How To Wash Skechers Memory Foam Shoes [Ultimate Guide]

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An integral part of maintaining a pair of shoes is cleaning them properly and periodically. However, you cannot assume that all shoes should be and can be cleaned the same way.

I have heard a lot of people ask how exactly they should clean their skechers memory foam shoes, and whether they should be washed manually or in the machine.

Well, if you are new to the skechers memory foam shoes or own a pair or two that need cleaning – there is no need for you to worry, I have summed up everything that you need to know for cleaning them.

But before I elaborate on the washing process, let me tell you what the memory foam actually is and why it is best to wash them differently than your regular shoes which you can simply pop in the washing machine and give them a good cleaning.

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What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a special kind of foam, commonly used in mattresses and cushioning, that when used in shoes provides additional support to the feet. 

Initially developed by NASA for providing improved comfort for the astronauts’ seats, this foam is now commonly used in mattresses and is excellent for people with a posture problem.

 Primarily made of polyurethane, this foam is sensitive to variations in pressure and temperature. As a result, it molds to the shape of the foot as you wear it and walk around. So, memory foam shoes are especially beneficial for people who are suffering from various foot disorders by cushioning the feet and providing extra base support. 

However, one drawback is that memory foam retains the heat, so it can get a little hot inside the shoes that have memory foam. This problem can be somewhat alleviated with gel foams and air pockets. 

The foams also go through a process called off-gassing where it gives off an unpleasant smell when its new, but this usually goes away after exposure to air for sufficient periods of time.

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How To Clean Your Skechers Memory Foam Shoes?

Memory foam skecher shoes are best cleaned manually, instead of washing them in the washing machine. This will ensure that the shoes are fully clean since the machine cannot efficiently clean the memory foam and get rid of the stubborn stains on the foam.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to wash and clean your skechers memory foam shoes – and believe me, once you go through with the process, they are going to be good as new. 

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Step 1: Brush off all the debris

First and foremost, take off the shoelaces. Then using a hard bristled brush, brush off all the debris from the exterior body of the shoes.

Wash the shoe laces separately and put them back on the shoes once the shoes and the laces are all dry.

Step 2: Prepare a lukewarm detergent mix and manually clean the shoes

Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add a sufficient amount of detergent to prepare a cleaning mix. Then using a brush (you can even use a toothbrush) or a rag start cleaning your shoes.

First you will dip the brush or the rag in the washing mix to soak up the liquid, then start cleaning the foam and the fabric with sufficient force to get rid of all the dirt and stains on the shoes and the foam.

Focus on the area which has more stains or dirt and scrub them until all the dirt has been removed.

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Step 3: Sponge the shoes with clean water

Once you are done getting rid of all the dirt and stains by scrubbing the shoes, it’s time to clean them with fresh and clen water.

Take a bowl of clean water and a sponge or rag. 

Dip it in the bowl to soak up enough water and wipe it over the shoes to get rid of all the soap and dirty water from the shoes until its fully clean.

Step 4: Dry the shoes

After thoroughly cleaning the shoes, you must let them dry at room temperature for at least 12 hours before wearing them again. You have to make sure that your shoes are fully dry before you wear them in order to not damage the shoes and avoid discomfort.

In order to let the exterior and interior of the shoes dry fully, you can take out the insoles so that the drying process speeds up.

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Can You Wash Memory Foam Skechers In The Washing Machine?

Let’s just say that washing your skechers memory foam shoes in the washing machine is not the best idea.

This is because excessive tumbling can cause more damage to the shoes than it can do good. Moreover, washing them manually provides a more thorough cleaning and the stubborn dirt can be removed efficiently.

However, if your skechers are made of mesh or nylon, you can use the washing machine to clean them.

But there are a few important tips that you need to follow to ensure that your shoes are cleaned well as well as sufficiently protected from any damage. I have mentioned the tips below:

  • Wash in the machine using cold water: This is because the aggressive tumbling in the machine can damage the shoes and separate the layers of the foam if washed with hot or warm water.
  • Take out the shoe laces and wash them separately: This will ensure that the entire shoe is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Put the shoes inside a pillowcase: Before you pop them in the washer, put your shoes inside a pillowcase and tie a knot to secure it so that the shoes do not spill out of the pillowcase when washing. This will protect the shoes and the foam from damage.
  • Dry them fully: Before you wear them again, make sure that they are fully dry.

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Skechers produce fantastic shoes, and if you need shoes for running, they are an excellent choice. Their popularity keeps growing as they keep introducing newer shoes.

If you take proper care of them – wash them, clean them, waterproof them with protective spray – they will last you around five years give or take. So, in order to take proper care of them you can follow the steps mentioned above to clean them effectively.

Wash them manually, and dry them fully, that’s the way to go.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave them in the comments below.

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