Why Are Crocs So Expensive? [7 Logical Reasons Explained]

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With signature design and comfortable footbeds, Crocs have become the part and parcel of many people’s daily wear.

Ordinary Crocs snatch a maximum of $100 from the wallet. But when it comes to specially designed Crocs, the price reaches over $900.


But why are Crocs so costly? Is it just because of the Croslite material or any other secret features?

Let’s dive into this write-up and find out the answer together.

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

The price of crocs mostly relies on the durable, lightweight, comfortable, and premium Croslite. Additionally, the price is high due to the iconic design and making of shoes in partnership with famous brands.

Crocs appeared in the footwear industry in 2002, and since then, it has served people with comfortable shoes. There are several noteworthy facts for which crocs aren’t sold at a cheap price. Let’s focus on that.


Here are the top 7 reasons for Crocs’ high price:

    1. Croslite material

Though Croslite looks like flexible rubber or plastic, it’s a resin material. The manufacturers don’t depend on imported Croslite to make their shoes. Rather they fabricate this material with their secret and iconic recipe.

It can act against any bacterial or fungus attack. As a result, crocs are malodor-resistant and sweat-preventing. Along with croslite, patent leather, napa leather, suede, wool, and canvas are also used in building Crocs.

Crocs claimed on their official website that “Crocs shoes made entirely of Croslite™ material do not contain latex. Crocs shoes that are not made entirely of Croslite™ material may contain other products within legal limits”. 

    2. Long lifespan

Regarding the longevity of any accessories, including footwear, it depends on the material and your way of handling it.

A simple pair of sandals will last up to 3 to 4 years if you use and clean them properly. So, investing $ 40 to $60 on sandals that will serve you for more than 3 years is a lucrative deal.

The shoes that cost from $60 to $100 normally last for 6 years.

Therefore, if you are focused on buying long-lasting casual shoes, sandals, or boots, no matter the price range, then you can move on with crocs.

    3. Health benefits

Crocs are considered good shoes for health. Because the Croslite configured footbed nicely conforms with the wearers’ feet. Furthermore, fungus and bacteria can’t breed in these shoes. It prevents fungal growth in your shoes and protects the feet from infection.

Consequently, the shoes are pretty popular among doctors, nurses, and patients.

To learn more about crocs and health issues go through our separate article are crocs good for flat feet? Or are crocs good after bunion surgery?

    4. Absolute comfort and breathability


Crocs have comfortable padded footbeds. You don’t have to worry about arch and ankle support in these shoes. They ensure ample artificial support and offer you relaxed movement.

The breathable material and holes on the front and side area deliver airflow to your feet.

Without any hesitation, I depend on crocs while walking near the sea beach. The fresh wind from the seaside and crocs give me a smooth and comfortable walking experience at the end of an exhausting day.

Follow our separate article are crocs comfortable to know more about its comfort.

    5. Unique design and limited edition

Crocs make some shoes in collaboration with famous celebrities and artists. Though the shoes are in high demand due to their face value, Crocs limits the availability and production of those shoes.

Christopher Kane x Crocs is one of those limited versions. This mineral charm-based shoe is designed in 2017, in collaboration with Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane.

    6. Partnership

In collaboration with the luxurious brand Balenciaga, the most expensive Crocs are made. Bolts and screw studs featured Hardcrocs, Crocs Stilettos, and Crocs Tulip Platform Slide Sandals are some of them. The first one sells for $950.


The silk scarves featured Crocs became more popular among footwear enthusiasts in 2020, designed in partnership with Liberty London.

    7. Water-resistant

Crocs aren’t prone to damage in water. So, you can wear them in the rainy season, swimming pool or on the beach. Moreover, crocs are easy to wash and maintain due to their water-resistant nature. Are your favorite pair of Crocs dirty? No worries! make your crocs shiny again by following the steps of this particular article.

But avoid exposing them to direct sunlight; otherwise, crocs will melt, and their shape will ruin.

Where Are Crocs Manufactured?

Crocs are manufactured in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Vietnam, Bosnia, Indonesia, and China.

The factories in China and Vietnam supply one-third of the whole production. The talented craftsmen are dedicated to providing comfy crocs to their loyal customers worldwide.

Crocs worked on switching the fabrication to third parties. This enhances the production rate and worldwide availability.

According to the spokesperson of the brand, “Crocs will continue to innovate, design, and produce the most comfortable shoes on the planet. To meet growing demand, we’re simply shifting production to third parties to increase our manufacturing capacity.”

Though crocs are produced in different countries, the quality never dropped.

Why Are Crocs So Popular?

Crocs are most popular for their different shoe configuration. They introduced a unique design and hole arrangement, which is totally different from others.

Initially, most people thought crocs were weird. They didn’t respond positively towards crocs and termed them as ugly footwear.

These uncommon shoes became popular when celebrities acted in TV series or arrived in public places wearing crocs. Gradually, people found interest in crocs and started to wear them.

You will be amazed to know that crocs became viral wear among Mexico’s coastal people during the extreme summer heat.

All the credit goes to the air inlet and comfort of crocs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for crocs increased to a large extent because they can protect your feet from bacteria and fungus with a protective Croslite layer.

Moreover, they are resistant to oil, water, and chemicals.

Crocs are trendy to wear when walking near the beach, at poolside parties, or even in a casual meetup.

But can you wear crocs at work? Well, I think it’s awkward to style with crocs in your workplace, dating, wedding, or any official event.

Which Are The Most Expensive Crocs?

Though crocs are popular for their summer-friendly sandals, you will also get slippers, slides, shoes, and winter boots in their collection. Among them, the most expensive is the Liberty London x Crocs which comes at $276.


Alife Crocs Sport crocs with built-in socks stay in the second position. You have to spend $140 to get this pair. This one gives the wearers a style that “embodies New York City downtown culture.”

Women’s Classic Neo Puff Luxe Boot features padded insulation near the ankle area, a fuzz-lined footbed, and a nylon shaft in the midsole. You’ll have to spend $100 on this shoe. But if you’re lucky, you can get this pair at a discount price.

This shoe ensures excellent grip with the sawtooth outsole and Crocslock thread pattern.

The designers insert a nylon shaft inside the EVA midsole for a superior level of arch support.

If you’re looking for mid-range footwear, then you can opt for Steven Harrington Classic Slide or Literide Pacer Sneakers.

But it’s my request to buy from authentic stores or a trustworthy online marketplace, so there will be no scope for getting low-quality or replica shoes.

The shoes I have mentioned above are available for common people on the official website of Crocs. But there are some shoes like Christopher Kane x Crocs and Hardcrocs that cost $500- $950 and are only available for particular customers.

Bottom Line

Crocs are expensive, but the features and comfort are worth the penny.

It’s a wise decision to purchase crocs for a regular walk. But for running and other heavy physical activities, they are not suitable at all.

So will you purchase the crocs or not?

Let me know in the comments!

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