Why Are Balenciaga Shoes So Expensive? [3 Minutes Read]

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Balenciaga is the symbol of luxury and signature apparel.

This brand offers clothing, shoes, bags, small leather goods and accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry, belts, etc. These products are trendy among many fashionistas and influencers.

You’ll see a high-end price range when it comes to the pricing of shoes. Along with that, their other fashion items are also expensive.


Generally, you’ll get a pair of their shoes from $550 to $4000. That’s a big amount, isn’t it?

And it why does Balenciaga cost so much.

I researched and discussed this topic with fashion enthusiasts. Then I noted the existing reason in this article in a straightforward way.

So, let’s figure out the relevant facts behind high-cost Balenciaga shoes.

Why Is Balenciaga So Expensive?

Balenciaga is focused on some specific customer circle to sell its products and make a profit. The fashionable people from aristocratic families and popular artists mainly prefer those lifestyle accessories.

This elite outfit industry aims to provide customers with the greatest possible goods that would satisfy and delight them.

There’re several reasons behind the high-end price tag of this premium brand.

Here’re the reason behind Balenciaga’s expensive price:

  • Fame and Marketing
  • Exclusivity and Aristocratic Status
  • Celebrities Preference
  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Classic designs

I’ll briefly discuss each point mentioned above so that you can get a clear concept.

Fame & Marketing

Balenciaga started its journey in 1919 from Spain. This brand became popular with the bubble skirt and weird but modern silhouettes.

You must be wondering how this brand persisted for 103 years. What’s the magic behind this?

When you’re solvent, you have confidence. The founder had financial support. That’s why he had the guts to start a fashion industry with uncommon designs.

Even if there were any losses, it would not financially affect him.

The owner invested in promoting the brand. When people saw celebrities using these products, they got inspired. And that’s how this industry grabbed a good reputation.

Exclusivity and Aristocratic Status

Exclusive products always demand a lot. Balenciaga ready-to-wear, footwear, handbags and other lifestyle accessories are preferable to rich people. They always want to look royal and use different products from others.

The business planners of Balenciaga exploited this demand of aristocratic people. They manufactured niche products of few quantities and tagged a high-end price.

Celebrities Preference

I’ve already given you some idea about this point in the fame and marketing section.

It’s usual to want to wear something that your favorite celebrity wears.


Stars like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Kim Kardashian appeared in public places in Balenciaga outfits. So, their fans will definitely want to try on those products, isn’t it?

And it’s a common phenomenon that the products of celebrities will cost more than ordinary.

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Fine craftsmanship

You must have to pay more to a professional doctor than a quack. The designers of famous brands are experts and professionals. So, you have to pay more.

The designers and workers of Balenciaga are highly talented. The creativity, design ideas, sewing, finishing and each small stuff related to the artisanship are precise and praiseworthy. That’s why it demands more.

Classic designs

Are you familiar with the oversized t-shirt or speed sneakers of Balenciaga?

If you’re, then you know that the designs of Balenciaga’s apparel are creative and unique. They introduced new shapes of footwear to the users.


The contrasted and embossed logo on the shoes and outfits is just like an expensive showpiece of your living room.

But I found some designs quite ugly such as the defender Sneaker and Open Back Paris Sneaker Mule. These shoes retail for $1250 and $625, respectively.

The open-back mule looks like an old torn pair. I just wonder which people buy these shoes. Whatever, everyone’s taste bud is different.

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What Are The Materials Behind Balenciaga?

The manufacturers typically use leather, suede, fabric, wool, cashmere, silk and wool.

Some shoes utilize recycled 3D knit, Arena lambskin, and polyamide. The Crocks shoe material is 100% EVA.

Balenciaga always tries to skip fur and exotic leather.

They make a combination of mesh and nylon for their Defender Sneaker. Destroyed cotton and rubber are used for the Paris Sneakers.

They promised to reduce the use of materials that are harmful to humans and the environment.

All of these materials are of good quality and comfortable for your feet.

Are Balenciaga Shoes Handmade?

No, they’re not handmade. The proper engagement of craftsmen’s talent and machinery makes the shoes.

Balenciaga serves worldwide with its luxurious clothing. They take help from modern technology to make their shoes, especially in extreme tire tread soles. They don’t utter the name of any specific technology and machine that’s involved in the production.

So, it’s a secret technology and manufacturing process of Balenciaga which makes their product more unique and pricey compared to others.

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Where Are They Manufactured?

Initially, Balenciaga was founded and started manufacturing in Spain. The brand is now authorized by the French multinational company Kering.

At present, Italy and China play the principal role in production. The shoes from Italy are more costly compared to the shoes that are fabricated in China.

The Cagole boots and Speed sneakers are more famous in the stylish women’s community. Both of these categories are made in Italy.

I own the white shade of PARIS HIGH-TOP SNEAKER, which costs $ 750.

This sneaker is made with destroyed cotton and white sole or destroyed cotton and vulcanized rubber. The Balenciaga logo at the edge of the toe offers a bold vibe.

Generally, this sneaker is produced in China, so you must be aware of this replica.

You’ll find some advanced features such as ultra-articulated molded soles, decorative zip, and tone-on-tone covered heels in the shoes that are built in Italy.

Which Is The Most Costly Balenciaga Shoe?

If you look at the footwear collection of Balenciaga, you’ll see boots, derbies, ankle boots, pumps, heels, sandals, crocs and mules.

Triple S, Paris Sneaker, Tracks, and Phantom are their signature designs.

The most expensive is the Balenciaga Ankle Boots. It is available both for men and women and costs $3900. You can grab the opportunity of discounts if you want to save some penny in your wallet.


Here’s the price range of some footwear of Balenciaga:

Boots and ankle boots: $1000- $3500

Pumps and heels: $800-$1500

Sandals & Mules: $560-$1000

Phantom: $850

Crocs: $565- $900

The costs mentioned above aren’t constant for all time. They vary depending on the overall market condition.

What Are The Cheaper Alternatives of Balenciaga Shoes?

You already know the price range of the Balenciaga shoes. If you’re not willing to invest your hard-earned money in this particular brand, or if you’re looking for something more reasonable, there’re plenty of options for you.

As a footwear enthusiast, I’ll recommend some trendy sneakers which might be a great suit for you.

Some cheaper alternatives to Balenciaga shoes include Adidas Yung 1, Nike Air Max 95 trainers, and Puma Thunder Rive Trainers.

You can also choose the New Balance 990 or Nike AF1.

I found that the materials of Balenciaga are common, and the designs of some shoes are such that I won’t wear them ever, even if I got a pair as a gift or free of cost.

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The Bottom Line

From my research, I didn’t find any extraordinary materials or technology in Balenciaga footwear.

That’s why I think this high budget is not worth it. The brand claims such a price just to capture media attention and fame. You can share your opinion in the comment section below if you disagree with me.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding expensive footwear. I’ll get back to you with the answers without any delay.

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