Why Do Kickers Wear Two Different Shoes?[Answered 2024]

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So, one evening while watching an NFL football game, my younger brother spotted kickers wearing two different shoes, and he exclaimed, “sisterrrrrr, why do the kickers wear different shoes, answer me now.”

I gave him a blank expression and quickly sat down to find out why. And here I am, after extensive research, giving you the answer you have been seeking as well.why-do-kickers-wear-two-different-shoe

So, keep reading the article and know the purpose of kickers and punters wearing different shoes.

Why Do Kickers Wear Two Different Shoes?

Kickers wear two different shoes because one offers better ankle support and footing, while the other is lightweight and flexible, allowing for more efficient kicking. Kickers often wear lightweight shoes on their kicking feet and shoes with a lot of traction on their plant feet.

A good pair of shoes is essential for kickers and punters since the functionality of the shoes determines how effectively they will perform.

Because kickers must function each of their feet differently, they wear shoes with different features.

They wear different shoes for their kicking foot and plant foot, so what actually are plant feet and kicking foot?

The plant foot is the foot that lands on the ground and balances before kicking the ball, while the kicking foot is the foot that kicks the ball.

Kickers use shoes with high footing and ankle support in the plant foot. Some kickers use screws in the football cleats of their plant shoes to increase balance and stability.

The shoes worn on the kicking foot are light and comfortable, so your feet do not feel heavy, and you can kick the ball with more force effortlessly.

However, not all kickers wear different shoes for their kicking and planting feet, and even it’s not compulsory to wear them. Many kickers perform excellently while wearing the same shoes.

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What Features Should Kicker’s Shoe Have?

Kickers cannot simply wear any shoes to a game; they must wear shoes with certain qualities that will allow them to play efficiently and win the game.

I’ve included the features for football kickers below. Let’s have a look at what they are:


The kicking shoes should be made of leather due to their high durability and suppleness.

Leather uppers are soft but strong, and they can endure heavy hits without damaging the shoes.

The leather material conforms to the feet, which elevates comfort.

Due to their high durability, you can kick the ball with more force.kickers-material

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Kickers stay long hours on their feet, so a comfortable shoe is a must for them.

The shoe’s insole should be soft and cushioned enough to keep the feet comfortable and productive.

Kickers can never give their best shot if their shoes chafe, pinch, or feel hard on their feet.

Kickers must wear comfortable shoes in order to perform at their best and score points for their side.


Can you walk wearing a heavy pair of shoes? No, right. If you can’t even walk in heavy shoes, how can kickers run and kick in them?

That is why Kicker’s shoes should be extremely light, allowing them to kick the ball with greater force.

A lightweight kicker shoe means less impact and fatigue, allowing you to perform at your best on the field.

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It’s very important for kickers to wear shoes that will keep up with them on the field because a little blunder while kicking the ball can injure the feet badly.

Kicker shoes should give adequate stability and support to the feet in order for them to operate correctly.

The feet should be in continual contact with the footbed to avoid mishaps while kicking the ball.


The outsole of Kicker’s shoes should provide strong traction on the turf.

Because a gripless pair of shoes is no use for kickers, they will doom the game in no time.

Slip-resistant studs should be included in the soles of the shoes, allowing kickers to have a firm grip while also preventing them from slipping.kickers-grip

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It is compulsory for kickers to wear strong and long-lasting shoes. Because the shoes have to endure strong impacts, that’s why their durability has to be super high.

A durable pair of shoes is ensured when they are made from premium materials.

Don’t buy those shoes that tear and the soles break apart easily; instead, opt for a robust one.


A hard pair of shoes is a big no-no for kickers. Kicker’s shoes should be highly flexible.

The shoes should be flexible enough that they can easily twist and bend their feet when kicking.

A flexible shoe is also a comfy shoe, and why not? If your shoes are rock hard and do not bend, your feet will be in pain.

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Why Do Kickers Wear Smaller Shoes?

Which size do you choose when shopping for shoes, your exact feet size, isn’t it?

But that’s not the case for Kickers.

Kickers wear shoes that are smaller than their feet. So what’s the logic behind wearing smaller shoes?

See, every little thing kickers do to their shoes improves their performance in the game, and the same is true for smaller shoes.

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To better his skills, a famous kicker donned shoes that were three sizes smaller than his true size. Though squeezing into smaller shoes is uncomfortable, it is totally worth it.

Here are the reasons of kickers wearing smaller shoes:

  • Wearing smaller shoes improves the connection with the ball while kicking.
  • Small-sized shoes create a harder surface area with the ball for kicking; thus, the ball goes more distance.
  • Smaller shoes provide stronger impacts while kicking the ball.

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Wearing two different shoes may appear odd, but kickers use this oddity to their advantage when playing.

Kickers must wear the best shoes available for the game since a good pair of shoes perform well and aid in scoring as many goals as possible.

A lousy pair, on the other hand, not only loses the match but also injures the feet.

Kicker’s shoes should be a mix of comfort, durability, lightness, and flexibility.

Combining the player’s skill and these features cannot prevent the game from being won.

Now that you know the reason behind kickers wearing different shoes, if anyone mocks about it, let them know the reasons. I am sure they will be awestruck after learning the truth the way I was.

And that’s a wrap for today. If you find this article helpful and if you have any queries, then please let me know in the comment box.

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