How To Clean Muddy Leather Boots: Easy Steps

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Want some easy solution to clean your muddy leather boots?

Guess what? I am here to sweep away your worries.

After intensive research and testing on my leather boots, I have shortlisted the best ways to clean dirty leather boots that too within minutes.


So don’t forget to read till the end to discover the simple yet effective cleaning methods of leather boots.

How To Clean Leather Boots?

Leather boots are a treat to the eyes when they are clean. But when you step out in the dirt, your leather boots are bound to get smeared with mud. 

And uncleaned leather boots aren’t just a turn-off but can lead to many feet problems.


So I figured I’d share the simple steps for cleaning filthy leather boots with you. Let’s have a look at how to clean them:

Step 1: Take off the laces

If your boots have shoelaces, take them off. You can hand-wash the laces or put them in the washing machine.

Step 2: Remove the dirt

If the mud on your boots is wet, stop cleaning them straight away!

Allow the mud to dry before beginning to clean them. Because cleaning wet, muddy boots will only make them more soiled.

Once the soil is dried, brush the dirt off the boots in a small circular motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

Brush the boot’s soles thoroughly because they collect the most filth.

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Step 3: Apply soap

To prepare a soapy solution, combine a bowl of water and a few drops of liquid detergent.

Dip a clean rag in the soapy solution, wring it out, and wipe the outside of the boots clean.


If your boot has a stubborn stain, use some pressure while wiping it with the cloth.

Step 4: Wash the boots

When you’re satisfied cleaning the boots, wipe them down with a damp clean cloth to remove the soap.

Make sure the boots don’t have any soap residue.

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Step 5: Dry the boots

Keep the boots in a well-ventilated area to dry. Excessive heat might damage the leather, so don’t use it or leave them out in the sun to dry.


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Step 6: Condition the boots

The leather boots get extremely dry after the cleaning process is completed.

Apply a leather conditioner to the boots to restore their moisture.

Allow the conditioner to soak into the boots for around 15-20 minutes.

Finally, buff the boots with a clean cloth to achieve that gleaming sheen.

How To Remove Dried Mud From Leather Boots?

Cleaning dry mud off the leather can be challenging if you don’t know the correct removal method.

So, here are some awesome methods you can follow to remove dry mud from leather boots:

Step 1: Sprinkle some warm water over the soil to make it a little moist.

If the mud is excessively dry, just bang the soles of two boots, and the soil will break apart and fall. Or you can scrape off the dirt with a spoon.

Step 2: Wipe the exterior of the boots with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Let the boots dry entirely.

Step 4: Rub leather conditioner to revive the suppleness of the leather.

Leave the conditioner on the boots for a few minutes.

Step 5: Once the leather absorbs the conditioner, polish them out.

How To Clean Smelly Leather Boots?

Do your leather boots smell awful after a long hectic day at work?

Don’t worry!

That one magical item, which can erase the foul stench in seconds, is right in your kitchen.

It’s nothing more than baking soda.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that absorbs odors and leaves your boots odor-free.

Put some baking soda to sit inside your stinking boots overnight.

The following day, shake the boots to remove baking soda residue before you wear them.

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How To Clean Leather Boots At Home?

Leather is an extremely easy-to-clean fabric. Not only can you use leather cleaner to remove mud, but you can also use household things to make them dirt-free.

Vinegar can be a mind-blowing option to clean leather boots. Vinegar not only removes the dirt particles but also has disinfectant properties that kill bacteria in the boots. 

Mix an equal portion of vinegar and water in a bowl.

Wet a clean cloth in the solution and wring it out.

Now, wipe the damp rag over the spots on your boots.

When you are done cleaning, dry the boots. 

And there you have it, clean leather boots without paying a dime.

How To Clean The Inside Of Leather Boots?

We generally simply clean the outside of the boots, but the insides can become filthy as well. 

Long hours in the boots cause feet to sweat, which breeds bacteria, which causes a variety of foot issues.

To avoid this, clean the inside of your boots on a regular basis.

Clean the insole

To begin, see if the insole of the boot is removable. Take them if they are detachable, wash them thoroughly, and dry them.

Some boot insoles are made with leather. In that case, you can use leather cleaner to clean them.

Using clean water, dampen the insole and scrub it thoroughly with the leather cleaner. Then you must dry them.

Clean the inside

To clean the interior of the boots, spray them with water, use the leather cleaner, and gently brush them with a toothbrush.

Now, wipe off the excess cleaner with a damp cloth.

Leave the boots for drying.

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How To Clean Suede Boots?

Suede is a delicate fabric with a different cleaning technique than leather. When putting water on suede, extra caution is advised since if the suede boots are not thoroughly dried, they can become very brittle.


So, let’s look at how to clean suede boots:

Step 1: Remove dirt

With a suede brush, brush the surface of the suede boots to remove the dirt particles.

If the stain on your boots is stubborn, spray little water on them and then rub them.

If your boots have become smeared with mud, don’t attempt to clean them right away. Allow the soil to dry before cleaning; this will prevent any mess.

Step 2: Use a suede eraser

A suede eraser is very handy to remove the dirt from the corners of the boots.

Run the eraser on the nooks to get rid of the dirt.

Step 3: Use a suede cleaner

After you’ve eliminated all of the remaining filth and muck, clean the suede cowboy boots all over using a suede cleaner.

Give your boots a good brush with a suede brush. Any other brush may ruin the suede’s nap, so don’t use it.

To remove the cleaner residue, wipe the boots with a dry towel.

Step 4: Use suede conditioner

Your suede boots will be cleaned at this point, but they must also be conditioned. Brush the surface of your boots with a boot brush after applying suede conditioner.

Conditioning the boots will aid in their durability and suppleness.

Wash Your Worries Away

Wearing a clean pair of boots complements not only your outfit but also says a lot about your personality.

So why wear filthy and unattractive leather boots when you can easily clean them?

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