Crocs LiteRide Vs Classic Crocs: Comparison Guide [2024]

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Crocs are popular for comfort and convenience. But there are different lines introduced by crocs regularly that have many more advanced technologies making the crocs experience even better.

One such line introduced by the brand is Crocs LiteRide.


So, what exactly is crocs literide? Is it better than the classic crocs? Which one should you get between the two?

Well, I am here to answer all those questions for you.

To know all about crocs literide, how they compare with the classic crocs- keep reading this article till the end.

What Is Crocs Classic?

Before comparing the two types of clogs by crocs, let me give you a brief idea of each style.

Like the name says, classic crocs are the classic clogs introduced by crocs.

The classic clogs by crocs were first released in 2002, and now they are one of the most loved footwear around different parts of the world.

The clog design has an adjustable strap at the back and thirteen holes at the front upper part for proper airflow.

Their design was inspired by the Dutch clogs and they were intended to be boat shoes!

Yes, that explains the design and the light, foam material used to make them.

The material used to manufacture them has been trademarked by the crocs company and it is a closed-cell resin technology, that is termed Croslite.

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What Is Crocs LitRide?

Literide crocs are not as old as the classic crocs. In fact, they were released much later, in 2018.

They are also clogs like the classic crocs, but their design is slightly different from the classic.

Moreover, they are said to be even lighter and softer than the original lines by crocs and still provide the same high-quality comfort, protection, and support.

This collection, crocs literide, was created with the aim to merge the comfort and convenience of crocs clogs with an active, sporty, and trendy style.crocs-literide

Overall, they have a more athletic touch along with added ventilation holes and more cushioning for support.

So, how do these two collections compare? Let’s find out.

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Crocs Classic Vs Crocs LiteRide: Which One Should You Get?

As both are by the same company, they have many similar features, but which one would I suggest if I had to pick?

LiteRide crocs are the better option between the two – so, I think you should get the Crocs LiteRide. This is because crocs literide is like a better and more advanced version of the classic crocs.

LiteRide crocs are more comfortable, stylish, and provide better grip.

As per the crocs website, they also claim that the literide crocs are 40 % softer, 25% lighter, and more comfortable than their previous collections.

They were designed to capitalize on the characteristics that clients like about the traditional ones. As a result, they are more buoyant, lighter, and softer.

Moreover, they also provide a tighter fit, which is highly desirable.

It invariably implies that these Crocs are superior to the original versions, and you ought to choose them first whenever possible, regardless of the day or time because they provide a luxurious footwear experience.

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Classic Crocs Vs LiteRide Crocs: What Are The Similarities?

To make an informed decision when purchasing a pair of footwear, it is very important that you know the similarities along with the differences between the options you are choosing between.

So, what are the similarities between the classic crocs and literide crocs? They are mentioned below.

Here are the similarities between Classic Crocs Vs Crocs LiteRide:


Despite being from two different collections, the basic structure or build of the classic and literide crocs is the same – they are both clogs.

Both the styles provide adequate arch support, comfort, and convenience which gives them the first-class reputation that they have.

They also provide similar functionality and maintain the high quality that crocs are famous for.

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Yes, it is true that LiteRide crocs are lighter than the classic crocs, but to what extent?

In reality, these two clogs are both lightweight, and the difference in their weight is actually pretty minimal.

Due to being made of high-quality closed resin, they provide a lightweight and floaty experience which people often compare with wearing clouds on your feet.


When it comes to comfort, there are no compromises by the crocs brand.

Crocs literide and classic crocs are both highly comfortable and gentle to the feet.

They are both lightweight, soft, and comfortable for the wearer, and you can walk long hours in them without feeling uncomfortable or losing your balance.are-crocs-good-for-walking

Classic Crocs Vs Crocs LiteRide: Differences

Now that you know the similarities between classic crocs and literide crocs, it’s time to know the differences between these collections. As always I’ve listed them for you.

Here are the differences between Classic Crocs And Crocs LiteRide:


The material used to manufacture crocs literide and classic are one of the most important differences between them that determines differences in the footwear experience that each type of clog provides.

The classic crocs are made of Croslite material, which is a closed cell resin foam. People often confuse them with rubber or plastic, but they are far from either type of material.

The croslite material is much more specialized and provides a comfortable, soft, and lightweight experience.

On the other hand, the literide crocs are made of much more advanced and innovative fusion between the croslite material and sporty materials providing much more flexibility, softness, and lightweight.

This enhances the comfort and grip in the literide crocs.

Moreover, the literide crocs have added insoles and cushioning at the base, which along with adequate shock absorption, provides much more warmth and comfort.

Design And Aesthetics

The design of the two collections, classic and literide, is quite different. Before this, most of the different clog collections introduced by crocs were much more similar in design.

However, literide has a different and more innovative design.

The first difference in design between them is the ventilation holes, classic crocs have much larger holes that are lower in number whereas literide crocs have much smaller holes that are much more numerous and patterned over the top of the clogs.

The vent holes on the sides of the upper side of clogs are present only in the classic crocs and absent from the literide crocs.

Next, the literide collection has insoles added inside the clogs which are absent from classic crocs which do not have any insoles.crocs-literide-design-and-aesthetics

Finally, the literide crocs are much more stylish and aesthetically pleasing than classic crocs.

Literide crocs could be worn in a much more formal way than the classic crocs because their design has a fusion of the classic look with an athletic look.


The fit has also changed from the classic crocs to the literide crocs – the literide crocs fit much better and tighter than the classic crocs.

This greatly reduces the chances of the crocs slipping off your feet and helps improve balance.

So, it can be said that while the classic crocs provide a standard fit, the literide crocs provide a more close fit and they are more secured and true to size.


Crocs are a kind of footwear that is known for being extremely adaptable, versatile, comfy, and inexpensive.

Because of their uncomplicated construction, these shoes are suitable for virtually every individual, especially because of the utility they provide.

Crocs have manufactured and introduced many different collections of clogs, and a lot of them are available on the market. Among them, crocs LiteRide is one of the best lines introduced by the company.

Yes, classic crocs are definitely a must-have.

But if given the opinion to choose between classic crocs and literide crocs, literide crocs are clearly the better option and the one that you should opt for.

I hope this article has made your purchasing decision easier. If you have any further queries, please let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share your experience with crocs with me!

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