Why Are Crocs So Popular? [Know How It Uprises in Fashion]

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Just like Instagram is popular nowadays, Crocs are the same. It has been selling like hotcakes in local markets and outlets. A brand launched some years ago has become widespread within a very short time.

What could be the strategy behind such a success?


After hours of in-depth research, I’ve sorted out some points in this content that make Crocs appealing and well-known.

So, keep reading to learn about Crocs’ recent surge in popularity.

Why Did Crocs Get So Popular?

Comfort, easy-wearing facility, versatility, and iconic look are the masterminds that make Crocs so popular. This niche footwear’s contouring footbed and style easily suit any aged person. Plus, massive celebrity endorsements play a significant role in boosting Crocs’ popularity.


Crocs are considered just typical as they can be found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Also, the history of crocs is more than twenty years old.

This brand has reached the top of success after going through many ups and downs, such as the decision to close almost 100 outlets worldwide due to the global financial crisis. But currently, Crocs are in demand among teens, youth, and adults.

Let’s find out why Crocs has become so popular:

1. Comfortable

Trendy Crocs provide a decent comfort level without demanding a bunch of dollars. Its soft EVA footbed nicely molds to the feet, and its feathery weight makes the on-foot experience relaxing. That’s why school-going teens to healthcare workers all prefer this footwear as their daily go-to.

It becomes more comfortable after the break-in period, and luckily Crocs need only a short time to break in.

However, if you demand extra cushion (though the built-in performance is good), try additional insoles into Crocs like the antibacterial RX silver insole or any high-quality custom orthotics.

2. Unique Style

As you immediately recognize wintery Ugg boots from the shop’s huge collection, you can instantly identify a pair of rubbery-looking Crocs sandals at first glance.


And this is the achievement of Crocs’ unique design. With or without the holes, they’re recognizable. These ventilation holes give an exceptional touch to the footwear. At the same time, the holes strengthen the breathability feature.

Thus, many consider wearing this design of shoes as a part of their unique identity. And it’s hard to find people who don’t desire to pair up with such an exclusive product.

For more charms, you can decorate Crocs on your own by attaching jibbitz and jewelry onto them.

3. Celebrity Endorsement & Collaborations

Around 2017, Crocs started collaborating with famous icons. Consequently, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Kimmel, Post Malone, Luke Combs, Ariana Grande, and Christopher Kane appeared with Crocs on their feet.


The brand also made agreements with Chinatown Market, Liberty London, and the expensive designer brand Balenciaga.

Did the popularity blow after this influential act? Let’s hear the answer from the Head in Charge itself.

According to CEO Andrew Rees. “Collaborations are a key part of our lineup as they allow us to reach new customers who might not otherwise consider our brand.

There’s not much to say when the spokesperson himself says so!

4. Easy to Clean

Being made of foot-friendly Croslite material, Crocs are easy to clean. Hence, Crocs is a reward for doctors, nurses, and workers who cannot devote much time to clean shoes due to their busy schedules.


Croslite doesn’t absorb water. Instead, the sandals structure, small holes on the top and side, efficiently wicks away water from it. As a result, it dries quicker than leather.

You can put Crocs in the washing machine with some precautions. However, hand washing with mild detergent gives the best outcome.

5. Affordable

Though Crocs are expensive for individuals with average income, compared to other sandals, they’re pretty cheap. Most shoes are available between $39 and $60.

They are long-lasting, and at the same time, rare style, lightweight, simple maintenance, etc., features can be enjoyed from these pieces. Thereby, whether it’s a casual meetup or an outing, the folks pick up Crocs.

Crocs are reasonable –this statement doesn’t apply in all cases. In terms of limited edition or collaborative designs which are sold at auction, you’ll have to pay more.

To be honest, Crocs popularity has risen to a new level when some good features get blended with celeb endorsements. It has been further enriched during the Covid 19 situation by distributing numerous Crocs to healthcare staff.

So, if you wanna purchase any of these shoes, just go for it without a second thought.

Why Are Crocs So Popular in School?

American school-going teens are keenly interested in Crocs. Because this pair favors comfort and can be used in both summer and rainy seasons with ease of maintenance. Moreover, its solitary style with relaxed and beast mode has inspired the young to opt for Crocs.


Let me highlight some points from the youth’s perspective. Then you will realize why Crocs are on trend in school.

  • The Classic Clog shoe is much easier to put on and take off.
  • The shoe is slip-resistant and convenient for various school athletic activities and basketball games.
  • Color-coded jibbitz makes this shoe even more attractive to school-going kids.
  • Some friend circles are deeply style oriented. They notice Crocs on famous icons’ feet and are motivated to buy & wear the same.


  • Crocs dries quickly, so it is quite useful to attend school wearing this set during monsoons.

All these advantages may provoke you pairing with Crocs at your school for the next day. Before that, make sure your school authority permits wearing these shoes.

Who Wears Crocs the Most?

Crocs is mostly worn by the teenage and young generation. However, it also reached toddlers and their grandparents. Additionally, reviewing search activity for this shoe by region shows that residents of California and New York are at the top of the list.

Primarily, crocs were known to the youth and fashionistas. But the popularity skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic when it gave away beyond 910,000 pairs of Crocs to front-line healthcare workers.


Providing a wide range of benefits has increased Crocs’ value among doctors and nurses.

Also, the hype of using this footwear is not less among the workers. Because of user-friendly characteristics, restaurant assistants and delivery men feel free to wear Crocs. The shoe designs and color variations simply adapt to the feet of any aged person.


Who Buys Crocs the Most?

Americans are leading the way in buying Crocs. About 62 percent of total sales in 2022 came from them.

When Did Crocs Become Cool Again?

This footwear became cool as soon as the celebrity collaboration started in 2017. Later it was popularized again during the pandemic period.

Is it acceptable to wear Crocs to work?

Actually, It depends upon your workstation and the authority. For instance, it is allowed in most food service-related jobs, whereas open-toe clogs are not allowed in Amazon.

Bottom Line

So, what was once mocked & considered ugly chic is now pretty cool. And that’s nothing but the Crocs- which are cool again.

Its growing success due to the benefits and business strategy can be expected to continue or increase in the future.

If you have any more questions, ask them in the comment box and get the explained answer.

Till then, style with noticeable and eye-catchy Clogs.

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