Why Do Crocs Have Holes in Them? Surprising Facts! [2024]

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Crocs are a fancy and non athletic popular shoe brand. You can recognize crocs at a glance for their unique style.

You must have noticed that there are some holes on top of the crocs. And this is a unique feature that makes crocs instantly recognizable.

If you like to wear crocs or think about crocs any time, there will be a question that comes to your mind ‘why do crocs have holes?’ Is it only for style or is there something meaningful hidden behind them?

I had the same question in my mind. So I researched a lot to know the answer.

After reading this article you will have a clear concept on why crocs have holes and their significance.

So, hang tight till the end to get all the answers.


Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes?

Croc’s uniqueness is mostly about the look. They look like crocodiles’ heads from the side. The name crocs also came from the concept of the amphibian crocodiles.

There are 13 holes on the top of the Crocs pair. From the kids pair to aged people pair the holes are everywhere.

The reason for the holes only the designer can explain well. But as a crocs lover I found some reasons.

Here are the reasons behind the 13 holes in crocs:

For Air Conditioning

The holes on the crocs are for a good air flow. People love crocs for its airy and comfortable appearances. These holes are the helper to maintain this purpose for the crocs.

If you have sweaty feet, it will get more sweaty after wearing shoes. Crocs solved this problem with the help of the holes on it.

Almost all the people have sweat problems. Some of them are excessive and some of them are a little. But crocs will provide the same level of comfort and breathability for both types of people.

The holes and Whack a mole surface make crocs supper ventilate pair.

Moreover your crocs as well as your feet will need to dry, if they become wet. These holes will help to do this quickly.

For Flowing Out Water

As crocs are amphibian in nature that means you can go to water with your crocs easily. The holes will  allow the excess water to flow out.

You can go to the beach or a poolside party with your crocs on. You might take a walk in running water without taking your crocs off. The waves of the sea can touch your feet through the crocs.

The holes of crocs become essential in such cases.

Crocs are made of Croclite, which is water resistant and made from resin, not plastic or rubber. Besides, the holes add more ease to dry  your crocs.

You don’t need to take off your crocs to remove extra water. The holes will do it for you.

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Moving of Unwanted Object

When you are roaming around any uneven plane or sandy beach some foreign object can get into your shoes.

These can be stone chips, sand or any kind of tinny solid. The holes of crocs will remove them easily.

When the tiny particle gets stuck into the toe box of your shoe, you will feel uncomfortable. These disturbing pieces won’t get out until you remove the shoe.

But in  crocs, the holes will make it easy to move.

For Decoration

The 13 eyelets of crocs are a unique feature for decorative purposes too. The holes are the identity complement for crocs pair. I think the holes look quite cool on crocs.

Crocs are popular for its funky look. To enhance the amusing look, crocs launched jibbitz charms for their shoes.

Jibbitz are mainly miniatures of any fanny objects. Images, emoji, character and letter anything little objects you can call them jibbitz. Jibbitz are used for decorating your crocs pair. You can attach jibbitz on the top of your shoes as well as into the 13 holes.

You can mount any kind of jibbitz into your crocs and can make your own pair.

Jibbitz is a cool culture which reflects your choice and test. You can show off your fashion or hobbies through the jibbitz you used on your shoe.

Now, You might have a question about the durability of the jibbitz. Ok I noticed that they will stay strong for 2 to 3 days without any detachment from your crocs.

After that jibbitz can pop out from your pair. But you can fix them easily next time, even whenever you want.

However you go for a rough walk the jibbitz charm can detach.

You can attach a maximum of 26 pieces of jibbitz into your whole pair of crocs. Jibbitz will add another level of essence into your pair.

Nowadays, crocs have become very popular with pop culture loving people and kids. They love jibbitz for its cool stylish appearance.

Basically every croc has 13 holes. The number 13 became the identifying property of original crocs somewhere.

If there are 13 holes in your crocs, your crocs are authentic.

You can even add some additional holes on your own. But the original crocs you will get from the shops only have 13 holes to be exact.

But if you want more holes you should take proper protection before doing it on your own. Because crocs are basically made of a resin based component called croclite which is quite different to handle then plastic or rubber.

You can use a drill or hand press grommet machine to add extra holes into your crocs.

You will be surprised to know that the holes have different names. The name is portholes. But not many people know the name or called the hole by their names.

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Do All Crocs Have Holes?

If you don’t like the holes on your crocs,there is good news for you. Crocs have some collections which don’t hold holes. They are closed-toe style.

From the beginning crocs are made as an airy comfortable go on pair. When crocs get populer everyone is fond of cross only because of its comfortness.

The main feature of crocs is that 13 holes are the main reason for the airy fit of it.

But at times some disadvantages of holes are revealed.


People who are in any critical workplace like nurses, doctors or chefs are also fond of crocs. Nurses got hurt by needles or chemicals in their feet because of the holes. In 2007 this type of accident took place on a regular frequency.

That’s why the hospital banned the crocs for their staff.

To solve this problem and maintain the huge popularity crocs came up with the no holes range of crocs.

The closed toe without holes crocs are for the workplace. They don’t have any straps. But they have more arch support. Though it doesn’t have any straps, the open heels are designed differently than normal crocs.

Moreover some closed toe models also have straps. You can get some adjustable straps with a few models of crocs.

What Are Crocs Without Holes Called?

Those crocs without holes have a specific name. Crocs launched their without holes renge with the name CrocsRx.

Crocs without holes which is known as CrocsRx is mainly for workwear. So they have crocs lock slip-resistance. They are also useful for kitchen use.

There are various kinds of variety for both men and women. Among them some models got special attention from the user of crocs.

Crocs unisex off road clogs, Crocs Bistro, Crocs Bistro pro, Crocs Blitzen clogs and many more are such most populer pair from CrocsRx range.


According to customer reviews I noticed that people who did not like crocs before because of their childish look, now consider crocs as their buying option.

You can find some really stylish and formal looking pairs from CrocsRx. Even CrocsRx offers flat as well as heels.

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Why Do My Crocs Have 12 Holes?

The 13 holes in crocs are for the authenticity of the brand. But if you find more or less holes in your crocs it must be fake.

When you got a pair of crocs with 12 holes that mean this is a fake pair. Having more than 13 holes might not be fake. That’s because you can add some holes on your pair.

When you are a jibbitz lover, you can do some holes to maintain your jibbitz collection. But if you find an excessive number of holes it’s definitely fake.

However 13 holes is not only the sign of authentication of crocs. There will be some other identities to recognise fake crocs.

You might know that the fake crocs are called croc-offs.

To identify fake crocs you should check some points which are given below:

  • Tag:

Every pair of original crocs has a tag with a barcode. If you scan the barcode you will find different data for every pair of crocs.

For croc-offs there may be a barcode,but if you scan them will not unique for every or Something like that.

  • Color:

Classic crocs are available in some solid color. There are more than 20 colors which are so catchy and unique. With that,Crocs named every pair of shoes with a matchless name.

They are Flame, Pure water, Celery, Taffy Pink and so on.

On the contrary for Crocs off they will not come with the same color as you expected.

  • Size:

Original crocs are true to size. Crocs maintain the US sizing system worldwide. So you will get rights from anywhere in the world.

Another point is crocs will be the same size as molded on them.

But for Croc-offs you will not get any assurance of sizing.

  • Material:

Crocs are made of Crocs Lite which is a specific form of resin. Croslite resin is very different from plastic or rubber. You will feel the difference and comfortable texture of CrocsLite when you wear it.

Rubber and plastic feels very different from Crocs Lite and you can see the diversity of the fake crocs material. They will be very low in quality and not so comfortable.

  • Logo:

As a crocs lover you must know about Duke, the crocodile in the logo of Crocs. Duke has some unique landmarks to identify him as Duke.

Duke has two eyes. He has six bumps on its back. And last but not the least Duke has three fingers in each paw.

You will find this kind of happy Duke as a logo in every pair of original crocs.

But for Croc-offs they may miss some fingers or bumps. So, be careful before buying crocs.

Besides that you should check the trademark, feeling of wearing it, packaging, and outsole to identify the original crocs.

Why Do Crocs Have a Strap?

Crocs launched in 2002 with their unique design and style which the world has never seen before. Lightweight classic and comfortable footwear is the signature of crocs shoes.

Crocs are mainly sandals with straps along with 13 holes on the top of the shoes.

You will be surprised to know that crocs are inspired by the crocodile mouth. From the side view a pair of crocs will look quite alike a head of crocodile. According to the brand the crocodile’s name is Duke.

The straps in the back part of the sandal are for more security. As crocs are popular to all types of people they have to be designed multi purposely.

For a long walk or evening exercise precisely for running, security is a must. The toe box of crocs is wider than normal shoes. So for slip resistance the strap is there.

You can choose adjustable straps for your crocs pair.

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Final Thought

To wrap up, I will say that the 13 holes of crocs is mainly for its antecedents to the user. It preserves the identity of crocs as a unique pair. You can recognize fake or original shoes by the number of holes.

There are many other ways to identify the fake crocs but the holes one is the easiest.

Crocs also offers some without holes pair for purposely use. So you don’t have to leave crocs for any reason. They have almost all types of shoes for you.

If you have any further questions about crocs you can ask me by commenting below.

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