7 Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers- Best Boots to Buy [2024]

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If you’re a delivery driver, you already know how tough things can get in your workplace, especially when you miss out on the perfect outfit. By ideal outfit, I meant the shoes as well.

Delivery drivers have to move quite too often along with carrying heavy loads of parcels. The whole job puts a ton of pressure on their feet, which is where strong-supportive shoes become a must!best-shoes-for-delivery-drivers-s

Well, our article is all about it. So without wasting much time, let’s get started, shall we?

7 Best Work Shoes for Delivery Drivers

The best shoes for delivery drivers need ankle & arch support and slip-resistant features. Without these elements, no driver will have a smooth and comfortable experience for sure.

So, the best safety shoes for delivery drivers should contain all of them.

And I organized the list of the top shoes for delivery drivers after checking out hundreds of product reviews and thousands of customer feedback. No matter which one you choose from this list, you won’t regret getting it, not even a bit!

Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into these top picks.

Here is the list of 7 best work/safety shoes for drivers:

1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Working every day with the wrong shoes can be very stressful for delivery drivers. So, my first pick for delivery shoes is from Timberland.

These boots are one of the best pairs for drivers in the market and have held that position for years now. The reliability and durability are just top-notch here!


The best thing about these boots is that they’re designed for manual tasks. This means anyone can wear them every single day, no matter how heavy the work is. Also, the safety toe feature, waterproof capability, and electrical hazard protection guarantee that you won’t have to look for a new pair any sooner.

Let’s not forget about the leather quality of these amazing work boots. Thanks to premium full-grain leather with a padded collar and tongue that has pushed the level of durability higher than ever.

Furthermore, the lightweight midsole will ensure ample support with maximum comfort. So, you’re going to enjoy your deliveries without hurting your feet for sure.

Now, what to say about comfort? Team Timberland made sure that with the dual-density footbed backed by proper cushioning, you’re getting a comfort level with a 10/10 score. And in case you want, you can get rid of them anytime you want.

Moreover, the padded insulation feature will let you wear them as your winter boots also. Read our separate article to know more about Timberland being a good winter boot.

  • »They’re resistant to water and also come with a safety toe feature
  • »These work boots are resistant to electric hazards for extra safety
  • »The padded insulation feature keeps your feet warm in winter
  • »Oil-resistant, non-marking outsole confirms the durability
  • »Sizing of the shoes can be a little bit wider


One of the worst problems drivers face is that they get foot pain and injuries all the time. But with these shoes, that issue will be gone for sure, and that’s what makes them worth grabbing.

2. PUMA Men Tazon 6 Fracture Sneaker

If you are a person who is searching for full black classy shoes, then look no further because PUMA is exactly what you are looking for. They are reliable for bringing a comfortable yet snug fitting which really works for lots of walking as well as running.

Well, these work boots are super easy to clean as they come with synthetic leather fabric. This synthetic material also makes it as good as any top-quality casual shoe.


As Tazon 6 fracture sneaker has lots of padding inside the shoe, you’re not going to fall short of the ankle support and proper arch support. Besides, the rubber sole makes it flexible so you can jump off from your truck or car for urgent deliveries without taking any headaches about injuries.

For your basic strength training, walking, or shift work, this boot will deliver you the tons of stability you’re looking for. Moreover, these are slip-resistant, and you can wear them anytime you want if you have flat feet.

Regardless, if you have flat feet and wanna go to rather something classy, then Dansko boots can be your good friend. Try Dansko to rock on your flat feet.

  • »Very comfortable to wear
  • »sturdy laces provide safety and they last longer
  • »There are lots of padding inside the shoe for the extra comfort
  • »the shock-absorbing feature can handle any roughness in usage
  • »They can be heavy to use sometimes


With sturdy laces and shock-absorbing features, Tazon 6 is the epitome of convenience. If you don’t want to get tired easily, going for this one will be a great idea!

3. Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Road Running Shoes

Now we’re here with a comfortable pair of sturdy work boots from Skechers. This brand is well known for memory foam inclusion for maximum comfort. Also, most of the users can’t get enough of its athletic and aesthetic design. Let me tell you why!

Skechers is a versatile brand that provides one of the best shoes for both males and females. They are judged with an excellent grip on your feet. This brand also has heavy-duty shoes for delivery drivers to easily deal with their hectic days of delivering products.


Speaking of all the features and benefits, these high-quality shoes have the most charming design ever. They’re exactly what delivery drivers expect solid footwear to look like!

Plus, they are pretty lightweight, and it doesn’t feel cramped inside.

Well, these boots’ ankle and arch support are also praiseworthy. They’re cozy enough to enhance your performance in your workplace so much that you might feel like wearing your house sleepers!

In addition, the padded collar brings more comfort, and the insole makes your work boot supportive. The outsole is also crafted with high-quality materials, so there’s no need to worry about its longevity. They can withstand inclement weather for you all the time.

  • »Waterproof quality will let the shoes be in great shape for a long time
  • »Insole and outsole materials keep the feet warm and comfortable
  • »Sturdy and durable construction for utmost security and safety
  • »Soft fabric and a 1.5-inch heel will be supportive for any outside work
  • »Might take a little time to adjust properly


When you can think of nothing but delivery boots that can bring in the best performance, grabbing this pair is not going to be a mistake, and I can bet on that.

4. PUMA Men’s Cell Surin 2 Sneaker

If you’re going to make a list of the most useful thing for delivery workers, there’s no doubt that a good pair of work boots will definitely be there. This is where Puma jumps in as a reliable outdoor brand with this amazing pair of shoes backed by a good amount of ample cushioning and sturdy design.


The Puma Cell Surin 2 has a lightweight rubber outsole which is great for indoor activities and tough surfaces like pavement and roads. All credit goes to the awesome traction of the outsole of these work boots.

They also provide textured pods into the outsole so that the shoes can keep up in the long run.

Again, on the midsole, this pair of work shoes come with 10Cell cushioning technology for protection from the shock as it absorbs and transforms the energy for the wearer.

Besides, you will get the TPU shank for added stability which is an impressive feature, I must say.

You will be glad to know that these delivery drivers’ shoes have an upper sole made with faux leather material so that they can work and look great at the same time.

Moreover, Cell Surin 2 comes with perforations in the toe box and ventilation to keep your feet dry. And yes, its shock absorption quality with less energy return is also pretty impressive.

  • »Lightweight rubber outsole can sustain tough surfaces
  • »Has shock-absorbing heel cushioning that helps with returning less energy
  • »These shoes are super easy to clean up and dry
  • »Perforations in the toe box ensure maximum ventilation within
  • »Not made for running purposes


Some of us love to own low-maintenance work boots, and for them, this one is simply a dream that came true. You can put these shoes on your wishlist for their amazing qualities even with your closed eyes.

5. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Sr Work Shoe

Are you looking for work shoes that can work perfectly in adverse weather conditions? Then Skechers got your back with the best resistance and comfort boots for your everyday usage.

You will get the double mesh panels on each side of your work boots, including the heel and tongue. These panels pull off the cooling effect so that your feet stay dry all day long, and you don’t feel any uneasiness.


The padded tongue and collar of these work boots are super amazing. They will take care of the security and safety of your feet while moving.

The memory foam insole cushion is here to fill up your feet with comfort. Moreover, washing memory foam sneakers is very simple and you can do it at home. Try our guide on washing Skechers memory foam shoes.

But if you don’t like them at all, get rid of them anytime you want.

In addition, the FlexSole absorbing midsole is there so that you can run or walk faster where it will absorb less energy from the ground as if it’s nothing.

  • »Memory foam insole cushion keeps the comfort up to the mark
  • »A padded tongue and collar confirm the safer movement
  • »Shock absorption is here to absorb excess energy from the ground
  • »Mesh panels ensure the cooling effect of the feet in the summer
  • »The quality of the memory foam insole should be increased


The great features like the padded tongue and collar as well as the mesh panels have simply made this one a worthy buy.

Now, compare Puma with Skechers to decide on your own!

6. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot | Industrial & Construction Boots

Work shoes are best friends of delivery drivers that help them to cope with their hectic work. Guess what? Irish Setter has created a pair that any delivery would love to have as their next boots. Let me tell you how!

These boots are made with red russet tough leather upper and mock toe with triple stitching. Besides, these lace-up boots with durable metal eyelets and the polyurethane footbed can be removed whenever you want.

Wanna know about the most interesting part? Yes, it’s the safety check. These work boots meet ASTM F2892-11 electrical safety standards. This means it’s safe to wear in working conditions where you may come in contact with electrical components.


The Irish setter doesn’t need too much time to break as the boots are good to go right from the moment you get them out of their box.

After wearing them for a day, they will gently soften up, and you can wear them without any hassle.

Moreover, these boots are totally versatile. Not only for truck drivers, but they can also be used by anyone for the office, factory, or job site. If you need a pair of boots for long working hours, Irish Setter will definitely be one of the best choices!

  • »Red russet leather upper gives the longevity of the boot
  • »EVA midsole and removable footbed provide comfort
  • »Electric Hazard helps to stay safe from electrical components
  • »Can be used by anyone who works for long working hours
  • »Not for damp locations as they aren’t waterproof


If you’re just getting acquainted with work boots, then this is the one you should get. It has EVA midsole, Electric Hazard, and red russet leather which can be perfect for you without any doubt!

7. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Work Boot | Industrial & Construction Boots

These dark brown classy cowboy boots are almost compatible with any outfit you are going to wear. But that’s not the only thing that has brought these boots to our list.

caterpillar-mens-revolver-pull-on steel-toe-work-boot

The safety check of these shoes is amazing. They have electrical hazard standards, which means you’re free to wear them in a place where shock or electric components exist.

These shoes also have a PVC midsole that works to absorb the shock of every step you make. They will protect your feet and joints from injuries or bruises as you may deal with the toughest delivery services every day.

Again, the oil and slip-resistant outsole ensure that you have additional protection against slipping. The boosts come with a soft toe construction that keeps your feet at ease and protected throughout your day.

In addition, the T3 outsole is abrasion-resistant for maximum durability, which is pretty impressive, I believe!

  • »Lightweight boots will ensure a higher comfort level
  • »PVC midsole works to absorb extra shock
  • »The slip-resistant outsole delivers the additional protection
  • »T3 outsole is included for maximum durability and abrasion-resistance
  • »Sizing of the boots can be tricky sometimes


If you’re tired of heavy shoes, then these delivery boots are more than ideal for you. Moreover, their superb durability is also a big plus!

Anyways, there are some more models of Caterpillar work boots that are really good. Check them out also.

Key Features to Look for Before Buying — Delivery Drivers Buying Guide

Okay, as now you have a clear idea about the best shoes for the delivery drivers, it would be much better if you understood how to narrow down the options.

After all, you don’t want to spend your bucks on something useless, right?

For that, here are some key features that we have gathered so that you can get the best shoes that meet all of your demands.

1. Comfort

Any delivery driver who works for so many hours a day will crave comfort level for sure. So, that’s why this is the most important thing when you are trying to buy your shoes.

Also, go for boots that are lightweight as you should be able to walk comfortably in them. It should also be durable and handy for any type of workplace.

2. Support

You know, in the delivery industry some delivery services demand a good amount of heavy manual tasks, and in that situation, you’ll need a pair of shoes that can be supportive. Adequate support will reduce the chances of hurting your feet and joints due to extreme pressure while working.

Sufficient support is very much needed because I’m sure you don’t want to end up in pain when you’re done for the day.

3. Arch Support

Good arch support should be on your list of features when you are looking for the right shoes for yourself. But the right amount of support mostly depends on your feet and your natural arch backing.

So, make sure the next pair you’re picking as your work boots can deliver sufficient arch support.

4. Shock Absorbency

Shoes that can’t handle the pressure as you run or walk are good for nothing. And when you’re dealing with deliveries, it’s pretty obvious that you gotta do a lot of running and walking.

That’s why you should ensure getting safety pairs that come with a shock absorbency feature.

5. Good Traction

Well, sometimes delivery work includes walking around carrying heavy or fragile products. So it’ll be a good idea if you purchase shoes that have good traction. By this, you will be able to avoid slipping which can cause damage to yourself and your products. Also, shoes with good traction last longer.

These are the key features you should look for while getting yourself a pair for your workplace.

However, if you’re a Doc Martens lover and wanna bring them to your workplace, then see either DMs are good pairs while working as a delivery driver.

Tips for Foot Comfort for Delivery Workers

Anyone who has worked in the delivery service industry knows how much painful it is to work with the wrong shoes. Making the effort to take care of your feet can actually help you to stay comfortable while working.

Here are some tips you can follow to make things easier:

  • Always try to wear compression socks so that the pressure can help you to improve your blood flow and can lessen the pain in your feet. These socks also help with diabetic neuropathy.
  • Make sure to use a custom orthotics insole so that the ligaments and arches can not be strained.
  • Wearing shoes all day won’t only affect your feet but your whole body also. Try to use a foam roller for instant relief. It will help your muscles to relax.
  • You should find the right shoe for your feet that actually meets all your needs. That will ease up half of your feet problems.

Follow these tips to keep your feet from getting hurt and injured. If you have further queries, then shoot me in the comment box.

Read our guide on how to Clean Muddy Leather Boots to learn more about cleaning.


Is it Necessary for my Work Boots to be Waterproof?

Well, I won’t say it is necessary, but it does make sense for shoes to be waterproof. It mostly depends on where you live and what your delivery locations are. If you live somewhere it rains and snows often, then obviously you need water-resistant shoes because you won’t want to feel wet socks inside your shoes, right?

How Do I Clean my Shoes?

If your shoes are only dusty, you can take a dry cloth and clean them. However, if there are stains, then you have to clean them with extra care.

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear for Delivery?

For your delivery, you should wear shoes that have proper arch and ankle support. Also, the shock absorption feature is needed as it will keep your feet and joints safe.

What are the Best Boots for a UPS Driver?

UPS drivers make their deliveries in a vast array of locations. They need footwear that must be sturdy, slip-resistant, and made of high-quality leather.

What are the Key Features of the Best Delivery Shoes?

There are multiple features that you need to keep in mind while buying your delivery shoes. They should be of proper fit, durability, and comfort. If your shoes are not comfortable and supportive, you might be having trouble in your workplace.

Can Kids Wear Delivery Driver Shoes?

Yes, of course, they can. You just have to make sure to order the right size for them. There are a lot of brands out there that offer kids’ sizes, and you can easily get one there.

Are the Boots Good for Hiking?

Most of the boots are great for hiking as they have a heat absorption feature. They also provide ankle support which will be great for climbing or running. You have to check the options before you buy your shoes so that you can wear them comfortably anywhere for a long time.

Final Words

Finally, I’m done with all the reviews so that you can find the best shoes for delivery drivers who will meet all your demands. But if you need a few more tips, here you go.

For an extraordinary experience, you should go with the Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot. It has the greatest durability and water resistance feature that will blow your mind.

But if you are in love with high-quality leather boots, Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot will be a great pick with red russet leather and EVA midsole.

However, no matter which one you choose from this list, you will have a satisfactory service, I promise!

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