortable. If you ask me to choose only one of these three, I’ll definitely go for Vans Authentic because I greatly like this design.

If you’re looking for shoes from any other brand, you can choose Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip Gym Shoe.

It includes an ultra-lightweight rubber sole with flex grooves and a breathable mesh upper. It’s fit for daily walking, running and indoor-outdoor sports.

For fashion-conscious girls, safeTstep Slip Resistant Women’s Sasha Quilt Bow Flat is a good choice.

It features a long-lasting and comfy foot-hugging sole. The synthetic rubber outsole will keep you safe on tricky surfaces. It combines a look of smart work shoes and casual wear too.

If you prefer sandals rather than shoes and sneakers, you can buy Birkenstocks Profi Birki. Its anti-slip sole with arch support will protect you from sliding and injuries.

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Are Vans Waterproof?

You can wear Vans in the rain and watery environment. That doesn’t mean that they’re waterproof.

Vans are water resistant but not waterproof. If your shoes catch water from rain or in any other way, you’ll have to properly clean and dry your shoes. Otherwise, there’s a possibility of ruining the pairs.


The upper of Vans contains canvas, suede or leather. Suede and canvas are prone to water. So, you should be careful about this.

You can use a high-quality waterproof spray on Vans to survive this loss.

Why Are Vans So Popular?

Shoes of vans are at the peak line of popularity with their iconic silhouette.

Initially, they were only famous among a particular community of skateboarders, musicians, fashion artists and celebrities. This brand only targeted skateboarders when launched. But the name and fame of Vans enhanced with time.

The signature design of Vans with an exclusive manufacturing process and smart marketing strategy makes it in vogue.

The footwears of Vans are eye catchy and multipurpose. You’ll see that the upper portion is made of printed canvas, leather or suede.

If you take a closer look at the external sole, you’ll find that there is a combination of diamond and rhomboid tread patterns.

The shoes are lightweight, but you’ll find a thick midsole in some shoes.

You’ll get a padded collar in some style. Low top, high top and slip-on styles are available in their collection.

One failing I noticed in Vans is their tendency to color fade.

The Vans will provide you with good comfort, ankle support, and secured walking in a slippery environment within an affordable range. What else do you want?

Do you need a fashionable look?

Vans will also fulfill this demand of yours. Their versatile shoes are suitable to use in most places. They’re classy. You can put on a pair of Vans in the office, at university or when going shopping.

So, you’ll get all of your requirements in one shoe, and that is from Vans.

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At the end, I’ll just say that Vans are non-slip at an affordable price with other user-friendly features. So, it’s time to grab a pair right now.

Share your footwear experience with us in the comment section.

Have a good day!

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