How to Decorate Crocs [Customize Crocs with Colors & Charms]

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Though Crocs are mainly renowned for their iconic outlook and fittings, the fun part snoops in with modifying.

Yes, with some essential tools, you can customize your Crocs, even at home.

In this article, I’ll share the 5 most popular decorating ideas for Crocs, and how you can beautify them with charms for regular use or an occasional

So, read along!

How to Decorate Crocs?

The Crocs brand mainly uses sturdy rubber material for their regular shoes. But they are famous for their resin-based polymer substance called Croslite.

And the Croslite EVA soles make Crocs exceptional than the other local rubbery slip-on. Croslite is famous for avoiding foul odors and offering happy dry feet.

Additionally, The identical Crocs holes provide the best breathable upper.

After all the advantages, Crocs come in one look; sometimes, the appearance of these shoes may bore you. But luckily, you can get rid of this boredom by adding simple decorative elements. Here’s where you apply your creativity!

5 ideas to decorate your Crocs and make them exceptional:

1. Shine Up Your Crocs

The central incorporated element of Crocs are rubber, so you don’t need any extra stuff for cleaning. Just use any type of detergent, or you can go with a magic eraser.

After washing and drying them properly, apply some oil to gleam up.

But make sure you don’t use any type of chemical product that reduces the lifespan. Just follow some tips while washing your Crocs at home.

2. Apply Some Acrylic Paint

Apply acrylic paint on the upper to customize your color and remove the old Crocs wimp. Acrylic paints offer full coverage color compared to other paints.

Moreover, The acrylic color is not faded quickly, and it also reduces the crack tendencies.


You will find this paint in the local market, simply apply some paint and customize your old Crocs. As a bonus, it helps to enlarge your shoe’s longevity.

3. Use The Crocs Holes Appropriately

Did you ever think about why the brand created many holes in its shoes? Just take a look to clear your confusion and know the reason for Crocs holes.

The holes not only work for breathability but also establish a distinctive look.

You can use the Crocs’ holes properly to add customized charms to enhance the outer look of your Crocs.

4. Use The Fabric Paints on Crocs

We all know fabric paints are washable and they never offer permanent pigmentations. So, you can use the fabric color as often as you wear it. Moreover, you simply can change the design periodically.

Surprisingly, the Crocs brand launched fabric paints pens called “Croc-a-Doodles.” to use for Crocs designing.

5. Rubber Jibbitz for Crocs

Jibbitz is a mainly hand-made decorative collection that emphasizes the Crocs look exceptional. It can be the little cartoons, images, letters, characters, etc.

Thanks to the Crocs hole, you can put your Jibbitz on them. You can apply 26 Rubber Jibbitz at a time by using the 13 holes.  The Jibbitz customizes your Crocs and offers a distinctive personalized look for individuals.


You must follow a few steps to make the rubber Jibbitz at your home by using some available accessories. Make the Jibbitz according to your destination event.

These are the most used ideas for decorating your Crocs to make them exceptional and look stunning. You can use any of them to make your Crocs identical.

How to Decorate Crocs With Charms?

Decorating Crocs is quite funny and exciting because you can make them personalized according to your choice and preference.

You can find many types of charms in the market, but they are charged very high. To reduce the expense, you can make the charms on your own. Make them from shrinky dinks to epoxy dot charms by putting in little effort.

Here are the four charms ideas that you can make easily:

1. Shrinky Dinks Charms

Shrinky dinks paper is the most famous and easy idea for making charms. The paper shrinks after baking and becomes small plastic images.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Draw your desired images on shrinky dinks and print them.
  • After printing on the paper, just cut out the images and separate them by using scissors.
  • Bake the images at 300° F or 146° C and keep baking them in a microwave for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • To enlarge the charms’ longevity, coat an epoxy resin.
  • And use glue to attach the charms to your Crocs.


2. Polymer Clay Charms

Polymer clay charms are one of the most used charms for decorating Crocs. Create polymer molds and shape them, conforming to your choice.

Here are the steps to decorate your pair with polymer clay charms:

  • Create the polymer clay and turns them into specific images.
  • Bake the sculpted polymer mold at 275° F or 135° C.
  • You have to bake the clay charms for 30 minutes in the oven.
  • Sometimes use liquid clay and fill the silicon mold to create exact shapes or images.
  • Use glue to add the Jibbitz back.

3. Jewelry & Gem Crocs Charms

It’s the easiest way to add charms to your Crocs.

There is no making procedure. Just buy gems, buttons, or jewelry, glue the back patch, and attach it to the Crocs. You find the rocks at any type of local market.

4. Epoxy Dot Charms

Using this epoxy dot charms process, you can attach any type of image and characters with your Crocs.

Follow the steps below:

  • Cut your chosen picture into a round shape.
  • Put some resin drops on the top of the images.
  • Apply resin until the total shape is covered in resin.
  • Attach the Jibbitz back by using strong glue.

Okay, you can try any of the charms to make your Crocs beautiful. These shoes always provide a distinctive look. Applying these charms can make your Crocs eye catchy too.

Customize Your Crocs for Particular Events

Personalized Crocs need some individual touch to reflect personal choice, right? Thus, you may customize your Crocs by applying some decorative instruments that reflect your personality. You can also make them memorable for any particular occasion.

Fortunately, there is no listed procedure for customization, so use your creativity and garnish your Crocs.


After using some paint, use the rhinestone chain for furnishing your beloved Crocs clogs.

Moreover, you can enrich the Crocs look according to the specific destination, like Halloween or Christmas parties. For the Halloween event, add some horror characters on top of the Crocs.

Besides, you can dye your Crocs to match the party’s theme if you want.

For example, use your red or white Crocs at a Christmas party. If you don’t have any of them, just paint your Crocs to match your Christmas outfit. And simply apply some identifying Christmas charms such as a decorative tree, Santa, Santa hat, etc.

Parting Thoughts

Okay, now you have clear ideas for decorating your Crocs with some simple components. Just add some garnishing charms of color and make your Crocs personalized.

After knowing every procedure, you must create your Crocs identically.

For further information about furnishing, just shoot a comment, and I’ll be there for you.

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