How Long Does Vans Take To Refund Money? [Answered]

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Do you want to return a pair of Vans shoes that didn’t fit right but aren’t sure what their return policy is or how long it takes to receive a refund?

Don’t sweat it, pal. You’ve got my back.


To provide you with genuine answers, I emailed Vans and questioned some of my friends about their experiences with Vans regarding the refunding procedure.

So, if you want to get all of your questions answered, make sure to read the entire article.

How Long Does Vans Take To Refund Money?

Vans can take up to 30 days to receive returned products, and the refund procedure can take anywhere from 7 to 15 business days*. In total, the refund process can take a maximum of 45 days. If you wish to return a product for a refund, you must do so within 60 days of the purchase date.

Vans’ return and refund policy is quite rigorous. Vans always refund their customers within the specified time frame.  However, the 45-day time restriction may be extended by 2-3 days if there is a sale or a public holiday.

You must be patient in order to receive a refund because the return process is lengthy and requires you to go through specific procedures.

Return and refund procedures differ between physical stores and online purchases, so be sure you follow the correct process.

You will get a full refund minus the shipping charge after the return process is completed.

The refund will be issued in the same form as your payment. If you paid by card, they will return the money to your card, and if you paid in cash, they would repay you in cash.

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What Is Vans Return Policy?

If you wish to return a Vans item, you must do so within 30 days after buying it. To validate the return, you must have the original receipt with your order number, and the item must be in new condition; you cannot wear or wash them before returning them.

The return policy at Vans is pretty strict. If you get defective or broken goods, or if the fit is incorrect, do not wear or wash them; instead, return them and ask for a refund.

If you want to return something, don’t remove the price tag since Vans won’t accept it and won’t give you a refund if you do.

If you damage the item, you will not be able to return it.

If you wish to return a product, you must do it within 30 days of the purchase date; otherwise, Vans will not accept it.

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How To Return A Vans Product?

Return policies for Vans purchased in-store and online are different. Returning shoes bought online is not the same as returning shoes bought in a store.

Don’t worry; I’ve covered the steps for returning both physical and online purchased Vans.

Here’s how to return an item to a Vans store:

  • Don’t wear the item you wish to return.
  • If they have a price tag, do not remove it.
  • Pack them in their original packaging.
  • Take the receipt or the paper with the order number written on it.
  • Bring it back to the retailer and return the merchandise. If the product meets all of Vans’ return policy standards, the refund procedure will begin as soon as possible.

Here’s how to return online-purchased Vans:

  • Pack the item in its original box or any other cardboard shipping box.
  • Get a return label from Van’s website or by calling them and fill it out with your name, return address, and order number. You can find the order number in the shipment confirmation email.
  • On the box, paste the return label.
  • Drop the box off at any FedEx or post office.
  • Vans will begin the refund procedure once they receive the returned goods.

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How Will You Receive The Refund From Vans?

Vans will refund you using the same payment method that you used to make the purchase. If you paid with a credit or debit card, the refund money would be refunded to your credit or debit card after the return procedure is completed.

It takes around 14 days for the money to be credited to the card, although it might take longer if the sale is at its peak at the time.

If you make an online purchase using PayPal, Apple Pay, or Klarna, you will not receive a cash refund; instead, the amount will be added to your store credit, which you may use to make purchases in the shop.

Can You Return Vans If You Wore Them Once?

Vans do not accept returns on items that have been used or washed. If the goods are broken or stained, Vans will not receive them back. To return a product at Vans, it must be unworn and unwashed and have the original receipt or order number.can-you-return-vans-if-you-wore-them-once

As I said earlier, Vans are very particular about their return policy; even if a small spot has been detected on the product, they won’t take the return.

There are several customers who wear the shoes at various places, stain the sole, rip the upper, and then they want to return and ask for a refund of the money.

But it doesn’t work like this in Vans; in order to receive a return, the product must be undamaged, unworn, and unwashed.

Can You Cancel Your Vans Order?

You may cancel your Vans only if you call their hotline immediately and request cancellation. However, if you wait too long to notify them that you wish to cancel or the goods have already been dispatched, there is no way to cancel; you must get the item and return it.

Most of the time, you won’t be able to cancel the order because once they receive the order, they deliver it as fast as possible, and there is no way to cancel it once it has been dispatched.can-you-cancel-your-vans-order

If you bought the wrong product by accident, contact 1800 875 277 as soon as possible and request that the order be canceled.

If the hotline is unavailable outside of business hours, email with your issue.

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In What Situation Vans Don’t Refund Money?

Vans will refund money if you meet specific requirements; however, you will not be refunded if you do not meet the return policy.

Vans do not refund money in the following situations:

  • Items that have been used or washed are not eligible for a refund.
  • Products that have been damaged or stained are not refundable.
  • You will not receive a refund if you do not have a money receipt or an order number.
  • Vans will not refund money after 30 days of purchase.
  • The Vans must be returned in their original packing or shipping card boxes.

However, if the packaging is done in a sloppy box with a substantial danger of destroying the merchandise, Vans can refuse to return the money.

  • Custom items with an uploaded picture or embroidery are non-refundable.
  • Online purchases must be returned through a local post office; no direct returns to the warehouse are permitted, and no refunds are given.

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Vans’ return and refund policy are relatively simple; if you correctly follow all of the return process conditions, you will receive your refund within the timeframe stated.

However, during busy periods or on holidays, the refund procedure may take longer, but you will surely receive your money.

Returning and refunding products might take a long time, so I advise you not to buy anything recklessly; instead, be sure of the size and design before ordering.

That’s all for today. Do let me know how this article helped you and if you have any more questions to ask, drop them down in the comment box.

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