Can You Put Orthotics in Crocs?[Unlock The Truth 2024]

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Are you a guy of flatfeet? Or suffer from various foot pains in your regular footwear? Like Achilles tendonitis or aches?

Then this article will be a demo to solve all your problems before your coffee mug is finished.

I know someone close to me who has the same problem as yours. He suffered for many years from this flatfeet problem and tried 50 or more footwear to get rid of it.

Do you have any guesses about how he saved him?

We researched it until we got dog tired and found orthotics are the ultimate solution. I will share that experience here so that you may find the answer within 5 mins.

Now keep reading till the end to gather all the unknown knowledge about it.


Can You Put Orthotics in Crocs?

Yes! Obviously, you can put orthotics in crocs.

Crocs are gentle and comfortable for people with flat feet or other foot issues.

You may wear them without insoles as crocs are made from EVA foam and soft cushioning. But orthotics will be ideal if you have casual foot pains and ankle problems.

And the most important thing, crocs and orthotics match each other best as the crocs have deep heel cups and soft footbeds.

Moreover, orthotics are found in different shapes and sizes to insert them fitted in crocs. If it’s not, you can cut them in the same shape as your crocs. Three crocs models are suitable to put orthotics in. you will find those crocs’ details in this article.

So let’s roam around in the article without wasting time.

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What Are The Benefits of Putting Orthotics In Crocs?

Orthotics insoles are ideal for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. For people who have different shapes and sizes of feet, orthotics are must-use insoles.

Dr. Sutera noted, “Different people, feet, shoes, and activities require different materials.” It means different people have different types of feet and foot problems. And which type of insole will fit in your shoe depends on your foot shape, medical history and using methods.

Crocs are excellently comfortable and flexible to wear.

You don’t need to wear insoles with them unless you have flat feet or any kind of severe foot injuries. But if you have any serious foot issues like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, there is no option except weaning orthotics with crocs.

Orthotics provide extra comfort along with disinfection features. It will serve you with the best arch support and helps to relieve foot pains.

Allow me to introduce all those advantages orthotics will deliver.

Here are the exact benefits of orthotics:

Offers More Comforts

Orthotics inserts are made from EVA foam and with extra absorbing engineering methods. They are available in various sizes and shapes too. So it will help to fit perfectly in crocs while walking.

Crocs are also manufactured to get the most acceptable fitness and comfort. Wearing orthotics with it will ensure additional convenience.

The deep heel cup of orthotic insoles will fit any shaped foot. And the heel cushioning will allow your feet to get the best ankle support, which will remove the extra stress and pains of all-day wearing.

You may use custom-made inserts with your crocs too. The benefits of using custom-made insoles are unbelievable.

As these inserts are made by your legs, they will be just in the shape of your feet.

Moreover, it will fulfill all the requirements to prevent foot pains and bear the entire pressure on your body. Even these inserts won’t be larger or thinner to use.

So adding orthotics with your crocs will provide expected relaxation and save you from aches.

Provides Arch Support

If you have flat feet or different types of ankle problems, you may go with orthotic insoles without thinking about anything. These insoles come with full-length cushioning gel.


Which confirms the best arch support for anybody. The heel cushioning also creates more space for the ankle.

If you choose the wrong shoes by default, it will make you suffer from various foot troubles. To save you from those disorders like Achilles tendencies and give you the best heel support, orthotics ensure satisfying features.

Even the podiatrist recommends wearing orthotics to get the ultimate arch support. And adding orthotics with your crocs will get you the comforts and heel supports you are looking for.

Work like a pain reliever

A lot of people suffer foot pain in their regular wearing of shoes. If you are one of them, Orthotics is a friend of yours.

After buying a new shoe, most people face various types of problems. It takes time to fit the foot with those shoes. Moreover, it can be the cause of toe pain or foot pain.

Well, orthotics will rescue you from this problem. With the additional orthotic inserts, you will feel the best comfort inside your crocs. These extra insoles will prevent all the foot pains and give you remedies for those pain.

Besides, these orthotics will maintain the alignment and stability of your feet and get you healthy and fresh feelings inside the shoes.

Though the building process of crocs will give you the most comfort, orthotics will work like pain relievers. These insoles are well absorbing too. So they will help to keep your feet sweat-free and well-furnished.

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Are Orthotics Adjustable With Crocs?

Yes, of course! Orthotic insoles are quite adjustable with crocs.

Both crocs and orthotics insoles are found in different types and shapes.  So both of them are super adjustable with your feet too.

Though crocs come in separate shapes and varieties, they didn’t compromise the qualities of the comforts and upgrades based on customer points.

Just like that, orthotics are not behind in updating them. They improved their cushioning along with adjustable quality. So both are quite strong in alignment and to be stable.

These things make the insoles and the crocs super adjustable to each other. You don’t need to think about it again.

Do Orthotics Reduce Foot Pain?

Obviously! Orthotics are highly capable of reducing foot pain.

The manufacturing material and methods of orthotics are just amazing. These insoles are made of soft materials and ultra cushioning.

Orthotics will Also cover the foot area by keeping the foot bone vertically stable. The wandering thing is orthotics are movable and found in different sizes. So you can easily give them a try to remove all the pains and all-day weariness.

Lemme represent the straight points so that you can be sure about the solvency of your problem.

Here are the facts with which you are unable to disagree at all:

Improve foot stability

Everyone knows that our feet are well connected to all body parts indirectly. It means the feet bear all the body pressure while walking. Orthotics distribute all the pressure on your feet properly.

Orthotics help to keep all the feet’ bones aligned properly with the ground. And improves the balancing and gripping process as well.

These orthotic insoles will make your movement much easier than before.

Orthotics rigid arch support helps to line up the feet vertically, and the heel cup will minimize the pressure by providing the best relaxation. More of these insoles are moveable. You can put them in any crocs you want.

Gives Additional Relief

To get a healthy walk, your feet must remain fit and strong. In most cases, crocs are shock-absorbent or have the ventilation process. So your feet stay quite fresh in there.

With additional orthotics, it will be one step ahead. Orthotics absorbing capability will give you sweat-free feet and hold the pressure point smoothly to reduce the additional foot pain.

Also, the EVA foaming and multi-layer cushioning will preserve the foot from a different perspective.

Even when your feet will regularly touch hard surfaces, there will be more chances of getting additional foot pains and aches.

Orthotics drive all that pain from the joint to the feet. And rescue you from all the unwanted foot instincts. So you must purchase orthotics at the time of buying crocs.

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Which Crocs Are Suitable For Orthotics?

Now, if you are thinking about buying orthotics for your crocs, the first question will stand there.

Which crocs are suitable for orthotics?

Well, I can suggest three specific crocs for your habitable crocs. But you can use crocs silver Rx insoles instead of orthotics. Silver RX is just as comfortable as orthotics.

Otherwise, you have to go with the crocs that may allow orthotics to fit in.

I’m putting specific crocs models here, which you may use perfectly with orthotics.

These are the crocs that may fit with orthotics:

The Crocs Specialist Vent Clog

Crocs vent clog has a wide toe box which helps to spread out the toes well. Basically, it’s the crocs version that many podiatrists recommend wearing.

The vent clogs have deep heel cups and soft cushioning. These represent your feet with the best arch support and protect you from vital foot problems.

Additional extra orthotics with the vent clog will give you better arch support, freeing you from soreness and aches.

Also, the vent crocs and the orthotics will be shock absorbent to preserve your feet from foot fatigue.


The Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Clog

The crocs women’s naira Pro has much softer insoles than the other crocs. Its flexible sole will prevent foot pain for sure.

This Neria pro clog is another suitable crocs for orthotics.

The cushioning memory insole of it will provide extra arch support with maximum comfort. You may also use custom-made inserts alternative to orthotics.

This custom-made insole will also serve your feet as orthotics. however, using a custom-made insole or orthotics with Neria pro clogs will feel your feet exceptionally comfortable.

The Crocs Rx Relief

For people who need to wear shoes for a long time indeed, crocs Rx relief will be a lifesaver for them. It’s lightweight, cozy and ultra-comfortable to wear every day.

Even the podiatrist will recommend you to wear this croc when your foot condition is too poor. Additional orthotics will make it incredibly comfortable.

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Close Line

Crocs are generally comfortable and updated from various sides. It’s updating different features day to day as you get the best performance to wear.

An additional orthotics with crocs will help more to get disinfect feet and healthy walk.

So if you have a plan to buy orthotics, you may go with those three crocs to get a better experience. I hope that riding Crocs with orthotics will help to solve all the foot problems and be your best company among all the footwear.

Don’t forget to share whether it worked or not in the comment section. I will be very glad if this article helps to reduce your foot problems.

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