Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine? [Truth Revealed]

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Do you have a dirty pair of Crocs that you’d want to wash in the washing machine?

Wait, wait, wait!

Before you jump into washing, do you even know if Crocs are washing machine friendly?

Don’t worry, my friend. Please bear with me till the end of this article as I have disclosed whether you can safely wash the Crocs in the washing machine or not.


Let’s not waste any more time, and dive straight into the writing to find the answer.

Can You Put Crocs In the Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put Crocs in the washing machine. But there are pros and cons. Crocs are made of Croslite material, which can easily shrink when exposed to high temperatures. So, if you want to wash the Crocs in the washing machine, you have to set the temperature between 20-30 degrees celsius.

The not-so-beautiful Crocs are widely popular for their comfort. Crocs are commonly used as everyday footwear, which causes them to become dirty over time.

Most of you tossed them in the washing machine without understanding how to clean them properly. This results in either your Crocs shrinking or burning due to the washing machine’s high temperature.

But if you wash the Crocs in the washing machine correctly, they will come out clean and spotless.

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Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine With Cold Water?

Yes, you can put Crocs in the washing machine with cold water. The cold water doesn’t expand or change the shape of the Crocs, so you can use cold water to wash the Crocs in the washing machine. But make sure not to set the temperature of the washing machine too high.

Coldwater can be a safe option to use while washing the Crocs in the washing machine. However, if you do not follow the proper cleaning technique, you may have to say goodbye to your Crocs.

The washing machine has the option to clean with cold water, which has a temperature of 20 degrees celsius.

Washing the Crocs at such a low temperature not only cleans them safely but also saves a few dollars on the electricity bill.


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How To Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine Properly?

Washing Crocs in the washing machine certainly saves time and energy.

However, to achieve the best results, you must follow a certain procedure. Because a minor blunder, when washing your Crocs in the washing machine might result in the loss of your shoes.

Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning Crocs in the washing machine:

  • Put the Crocs in a pillowcase or wrap them in a clean towel. Securing the Crocs with a towel or inside the pillowcase makes sure the Crocs don’t bang in the machine.
  • Set the washing machine to a ‘gentle’ setting with a cold water option, and this setting doesn’t shrink or discolor the Crocs.
  • Place the Crocs in the washing machine and turn on the machine. This will take a little bit of time, but your Crocs will come out clean.
  • Once the Crocs are cleaned, wipe them off with a dry towel and leave them in an airy place for drying.

Never use any heating tools to dry the Crocs as excessive heat can damage the Crocs.

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Can You Put Crocs In The Dishwasher?

No, you shouldn’t put Crocs in the dishwasher. Crocs are made of Croslite, which is neither rubber nor plastic. When exposed to the heat, it shrinks or expands the Crocs. It is preferable to wash the Crocs by hand or in the washing machine in the ‘gentle mode.

Isn’t it disrespectful to put dirty shoes in the dishwasher, which is intended to wash the plates on which you eat?

Aside from this one, putting the Crocs in the dishwasher makes them useless. Undoubtedly, the dishwasher’s high temperature will cause your Crocs to take on an unusual shape.

So why put your Crocs at risk when there are other easier ways to clean them?

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How To Wash Fuzzy Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Crocs come in various styles, including the fuzzy, leather ones and suede Crocs. Other than the fuzzy crocs, more or less, the cleaning method is the same for all.

Fuzzy Crocs have a fur lining that readily catches dirt. Cleaning the fluffy Crocs might be challenging at times.

As a result, I’ve included thorough instructions to clean your fuzzy Crocs in the washing machine without causing damage.

Here are the steps to wash fuzzy Crocs in the washing machine:

  • Most of the fluffy Crocs fur lining is removable. So take out the liner and wash it separately with water and mild soap.

You should wash the liner in the washing machine since it will stretch out too much.

  • Brush the extra mud and filth off the Crocs with an old toothbrush before putting them in the washing machine.
  • Set the washing machine’s setting to ‘gentle’ or below 30 degrees, and use the cold water option.
  • Place the Crocs inside a pillow cover and run them through the washing machine.

Wash one pair at a time to avoid the washing machine being clogged with Crocs.

  • After cleaning the Crocs, let them air dry thoroughly.


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What Is The Best Way To Clean Crocs?

You can wash the Crocs in the washing machine, but there is a risk if you do not follow the proper cleaning guide.

The best way to clean the Crocs is using God-gifted hands. Hand-washing the Crocs will give the best result out of all.

So, here are the steps to clean the Crocs:

  • Brush the Crocs vigorously to loosen all dirt particles, then smack the two Crocs together to remove them.
  • Clean the Crocs with cold water by putting them under the faucet. Make sure you’re not using hot water.
  • Wring out a clean rag after soaking it in cold water.
  • Pour a few drops of liquid detergent into the damp cloth and create lather.
  • Apply the soap lather to the whole pair of Crocs.
  • Brush the Crocs in a small circular motion with an old toothbrush. Make sure to clean the sole since this is where the majority of the dirt collects.
  • When you’re satisfied with the cleaning, run the Crocs under cold water and thoroughly rinse them.
  • With a dry towel, wipe off the excess water and let them dry in a cool place.


Let’s sum up once again; you can surely wash your Crocs in the washing machine. But the setting of the washing machine should be below 30 degrees, and make sure to use cold water to clean the Crocs.

Crocs are very easy to maintain. Since Crocs are waterproof, you can rinse under the tap and clean all the specks of dirt with your hands.

However, if your Crocs are heavily dirty, I recommend washing them in the washing machine. Because when hands fail, machines may perform miracles.

Now that you’ve learned about the many ways to clean Crocs, choose the one that is the handiest for you and enhance the look of your Crocs.

If you have any other doubts, then you can let me know in the comment box. We love to hear from our readers.

All the best!

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