How To Spot Fake Vs. Real Crocs Under 5 Minutes [2024]

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Over the years Crocs has built its reputation for being one of the most comfortable, supportive, and convenient footwear out there.

So, naturally, with their rising popularity rose the number of fake counterfeits of Crocs!

Fake Crocs are an absolute abomination as they do not have any of the good traits of the original Crocs, but instead, they just make your feet sweat and smell bad.

As a Crocs lover, I have decided to take matters into my own hand and help you and everyone out who is unsure and confused about how to get a pair of the good, old original Crocs and stay far far away from the fakes.

So, If you want to know how to spot a pair of fake Crocs, then keep reading, my

How To Spot Fake Crocs

Fake Crocs are easy to spot because they do not have any of the identifying characteristics of authentic Crocs.

These characteristics include a tag with a barcode that is specific to the shoe model, authentic logos in specific locations on the shoe, specific information on the outsoles, and the foam-like material that is characteristic of Crocs.

I have detailed each identifying trait below so that it is easy for you to know exactly where to look and exactly what to look for.

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Check The Shoe’s Tag

The shoe tags are more telling than you know.

Every single crocs model has its very own barcode. If the barcode of one of them is similar to another crocs model, then you can tell it’s a knockoff.

After you have scanned the barcode, you should be able to view the patent and all of the information regarding the shoes that you have purchased.barcode-of-crocs

If you do not receive a result from this search, then the shoes that you have purchased are not genuine Crocs.

You can check the barcode and match it to your product on the crocs official website.

Check The Logo On The Shoe

Fake Crocs do not have an authentic logo, so you must look out for the logo.

For this, you need to know what the real logo looks like and how to identify it. The crocodile that you see on the logo has a name, and he’s called Duke.

So, how do you identify that the Duke you see is real?

Well, there are five specific things that you need to check:

  • The crocodile has two eyes
  • He has two hands and three fingers on each hand
  • He has two top bumps and six bumps following that
  • He has two nostrils
  • At the front of his body, there are four stripescrocs-logo-on the-shoe

The logo will be located at the point where the strap is attached to the main body of the crocs. You will find it on both the left and right sides of both the left and right shoes.

So, if the Duke you see is missing a few bumps, nostrils, or fingers, then be sure that those are fake crocs.

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Check The Material Of The Crocs

The material of crocs is their biggest indicator. The special foam technology, Croslite, is unique to them. So, most fake crocs are made of either rubber or cheap quality foam.

You can also try smelling them, as the materials used to make the fake crocs often have the smell of chemicals that come off of plastics and rubber.

Unlike the original crocs, which are lightweight and comfortable, the fake ones made of rubber are often heavy and much harder. They are even slippery on wet surfaces.

Inspect The Circulation Nubs

You can also inspect the circulation nubs to identify whether a pair of crocs are real or fake.

Every pair of Crocs shoes include circulation nubs, which contribute to the shoe’s ergonomic and pleasant design.

Even though fake Crocs contain “circulation nubs,” the overall fit and feel of the shoes are not ergonomic.

You should be able to feel distinct circulation nubs on authentic Crocs shoes, which are located under the soles of your feet.

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Check The Color Of The Crocs

You can also check the color to know if they are authentic.

There are just a few color options available for each type of Crocs shoe; if the color of the Crocs shoes you have purchased is not mentioned on their official website, then they are counterfeit.

Check The Size Of The Crocs

Checking the size of the shoes is also important.

Most of the time, the fake crocs come in sizes much smaller than the original crocs.

In fact, the packaging also varies.

Check The Packaging

When you buy a pair of real, authentic crocs, you will get them in a branded bag which will contain the logo of the company.packaging-of-crocs-shoes

On the other hand, if it’s a pair of fake croc, then the branded shopping bag will be missing. You will get them in a cardboard box or some random package that is not brand specific.

Look For Other Defects In the Shoes

More often than not, the fake crocs defected. They contain many defects, some big and visible, others small and barely visible.

The visible defects can be as big as missing ankle straps, whereas the smaller defects include deformed vent holes, uneven cutting, uneven shoes, and such.

So, by paying attention to detail and inspecting the shoes well, you will easily be able to identify a pair of fake crocs.

Following these identifying steps and checking the shoes properly is surely going to be effective. It will help you spot a pair of fake crocs when you see it.

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Are The Fake Crocs Similar To The Real Crocs?

The difference between fake and real crocs is very significant.

Even if their appearance might be somewhat similar, it is not only the brand value that is different between them.

Original crocs are made of their trademarked special closed cell resin material called Croslite. This material is very special, it is soft, flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and feel-good.

If you get a pair of fake crocs, they are going to be hard, stiff, rubbery, and won’t give you a pleasant wearing experience.

So, whether the crocs you are purchasing are real or fake is a big deal and you must check to make sure that they are real.

Where Are The Real And Fake Crocs Manufactured?

While the fake crocs are mostly always manufactured in China, it is not the same for the originals.

The original crocs are manufactured in different parts of the world, including China, the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Italy.


When purchasing a pair of new branded shoes, it is not only the brand name that you are paying the price for, but you are paying for the overall experience and feeling that those shoes provide.

The same applies to Crocs. The difference between fake and real crocs is very prominent. Whether it’s the color, size, defects, or the material, feel, and comfort that the fake and original provide.

If you follow the identifying and/or checking steps mentioned above, you will easily be able to tell an original pair from a fake pair of crocs. So, apply it and see for yourself.

If you have any friends, family, or colleagues who need help identifying fake crocs, then share this article with them and help them out as well!

Let me know if you have any other tricks up your sleeves to identify other counterfeit shoes from their originals.

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