Do Compression Socks Help With Diabetic Neuropathy? [In 2024]

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Diabetic Neuropathy damages the nerve of your foot, which causes numbness as well as pain in the leg.

To relieve irregular blood circulation, doctors usually suggest compression socks as they also prevent wounds and blisters at the same time.


So here arises the concern, are these socks as helpful as they claim to be?

In this article, I tried to explain how compression socks can help patients with diabetic neuropathy.

So, keep reading to know all the information precisely.

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is an unbearable disease that one gets when their blood sugar level goes out of control.

The main affected area due to Diabetic Neuropathy is your legs.

The lack of sensation in your leg can cause serious consequences if you are not careful enough.

Any unnoticeable symptoms like numbness, tingling, burning or pain are serious with diabetic patients. Your heart, urinary tract and digestive system will also damage if your condition declines.

This is not a curable disease, but you can prevent or slow down the progress of Diabetic Neuropathy by leading a healthy lifestyle.

And this is where compression socks come in handy. The right choice of compression socks can elevate the curing process.

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Do Compression Socks Help With Diabetic Neuropathy

Yes, compression socks are extremely helpful with Diabetic Neuropathy patients with poor blood circulation. These socks have the ability to restore equal blood flow throughout your whole leg. The percentage of cures is also growing.

You must have wondered why the treatment is so serious?

Let me be more clear. If your Diabetic Neuropathy is not taken under control and you ignore the symptoms, it can lead to more life-threatening diseases.

Research has proven that compression socks are quite resourceful not only in maintaining proper blood flow but also in maintaining balance and stability. Compression socks are like the secondary method of treatment.

But, even if it is a secondary technique, it’s extremely helpful and does the job.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


These socks have a specific pressure point, and through that, it presses the nerve of your leg, and thus the blood circulation gets it’s correction.

It’s unfortunate diabetic patients, not every one of them but quite a number, suffer from ulcers. And these socks are also helpful in this specific case too.

It eases the pain like magic.

My maternal uncle recently tried compression socks for the numbness in his leg due to poor circulation, and after a few tries, he said he is not buying any other type of medicated socks ever.

So, if you are suffering and tired of trying everything, why not give compression socks a try?

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How Compression Socks Aid Diabetic Neuropathy?

Compression socks also are helpful with blood circulation to protect your lower leg from injuries. It is again an effective solution for diabetic patients.

Furthermore, doctors suggest patients with diabetics wear compression socks if they suffer from instability and imbalance.

Let’s see why someone should try compression socks to ease Diabetic Neuropathy:

Ensures Blood Circulation

Compression socks ensure an equal amount of pressure throughout your whole feet. These socks are scientifically designed to support your feet and the blood vessels within them.

This way, the flow gets a direction to prevent fluid buildup around the leg.

Diabetic patients often suffer from ankle, feet and legs. Compression socks also prevent blood clots from forming.

Provides Balance And Stability

Older people have a low ability to sense the position of their feet. Female athletes also suffer from such conditions due to heavy movements.

Compression socks are the best option for maintaining balance.


After wearing compression socks, they can easily move confidently, and mobility issues are also seen less.

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Treatment for neuropathy can be very expensive. Compression sock treatment is cheaper compared to other methods. You can buy these online or will find them in any local pharmacy.

These socks cost around 10$. Pretty affordable, right?

Protects Sensitive Feet

Compression socks not only stimulate blood flow around your feet but also lower the possibility of bruising and cuts. For any diabetic patient, a tiny cut is equal to death.

With compression socks on, you dont have to worry about safety.

Helps With Ulcers

Compression socks have been proven to be useful for eczema and ulcers. These injuries are deadly as they can cause infection, which can cause death for diabetic patients.

The pin and needle feeling reduces after wearing these compression socks.

Can Compression Socks Worsen Diabetic Neuropathy?

Compression socks are good for neuropathy symptoms but may not be the perfect fit for several patients. Those with peripheral vascular disease shouldn’t wear these socks as they can put extra pressure.

Diabetic patients don’t feel any difference in their feet due to neuropathic numbness.

If you have such problems, you should take your doctor’s consent before using any kind of compression socks because using socks for such a serious issue needs to be supervised.

Always be careful and stop wearing socks as soon as you see your toes change colors.

Features Of A Good Compression Sock

To be a medicated sock, compression socks had to overcome several obstacles. Diabetic Neuropathy is a serious health issue, so a good compression sock must have specific features to be effective and safe.

Here are the features an ideal compression sock must have:

Compression Level

You will find compression socks at different pressure levels, just like your blood pressure. These are measured in millimeters of mercury.

You can find them in four compression levels.

08-15 mm Hg

It is the lowest compression level that applies the least amount of pressure. To lower swelling and support blood pressure, this is the best option.

15-20 mm Hg

In-flight socks, this kind of compression is used as they provide a moderate amount of pressure. It eases pain from varicos veins.

20-30 mm Hg

This is a strong pressure that can relieve mild to moderate symptoms. It decreases pain from diseases like edema, varicos veins and so on.

30-40 mm Hg

It is the strongest sock compression level that applies Class 2 compression level. To use this level of compression, you need to get a medical prescription from a physician.


The fit of the compression sock is crucial. It should fit you not too tight, not too loose, just perfectly. A loosely fitted sock will fall down, which can affect circulation.

Who likes a sock that looks like a child has played and tortured the life out of it?

The right sock will stay up around your calves throughout the whole time. Diabetic patients prefer open-toe socks.

Other options include below-the-knee, thigh-high, and crew socks depending on your need.

Anti-Microbial Fabric

Any cut or injury can worsen the health condition of neuropathy, especially with peripheral neuropathy.

Even if it happens, the drying process is very important.

If the wounds are not healed properly, they can even cause amputation. This is why finding a sock with an anti-microbial fabric is important.

With such fabric, the possibility of spreading germs declines and prevents infection too.

Comfort Level

Certain foot conditions like pain and irritation are part and parcel. In these cases, you must choose socks with a seamless toe section. It will prevent irritation that comes from rubbing the fabric on your skin.

Also, choosing softer fabrics like bamboo and spandex can be relaxing if you have sensitive skin.

You will find socks with padding around the heel and toe section for extra comfort. To find out about injuries sooner, try buying socks with white insoles.


There are compression socks that have added technology to provide extra comfort. You can give those a try. Obviously, they are on the expensive side.

To detect your temperature as well as pressure, these new models are helpful. And can be life-saving to take precautionary steps.

Here for me, the price is the least concern.

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The use of compression socks is quite popular for treating foot issues. Recently their use in the treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy has opened up a new door.

Whether you are a Diabetic patient or athlete, give them a try to feel instant comfort.

Compression socks are undoubtedly very influential, but you also have to be aware of the obstacles they might bring. Dont try them before your health specialist suggests you to.

For any further queries, comment in the comment section below.

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