Are Crocs Edible? You Won't Believe This! [Fact-Check]

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Yes, you read it right. You can actually eat Crocs, the shoes!

And things will get really interesting when I tell you that you can actually cook a pair of crocs and have them for dinner!

Sounds crazy? I’m even feeling crazy writing about this! Thus, I’ll understand if you think I’m not in my right mind today!

However, you better read for yourself to know if crocs are edible, what makes them edible, or if it’s harmful to consume them.

So let’s get exposed to some amusing yet absurd facts about Crocs shoes that you might not know!

Make sure you read until the end, so you don’t miss the most interesting part.


Is it True That You Can Eat Your Shoe?

Yes, it’s true that crocs are indeed edible.

And the reason for this notion is that crocs are made of natural resin, and no toxic substances are used to make them.

So, if you somehow swallow a bite of crocs, it’ll do no harm to your body except for some abnormal bowel movements!

However, it’s not advertised for consumption. And the taste of crocs made it undesirable for devouring anyway.

Overview of Crocs Shoes

Crocs were born in 2001 when three friends, Scott, George, and Lyndon, were traveling the Caribbean.

When vacationing, Scott noticed the efficiency of a Canadian-made clog shoe on a slippery surface.

Immediately, they adapted the idea and got the license to develop a new kind of foam clog shoe in the USA.

After getting the license, the founders of Crocs creatively designed the shoes that were born to thrive through the decades!

In 2002, Crocs made its debut by producing 200 pairs of boating shoes. They named it ‘the Beach’, unveiled at a Florida boat show.

Soon after launching, all of the 200 shoes were sold out.

Since then, Crocs have sold more than 400 million pairs around the globe and become a billion-dollar company!

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What Makes Crocs Edible?

Crocs are made out of organic substances like resin. And this stuff is totally non-toxic. Thus, makes Crocs edible.

Resins are processed to make Croslite, a form of close-celled resin. And Croslite is the main material used to make crocs.

Crocs were born by the inspiration of the clog shoe made by the company called ‘Foam Creation’. That company used to make Croslite as well as held the patent.


Three years after founding Crocs, the company acquired Foam Creation and their patent altogether.

After that acquisition, Crocs started making their clog shoes out of the harmless Croslite.

Consequently, Croslite made Crocs super soft yet consumable!

What do Crocs Shoes Taste like?

Many people think Crocs are made of rubber. But they are not.

I’ve said earlier that Crocs are made of Croslite. And the taste of Croslite isn’t very amusing!

However, if you try a raw pair of Crocs, you may find a cheap mouthguard taste that you feel while playing rugby!

Though a raw piece of Croslite is non-toxic, you may find it stuck in your throat.

But if you manage to cut a pair of crocs and boil it well, then you’ll find it a little bit softer yet very chewy.

And the taste? Most of the people who have experienced eating Crocs said it tastes awful. So, you better be prepared before trying any experiment with Crocs!

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Can You Cut Crocs Easily?

Except for the four-wheel drive strap, crocs are entirely made of Croslite.

There is this Crostile foam everywhere in the midsole, outsole and insole. This made Crocs super rubbery yet soft.

Crocs are compressible and elastic, so you can easily cut them in half.

There is no steel shank or such hard materials inside of Crocs shoes. All the rubbery stuff gave the cushioning and made it softer.


There is this guy Rose Anvil on youtube who cut shoes in half and tried his experiment on Crocs.

Check it out-

Can You Cook a Croc?

When I said about Crocs being your dinner dish, how crazy it may sound, I was serious!

You can indeed cook a Croc, the shoe!

And if you follow the proper methods, you can do a great job at cooking it to make the Crocs-eater’s life easier!

The Crocs Recipe!

Though Crocs are edible, it’s really hard to chew and digest when you wanna eat them directly.

So, if you must eat them, you better cook them first!

And to cook them well, follow the steps below:

Step 1- At the very first, wash the Crocs properly, whether it’s old or brand new.

Step 2- Cut the shoes into pieces.

Avoid the four-wheel strap as it’s not edible.

Step 3- Take a large pot and fill it with enough water to immerse the crocs pieces properly. And light up the stove.

Step 4- Now, put the pieces and 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil when the water is boiling.

Step 5- Close the lid and wait for 15 minutes. Then add some spices like pepper, salt, rosemary or sauce to add flavor.

Now, cook for at least 30 minutes to boil the crocs properly.

If you can successfully cook these clog-shoes following the recipe, your crocs dinner will be as similar as mozzarella cheese!

But please, don’t expect to taste like mozzarella cheese. You’ll be drastically disappointed!

Is Crocs Vegan?

Crocs are fully made of organic substances where there’s no animal cruelty involved. So it’s obviously a vegan-friendly shoe brand.

The main material used to build Crocs is Croclite, which is made of resin. And the resins are pure earthy. Thus, Crocs are Vegan, undoubtedly!

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Is Crocs Delicious?

I don’t wanna bet on that in terms of taste.

One of my BSM pals tasted it and shared his insight!

He said I should prefer eating him before I eat a Crocs if they’re the only options left to consume on earth!

So now, you definitely get the idea of Croc’s deliciousness, don’t you?

Why Does Anybody Wanna Eat Crocks?

Isn’t it crazy enough to even talk about eating a pair of shoes?

Well, it will not when you’re left out in a situation where there’s no food source except your Crocs!

Whether it’s a matter of survival or curiosity, there are certain circumstances when you can feel consuming shoes are valid.

However, the reasons why someone wanna eat crocs shoes instead of wearing them include:

  • Survival
  • Curiosity
  • Accident
  • Experiment

Are Crocs Shoes Made from Crocodile’s Skin?

It’s obvious to think that Crocs are made out of Crocodiles for the name. But they’re absolutely not.

The manufacturer never harms any animal, including Crocodiles, to make any of their shoes.

Crocs shoes are popular for their foamy and rubbery cushion on the soles.


The use of Crocodile’s skin to make leather is not what they do since they don’t have leather at all on Crocs!

However, they named Crocs after the reptile Crocodile because it looks similar to the snout of a Crocodile when you see it from the side.

But there are no Crocodiles involved to make Crocs shoes.

Besides Edibility, What Functions Do Crocs Offer?

Crocs were initially made for slip-resistance boat shoes. The main goal is to provide comfort with higher efficiency on slippery surfaces.

Thus, Crocs are made of Croslite material that can provide comfort, lightweight and grip.

A pair of Crocs can give you the following functionalities:

Crocs Are Comfortable

The materials used to build Crocs made it really comfortable yet lightweight.

Crocs are soft, light, and supportive on unfriendly grounds. The thick layer of cushioned soles can give you optimum comfort.

And there are the famous ‘13 holes’ on the top and side of the shoe. While many people think that only for style, these holes have major roles.

The holes are there to provide proper ventilation to keep your feet cozier. And also, they let out the extra moisture to keep shoes fresh and dry.

All these features made Crocs the paradigm of comfort!

Anti-Microbial Qualities

Crocs are made of antibacterial materials that can resist bacterial and fungal growth. This made Crocs well-suited shoes to wear in different conditions.

You can wear them on muddy surfaces and in the rainy season, knowing that Crocs will keep your feet safe from harmful bacteria.

Provide Traction and Grip

Croslite is a multi-purpose material that can provide softness as well as proper grip.

And the Crocs are entirely made based on Croslite material. Thus, Crocs can give you proper traction and grip on slippery surfaces.

Just like Crocodiles, Crocs shoes are functional both in the sea and on the land.

Similar to these reptiles, Crocs shoes are edible too!

But it’ll make you sweat to tear a bit apart from the shoe and make it through your throat. That much rubbery yet firm build Crocs has.

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The Bottom Line

Crocs are really well-made clog shoes that will give you comfort. And in recent times, they have become an extremely popular cult fashion.

However, the materials they use to produce Crocs make them safe and harmless.

So next time when a toddler accidentally bites Crocs shoes, don’t worry and start panicking. Instead, dare your child to swallow a bit of Croc shoes!

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