Can You Wash Crocs? [3 Proven Ways To Clean Dirty Crocs]

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When you are running outside in a hurry, the one footwear you are reaching out to most is crocs. This footwear is all over the trend, including in our house.


As you are opting for crocs regularly, it’s obvious to be conscious whether they are washable, and, if so, what will be the cleaning process?

In this write-up, I’m gonna elaborate every possible way to clean your crocs, along with what to avoid, so that you can enjoy the out-of-the-box fresh feel after every wash.

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Can You Wash Your Crocs?

Yes, you can wash your crocs, thanks to the building material. Most of the crocs are made with croslite polymer or rubber elements and even with suede or canvas material, thus making it easier for you to wash your pairs.

The materials are natural and eco-friendly. Moreover, you’ll be amazed to know that Crocs are edible too! So cleaning them would be easier after following some tricks.

However, Crocs are very lightweight and easy to put on, so you grab them for most of your outgoing activities, right?

And that lifts your sandals with dirt and filth.

After washing, your crocs will be as polished as a new one. If you read further, you’ll find an easy guide to washing your Crocs at home.

So, don’t worry to hit the road just yet!

5 Proven Methods Of Cleaning Crocs

You need to wash your crocs to remove the dirt that bulbs over time. And if it is a fur-lined pair, you must go through the cleaning process quite a few times to maintain the quality perfectly.

I clean my crocs once a month, especially in winter, as the fluffy insert gets dirty fast.

However, let’s start seeing the 5 effective ways to clean your crocs:

1. Clean Crocs With Soft Brush


The initial way of cleaning crocs is to dust off the dirt whenever you spot any. This way, excessive dirt can’t pile up, and it gets easier to wash them.

Use a toothbrush to clean those tough corners like soles and a soft brush to clean other places like the upper. During winter, fuzzy lined crocs are used most. Brush them regularly to keep them clean and dust-free and maintains their natural texture.

However, if your crocs are not quite there after cleaning with water, scrub them with your brush while still wet.

With rubber crocs, it’s not an issue, but for fur and canvas fabrics, scrub gently.

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2. Wash by Using Lukewarm, Soapy Water

Another best way to clean your rubber or polymer-made crocs is to use lukewarm water with soap, as too much heat will affect the polymer materials.

Take a washcloth, dip it in the water soap mixture, and scrub until they are cleaned. If one round is not enough, try twice.

Rubber pairs will be cleaned after one wash.

Make sure to soak your sandals in the warm water mixture for some time.

However, suede or canvas fabrics will take more than one round if there is any stubborn spot. Just be patient and keep going.

3. Erase With Magic Eraser


Magic erasers are also very effective in cleaning tough stains. When you can’t wash your crocs with the above process, try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wash off the dirt.

There are also generic versions that work well and are quite budget friendly.

These erasers are designed for tough stains. But cleaning is easier; you only need water to make them work. Just rub the eraser over the stain until it disappears.

However, you will find Mr. Clean Eraser and generic magic erasers in any drug store and your local grocery store if you don’t find them in your nearest shops, order online.

4. Handwashing Method

By far, the most promising way to clean lined, rubber, suede or canvas-made crocs is to wash them by hand. It’s a mild way and is the most effective one.

You can use lukewarm water, clean fabric and a soft brush to clean your favorite pair.

Make sure you are using clean tools to clean your crocs. Otherwise, they will be dirty during the cleaning process. Take advantage of gloves to keep your hands soft and moist.

The best part of hand washing is you can control each element according to your need.

5. By Machine

When you can’t wash your crocs by hand, the last alternative is to wash them in the washer. But you have to be very careful while using a washing machine. It can damage even worse, can change the natural shape of your favorite pair.

While washing, maintain the proper temperature of 30° for the betterment of your rubber crocs.

Put your sandals in a bag; this way, they will be protected, and their shape will be intact.

It is the fastest way too. After the cleaning cycle, air dry your pairs.

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Can You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Yes, with the proper setting and cleaning powder, you can cleanse your fuzzy crocs without damaging them. In the washing machine, the cleaning process is automatic, and you can’t control the speed, so the gentle cleaning mode is the ideal alternative.

Crocs are made of croslite polymer filled with resin and porous in nature. It stretches with excessive heat, and your crocs lose their shape.

So, ensure that your machine’s temperature is minimal while cleaning.

Maintain a 30° temperature to get the best outcome.

Except for the temperature, use a particular bag only for your crocs to retain the natural shape of the sandals you adore. Even a pillowcase will do just fine.

It’s also a good idea to turn off the drying and spinning modes to keep up a gentle environment inside the washer.

Furthermore, use gentle washing liquids or powder, or this can harm the croslite polymer.

Use Vanish in the washing machine will clean the stubborn filth. This way, your crocs will smell fresh and ready to hit the road.

However, run another cycle after cleaning to be sure you remove every last speck of dirt!

How To Clean White Crocs?

If you are a white lover and a crocs user, I can say with my eyes closed that you own a white pair!

Anything white needs extra care to maintain the snow-white look. I own one, so keeping these from turning yellow is a task.

This is where my experience is gonna come in handy for you.


While cleaning, try to wash them by hand and as they are white, add a little bit of Vanish to clear any dirt.

Avoid those detergents with colorful particles; they tend to leave a mark on your white beauty.

Note: You can also add bleach while cleaning white fur-lined crocs to elevate their white color more.

Back in college, I couldn’t afford these 69$ Crocs and the maintenance they come with. After getting my first salary, I got them and learned maintenance. Ever since, my crocs are going strong.

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Can You Wash Crocs With Fur Lining?

Yes, you can wash your fluffy-lined crocs. As these fluff elements are permanently attached to the sandals, having this thought is valid. With mild detergent and lukewarm water, you can easily hand wash them.

When it comes to cleaning your fur-coated friend like the Crocs Mammoth Clog, this model keeps your feet warm and toasty in this cold holiday season.

But you need to wash them properly. Otherwise, they’ll start to smell and look dirty.

What can be more embarrassing on Christmas eve than a filthy Mammoth?

Follow these steps to clean your fur-lined crocs:

  • Use absorbent powder like baking soda, dried oatmeal, cornmeal or wheat germ to remove dirt and unpleasant odor.
  • Make sure you have covered every inch of the lining with the cleaning agent.
  • Start shaking the powder off after 3 hours to get the maximum result. If any residue is left, use a hand vacuum to clear them.
  • Use a wire wool brush to keep the sheepskin from curling. Brush in a single direction.
  • Dry clean your fur-lined sandals if you are worried after washing, the outlook will change.
  • Let your crocs air dry for 2 to 3 days to get the crispy feel. Be aware that the lining won’t look the same as before after handwashing.

Follow each step carefully and enjoy those fluffy crocs.

How To Wash Crocs In The Dishwasher?

Washing crocs by hand is the best option, but sometimes you don’t have many options but to clean them in the washer.

During my college days, I didn’t have much time to hand wash my crocs, so the only available way was to use the dishwasher from the dorm kitchen.

With some precautions, you can get the work done without any damage.

Follow these 5 steps to wash crocs properly in a dishwasher:

1. Clean Dirt From Your Crocs

It’s not ideal to put dusty shoes in the dishwasher. When I first made that mistake, my roommate’s shoes got fine dust all over her black crocs. She was not happy as she had to run another cycle to wash them off.

So, dust off any mud or dirt with a soft brush to remove stubborn filth. Use a toothpick or toothbrush to do that. This way, no particles will enter the washer.

2. Put The Crocs On The Bottom Rack

Another way to quickly clean your crocs is to load them on the bottom rack. The main reason behind this method is that crocs are lightweight and will move more if you put them on the upper shelf.

Make sure to put them sideways, as they are plates, to boost the cleaning.

3. Add Liquid Or Powder Detergent

Use as less detergent as you can. Using too much cleaning agent will leave a spot on your sandal. And if it’s a dark-colored one, you won’t like the after-result.

Also, check the label of your washing powder to estimate the amount you need. You can also use cleaning pods instead of liquid soap, but these are expensive.

So, keep that in mind.

4. Turn On The Dishwasher

After keeping your shoes in the right place along with the exact amount of powdered cleaner, the only step left is to turn on the machine!

There are three settings, light, medium and powerful. Choosing the light wash mode is the best water-saving option. As a student, that is what I used to do and still do.

Avoid the powerful setting, as the heat will stretch the polymer material your crocs are made of.

5. Allow The Crocs Air Dry

Air drying your crocs saves electricity and protects your sandals from excessive heat. This process is time-consuming but effective in the long run.

Direct sunlight can be a bit harsh on the rubber material. Keep them in a bright place where both air flow and sunbeam are just the right amount.

You can continue wearing your pair later on.

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Is Bleaching Your Crocs A Good Idea?

Yes, you can bleach your crocs, especially the white ones that are slowly turning yellow. Adding bleach to the wash water when cleaning your crocs will give them a new and polished look in no time.

Can You Wash Crocs Loafers?

You can wash your crocs loafers with a washcloth using only mild detergent and air drying afterward. Don’t put your loafers in the washing machine or dishwasher for longer use.

Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine With Cold Water?

Yes, you can wash your crocs in the washing machine with a cold water cycle. It’s best to use cold water as with hot water; there is a possibility that the Croslite material might shrink and ruin the natural shape.

Can You Wash Crocs Canvas Shoes?

Yes, you can definitely wash your canvas-made crocs shoes, as canvas fabric cleans pretty well. You can use detergent, a washing machine, or even hand wash them without hassle.

Final Thoughts

For most of your activities, crocs are a great catch. Even models are seen wearing crocs on the runway. This holiday season, warm furry crocs can be the ultimate gift to your loved ones.

And along with the gift, you need to know the maintenance process, which I tried to show you so that cleaning becomes a fun and easy task!

Following the methods, you can effortlessly wash your Crocs at home. And if you face any hassles on the way, shoot me in the comment box.


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