Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun? Here's The Actual Fact [2024]

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Crocs shrink in the same way as they stretch. But do Crocs shrink in the sun?

You will find out in this article.

Many of my readers claimed that after leaving their Crocs in the sun, they shrank by 2-3 sizes.

Sounds surreal, right?

So to give you first-hand experience, I decided to put the Crocs to the test by keeping them out in the sun to see whether they genuinely shrank.


Keep your curiosity alive a bit longer and read the entire article to find the answer.

Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

Yes, Crocs shrink in the sun. When Crocs are exposed to intense heat, they shrink by 2-3 sizes. Thus, it is recommended to store Crocs away from heat and keep them in cool places. However, a pair of Crocs that have shrunk can be un-shrunk by dipping them in hot water for less than 1 minute.

If you leave your Crocs in the hot sun for more than 30 minutes, you will notice the Crocs that fit you perfectly just a few moments ago, will no longer fit you.

Both of your Crocs might not have shrunk the same amounts, and it’s also possible that only one Croc shrunk and the other is unaffected.

However, if you walk in your Crocs in the sunlight, they will shrink slightly, but your feet will stretch them out.

So, to maintain the quality of the Crocs, keep them away from extreme temperatures. Instead, keep them in areas that are cool and well-ventilated.

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Why Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

Crocs are constructed of Croslite, a closed-cell resin. Croslite is not rubber or plastic but rather a polymer known as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

The polymer chains that comprise polystyrene are rolled, heated, cooled, and subjected to a series of processes before becoming the Crocs.

Though heating is used in the production of Crocs when the polystyrene is re-heated, the molecular connections disrupt and shrink, and so do the Crocs.


Now you may have a question: Can Crocs melt if they are exposed to the sun for a long time?

Not at all. Croslite’s melting point is much higher than the greatest temperature ever recorded on Earth. So Crocs won’t melt even if you keep them under the sun. At max, the Crocs will shrink way too much.

Crocs not only shrink in the sun but if you wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine the Croslite foam will contract too.

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How To Unshrink Crocs? (Easy Steps)

Your Crocs got shrunk and smaller that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them anymore. You can easily unshrink the Crocs and resize them to fit your feet.

Almost all of the time, the procedures for unshrinking Crocs work extremely effectively.

However, don’t expect the shrinking method to always work. Because the material for creating Crocs isn’t always the same quality, a small variation in the formula can impact the Crocs’ shrinkability.

Here are the methods of unshrinking Crocs:

Dip in hot water

Start the unshrinking method as soon as you see your Crocs have shrunk to achieve the best results.

Boil a bucket of water and submerge the Crocs for one minute, making sure not to go over that time limit.

Remove the Crocs with the use of a tong and wait for a few seconds. If you try to wear the Crocs too hot, your feet will burn.

Instead, when the outside temperature of the Crocs is comfortable, put them on fast. If you wait too long, the Crocs will cool down.


Wearing the hot Crocs may feel tight at first but as you walk in them they will mold to your feet shape. If your Crocs are way too shrunk, try wearing two pairs of thick socks and then walk around them.

After a good stroll, you will notice that the Crocs properly fit your feet.

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Use hair dryer

Just the way excessive heat shrinks the Crocs similarly, minimal heat can unshrink the Crocs. It may sound strange to you but with a hair dryer you can resize your Crocs.

Set the hair dryer to high, hold it a safe distance away from the Crocs, and blow the hot air all over them. Then you put your shoes on and go for a walk.


The hot air softens and stretches the Crocs material to fit your feet.

Make sure you don’t hold the hair dryer too close to the Crocs to avoid any wrinkles and creases.

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Do Crocs Stretch?

Now, this is one question, I get a lot. Don’t worry! I’ve got the solution for you as always. And, no need to thank me, It’s my absolute duty!

Crocs do stretch over time. Crocs are rigid and tight when they are new, but as you wear them more, they stretch.

However, the stretching is minor in Crocs, and it can be solved by wearing thick socks. There are also stretching methods that use a heat source to shrink a pair of stretched Crocs.

It’s normal for Crocs to stretch slightly. But if they expand excessively and slip out of your feet then I guess it’s time to get a new pair of Crocs.

How To Shrink Stretched Crocs?

You must own at least one pair of Crocs that you wear every day and everywhere, as I do.

Wearing the same pair of Crocs over and over causes the material to loosen and eventually stretch. And, if you wear Crocs that are stretched out with the strap up, they will undoubtedly slip off your feet.

So, what’s the solution?

Shrink, shrink, shrink!

Follow a few simple steps of shrinking and you’ll be able to say goodbye to your stretched-out and baggy Crocs in no time.

Here are the ways to shrink stretched Crocs:

 Use a hair-dryer

  1. Wet a towel with hot water and completely wring it out.
  2. Wrap the Crocs in the towel and set them on the work surface.
  3. Set your hair-dryer to a medium setting and dry your Crocs with it. Concentrate on the regions where the Crocs are stretched the most.
  4. When you’re happy with the outcome, put the Crocs on and see if they’ve shrunk to your size.
  5. Carry on with the other Crocs in the same manner.

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Wear Socks (Temporary solution)

Using a hair dryer to shrink the Crocs takes time, and socks can come in handy if you need an immediate solution.

Wear a thick pair of socks or 2-3 thin pairs before slipping into your Crocs.

Socks will not shrink your Crocs, but for the time being, wearing thick socks will eat up the additional space in your Crocs.

However, wearing thick socks on stretched-out Crocs for an extended time will cause the Crocs to become looser.


Most of you make the mistake of drying your Crocs in direct sun after they have been washed.

Although sunlight dries wet Crocs, if the outside temperature is very hot and humid, you will end up with Crocs that are shrunk and smaller in size than your feet.

So, if you want to keep your Crocs comfy while not compromising on their quality, put them in a cool, shaded spot.

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