How to Clean Crocs [Easy Ways for All Variety of Crocs] 

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Crocs is the most diversified footwear for its conformability and look.

When you’re opting for your crocs pair daily, they must be getting dirty. And you’re searching for crocs cleaning methods. Right?


Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find 3 individual cleaning processes for your variation of crocs, which I already tried with my pair at home.

So, pitch into it!

Can You Clean Your Crocs At Home

Yes, you can wash or clean crocs at home. To make your crocs dirt free, you should clean them by using some mild soap, baking soda, and cold water. By following some simple and easy steps, you can clean spots and stains from your Croslite foam crocs shoes.

Crocs building materials are canvas, leather, rubber, and croslite foam which are durable yet versatile for regularly using. For excessive use, your crocs pair tend to stain easily.

Besides, We all know, that white crocs get dirty easily, which is the most unpleasant situation for me. And I instantly clean them after finding any spot.


So, Without any hesitation, you can wash your crocs, by applying some household chores and making them shiny again!

How to Clean Rubber Crocs

Regular or rubber crocs are the most common pair in your shoe closet. However, for their uneven surface, they get stained easily. Don’t worry, now I’m sharing a step-by-step guide to cleaning your rubber crocs by using some household materials.

Needed materials for Rubber Crocs Cleaning:

  • Cleaning Brush
  • Mild Soap
  • Cloth
  • Magic Eraser

Let’s check out the 6-step process to clean your rubber crocs:

1. Wash your Crocs to Remove Extra Dust

First, you should dust off your crocs for an easy cleaning process. Before applying any product, you must remove the excess debris from your rubber crocs.

So, you can rinse your crocs with normal water, it will help you to identify the fixed stained spot.

2. Mix the Soap with Normal Water

To start the cleaning process, you should make a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water. No need to use more product, you have to use a small amount of liquid soap, or detergent and mix them in a bucket.

This warm water gets your crocs dirt free, and that gentle soap offers a clean surface without any harsh chemicals.

If your crocs are really greasy, and you think they are not easily cleaned, you should add some bleach to the mixture. Bleach becomes the staple component when you wanna clean your white crocs.

Note: Try not to apply soap directly to your crocs, because the chemical reduces material longevity.

3. Immerse Your Crocs in the Mixture

Immerse your crocs in the soap mixture bucket. Do not remove your crocs until the pair is fully soaked. And start scrubbing your crocs surface when the pair sink into the mixture.

There is no limited time for this soaking step, but you should keep your crocs in the bucket during the entire scrubbing procedure.

4. Rub Your Crocs Using Scrub Brush

Keep scrubbing your soaked crocs for unstained spots. This step is the most time-consuming and tricky. The rubbing time depends on how filthy your crocs are.

Scrub the small holes precisely. To remove the dirt from holes, you should use toothbrushes or small scrub brushes. Unless you can’t clean them properly, follow the next step.

5. Use a Magic Eraser for Strong Stain

After scrubbing vigorously, if you still found any marks on your crocks, you should use the branded magic eraser to unstained the spot.

Magic eraser specially manufactures to vanish those spots that you can not remove with general soap. All you need is normal water to activate the magic eraser. Rub the eraser until the strong spot wipes out completely.

You can try Mr. clean magic eraser for this step, it’s the most effective product that I found in my cleaning time. You’ll find them in grocery shops, supermarkets along with shoe stores.

6. Wash and Dry

After rubbing, you can wash out your crocs in normal or cold water. Then, wipe out the extra water using a clean cloth. Lastly, you should dry your crocs in an airy place.

Note: But remember, avoid direct sunlight while you are drying your crocs. Because the UV ray and sun exposure hamper the built-in material easily.

These are the most used methods for crocs cleaning. You can also, put your crocs in the washing machine for cleaning.

How You Can Clean Leather Crocs

Cleaning leather crocs is the easiest way to clean and shine your crocs again. Leather needs extra care than any other shoe material. So, for cleaning or making your leather crocs dirt-free, you should use branded products.

Without any delay, know the process of cleaning leather crocs:

  • Wipe out the excess dirt by using a clean towel.
  • If the stain is attached to the leather upper, you can soak the towel in warm water and rub it again. how-you-can-clean-leather-crocs
  • Use some gentle or mild soap to clean the synthetic portion or heel area.
  • Try not to use any harsh material for the cleansing process.
  • After cleaning if you feel, apply some shoe color on the leather portion but make sure the color should match exactly.
  • Try to apply the shoe cream in a circular motion. Shoe cream helps to moisturize the leather surface, and also enlarge its durability.
  • Before storing them, make sure the crocs pair are absolutely dry and absorb all the materials.

I found this process is the most effective and time-saving for leather crocs cleaning. So, you can try this process if you have leather crocs in your collection.

How to Clean Fur Lining Crocs

Fuzzy crocs are a must-have pair in my winter. The fur lining provides a warm and comfy feel during chilly days. Yet, they need a complicated cleaning process compared to other cleaning methods.


Because you can not take out the lining from your crocs. Now I’m describing each step for making your leather crocs stained-free.

Here are the steps for cleaning your fur lining crocs:

1. Use Exactly Matched Absorbent Powder

Lining crocs make your feet stinky for their sheepskin interior. To extract the odor, you should apply some absorbent powder, which should be matched with the inner lining color.

The powder has the ability to absorb all the dirt and oil from your fur lining. You can use cornmeal, oatmeal, and wheat germs which are the most used absorbent powder for your neutral color lining.

However, If you have dyed colored fuzzy lining, try to apply salt or baking soda as an absorbent powder.

2. Sprinkle the Absorbent Powder into the Fur Lining

After selecting the absorbent powder, you should sprinkle it all over the lining. Hold your croc from different angles to apply the powder properly in your croc’s inner lining.

If you apply salt as an absorbent powder, use a little more to get a good result. Because salt is not stink-absorbent like other components.

3. Leave Them for at Least 3 Hours with the Powder

For making your lining odor free, you have to leave your crocs with this powder for at least three hours. After spending 3 hours, you should dust off the powder from your shoes.

If you see some powder particles stacked into the lining, you can use a handheld vacuum to remove those elements. Otherwise, the particles may create an unwanted itching situation for you.

After vacuuming, you can use a brush to puff your fur lining for squishy feelings.

4. Dry-Clean or Hand Washed Your Lining Crocs

I always prefer the dry washing method for my sheepskin lining. If you are afraid to dry-clean your crocs, you can consult with experts for better cleaning.


Still, If you have any issues with the dry cleaning process, you can wash them.

Remember, after handwashing, the color of the lining should have changed to its original hue. For this color damage, I prefer to avoid the handwashing process.

Additionally, after washing them, the drying process needs more than 1 to 2 days to dry out properly.


After knowing all the pro-tips, you can use any of them for completing your lining crocs cleaning process. Trust me, Both processes clean your crocs amazingly!

Canvas Crocs Cleaning Process

Canvas is more delicate than other shoe materials. And recently, crocs used canvas fabrics to manufacture shoes. Now I’m describing the canvas crocs cleaning process, which I found most efficient when I tried it with my pair.


So, let’s find out the steps of the canvas crocs cleaning process: 

1. Remove the Laces and Soak Them in a Soapy Bucket

If you have canvas crocs with laces, remove the lace before soaking. Soak the shoes and laces individually in the soapy bucket. And move them until they are not fully soaked.

To create the soapy mixture, you should use mild soap, liquid detergent, or hand wash. Try not to use any harsh chemical products, chemicals can reduce the material’s color and quality easily.

If your crocs are full of dirt, try this process with warm water, but not too hot, which damages the canvas upper.

2. Rub the Canvas Upper with a Toothbrush

For scrubbing, the toothbrush or any soft brush is appropriate for canvas crocs. Shoe rubbing brushes are quite hard, so try to avoid those items with your canvas upper.

And the whole process needs a delicate hand to complete scrubbing. For cleaning your canvas, repeat the scrubbing step gently.

Do not rub the prints or labels, they can come out easily.

3. Use Stain Remover for Deep Stains

After the scrubbing session, if you still find any tough stains that aren’t resolved yet, you should apply some stain remover.


Spritz the stain remover over the spot and again rub with the same brush until you found a clean result. Try to use the cloth spot remover because shoe stain removers are quite rough for canvas.

For better cleaning, you have to keep the remover for at least 10 minutes before rinsing the shoes.

4. Sponge to Remove the Soap from Your Crocs

You require a sponge to remove the absorbed soap from your canvas crocs. After soaking, the shoe fabrics grasp the soapy mixture, and extracting the mixture, sponge out is important.

You can use a piece of cloth for squeezing the canvas fabric. You don’t want the soapy feelings after drying out, right?

Hence, you should wring out until the soap foam resolves completely.

5. Wipe Out the Extra Water and Dry Them

After cleaning the soapy mixture, wipe out the extra water using a dry towel.

Lastly, you should dry out your canvas crocs. You can leave them in a warm place or on a porch to dry your crocs properly.


Avoid direct sun exposure, it may cause color fading issues.

The indicated procedures are known as the most efficient for Crocs cleaning. You can try any of them, according to your crocs type and materials. For better outcomes, follow each step thoroughly.

How to Remove Crocs Smell After Cleaning

Cleaning can remove the outer dust and greasy elements, but the smells are not easily removable. Crocs smell so bad for their built-in materials. Rubber shoes tend to be smelly.

If your crocs clog smells terrible, you should apply some baking soda with vinegar to stop the stink properly. Because the soapy mixture is not enough to remove the odor.

The vinegar and soda duo work amazingly without damaging your shoes. It is also known as a good antidote to foot funk.

Sprinkle the baking soda over the crocs footbed and leave them overnight. The next morning dust out the soda, it is best for leather and fur lining crocs.

On the other hand, rubber-soled crocs need more attention because the smell is worse. You should make a paste with vinegar, soda, and water to remove the smell. Apply the paste with a brush and scrub it for a few minutes, and wash them.

Consequently, you can apply this procedure to remove the bad odor from your crocs.

How Often to Clean Crocs

There is no fixed time limit to how often should you need to clean your crocs. The answer depends on how frequently you put on your crocs and how dirty your pair is.

If you wear your crocs occasionally, I suggest you clean your pair before storing them. At least you should clean the visible stain from your clogs.

However, if you have regularly worn them, try to clean your crocs once a week to preserve their shiny look. Regular cleaning enlarges the longevity and makes them odor free.

So, you should clean your crocs as you found them dirty.

Before You Say Goodbye

Crocs are using different materials for producing their variety of shoes, and they demand divergent cleaning processes. You can use any aforementioned method after determining your crocs categories.

I believe you already found your searching cleaning procedure in this writing piece. Let me know, through the comment box, which process you follow and how well it works.

Till then, happy cleaning!

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