Are Crocs Good For Flat Feet? [Podiatrists Saying on Crocs]

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Crocs are in high demand among people with flat feet and normal foot people due to their flexible designs and comfort.

are-crocs-good-for-flat-feetMany people with normal feet like to wear crocs because they are cheap yet comfortable. But are crocs really good for flat feet, or do podiatrists recommend those shoes?

Let’s dive into this article and find out about this!

Are Crocs Good For Flat Feet?

The answer is both yes and no. The clog design of crocs offers arch support and is suitable for flat feet. On the other hand, most sandals, flip-flops, slides and wedges crocs are unsuitable for flat feet due to the absence of extra arch support.

In general, all humans are born with low arches. By the age of 6 years, the lower middle part of the feet becomes curved. That is, a well-formed arc is formed.

But about 20 to 30 percent of people’s feet are not shaped like this.

So, they need artificial arch support from the shoes, which is absent in ordinary crocs.

peoples-feet-shapeThat’s why normal crocs are inappropriate for them. Its soles are flexible and unable to provide firm support to the flat arch. Even physicians discourage wearing those ordinary crocs.

On the contrary, some crocs are made with thick, rigid soles and have arch-supportive features. They are fit for flat feet and can relieve the pain from bunions, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s neuroma.

Read ahead to know more about some of those special crocs. And you can go through our separate content to know whether crocs are good after bunion surgery.

What Do Podiatrists Recommend for Flat Feet?

In this case, doctors generally recommend shoes that have excellent arch support because it is the most essential need for flat foot owners for the proper functioning of feet.

People with flat feet face issues while running and walking because of their unusual arch formation.

So they need some special features in the footwear that will facilitate their natural movement.

Moreover, the shoes should be lightweight, comfortable and well-fit.

Let’s briefly discuss the necessary features a flat-foot shoe should contain and why:

Arch-aiding shoes

This feature helps to maintain a proper standing position with flat feet individuals. It provides support from the bottom of the foot in such a way that the pressure on the heel and forefoot releases. As a result, joints and ligaments can remain in normal condition. Though Crocs LiteRide models offer enough arch support, other editions do not.

Shock absorbing soles

Shock-absorbing soles are necessary to withstand shock and for proper alignment of the foot. Generally, low arches do not have the shock-absorbing capability.

Without it, there is a possibility of tearing the ligament during any heavy physical work. That’s why soles should be shock-preventing or shock-absorbing.

Cheaper crocs aren’t shock-absorbing. Opt for the pricey ones to get this facility.

Thick Padded Sole

Walking with a slim sole is similar to walking barefoot. While walking in such shoes, the feet are in contact with the ground. Thus, there is a chance of inflammation and pain in the low arch area.

To avoid such unwanted soreness, shoes with thick & padded sole is a must. The soles of classic flip-flops are thin, but the platforms and fuzzy lines are cushioned enough.

Cushioned Heel & Lightweight

A slightly raised heel reduces pressure on the low arches. But the heel must be loaded with cushions to provide comfort to the user.

Furthermore, the footwear should be lightweight for easier carry-on. The weight of crocs is also quite less, only about half a pound.

We all want to wear shoes with beautiful designs because they enhance our clothes’ beauty. But there are many shoes with beautiful designs but thin soles. So, people with flat feet can’t wear those pairs.

Custom Orthotics is a good solution in this case. Let’s gather a basic idea about it.

Custom Orthotics

It is the insoles made according to the shape of the user’s feet. It is made taking into account how much support your feet need, how thick the sole needs to be and what kind of material you prefer.

By inserting custom orthotics inside the shoes, you can experience a relaxed movement. However, read another article on putting orthotics in crocs to know more.

Why Do My Feet Hurt Wearing Crocs?

You failed to choose the right shoes for your feet, due to which you are suffering from pain. There are different categories of Crocs. Some are thin, some are thick, some are a little more comfortable & supportive, and some are a little less.

If you have flat feet, plantar fasciitis or bunions and still wear ordinary crocs, it’s obvious that your feet will hurt.

Here are some crocs for flat feet that can offer a smooth walking experience without causing any pain:

Bistro Pro Literide Clog

This lightweight pair features LiteRide™ foam inside the footbeds for cushioning, true sizing, Crocs Lock™ slip-preventing and sufficient arch-supportive soles.

bistro-pro-literide-clogSo if you buy the actual size, I think you will gain a fair walking experience even with flat feet.

Realtree Edge™ Echo Clog

It offers dual-density support with a Croslite™ sole, including foamy LiteRide™ material in the footbed.

Moreover, it is lightweight, breathable, water-friendly, easy to wear and provides a relaxed fit. You can wear this for day-long tasks. What else flat feet owners will demand?


Baya Lined Clog

The perfectly fitted clog – due to the fleecy layer, it is suitable to wear in winter. The Croslite™ foam of this shoe enhances comfort. The manufacturers claim that this shoe is pleasantly supportive, and in fact, it is true.

Like other crocs, you can wear all of these in relaxed or beast mode.


Which Shoes to Avoid for Flat Feet?

Almost all types of health issues have more or fewer restrictions suggested by doctors. Similarly, there are several restrictions in selecting shoes for flat feet.

Let’s focus on the shoes you should avoid with flat feet:

  • Leave the shoes whose footbed is unsupportive. If you continuously wear these types of shoes, the muscles in the lower arch area become hard and swollen, which causes pain.


  • Don’t purchase thin-soled shoes. It doesn’t have any advanced arch support, creating a shorter distance between the feet and the ground. As a result of which, blisters and many other complications may appear.
  • Whether you have normal or flat feet, avoid wearing high & pencil heels on a regular basis. It keeps the foot in a position that disrupts proper alignment and blood circulation.

If you have flat feet yet prefer to wear trendy crocs and high heels occasionally, insert custom orthotics inside the footwear.

Read this article to know how to style crocs with leggings.

Along with the above mentioned rules, maintaining proper body weight and regular light exercise can alleviate the problem of flat feet to some extent.

Bottom Line

Crocs are unique because of their airflow-ensuring holes and wider toe box.

Though all of them aren’t flat feet friendly, they do provide comfort, and some of the models are really perfect for flat feet.

So, check the specifications of the crocs before making a purchase. And buy the pairs that have adequate arch support for your flat feet.

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