Can You Wear Socks With Skechers GO-Walk? [Utterly Tested]

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Being a mass-using pair, it’s a common concern whether Skechers Go-Walk can go with socks or sockless. Besides, you may wonder if there’s any difference in comfort going sockless.

Well, to give you a firsthand experience, I tried wearing these sneakers both with and without socks.


And now, I’m here to share my findings and show you how well the shoes worked.

So, read ahead!

Do You Wear Socks with Skechers Go-Walk?

Yes, you can wear socks with Skechers Go-Walk. Wearing socks with Skechers keeps your feet healthy and provides utmost comfort. Additionally, socks absorb the sweat that your feet release and prevent them from stinking; thus, your feet remain free of bacteria.

Socks are not just a piece of fabric, but it is a barrier between your bare feet and the shoes. Even if your shoes aren’t very comfy, wearing socks will instantly improve the shoe’s comfort.

Moreover, Skechers Go-Walk is way too comfortable, and wearing them with socks will just skyrocket the comfort

In this modern era, here you will also find padded stockings that provide immense cushioning and comfort in high-impact areas.

There are some good socks like Merino Wool Socks. These are super breathable yet secure to keep your feet in good condition both in summer and winter.

So, feel free to grab any kind of socks with your Go-Walks to shoot up the utility!

However, the advantages of go stockings are not limited to improving comfort; there are several more pros that I have described in the latter portion of this article. So, continue reading.

The Benefits Of Wearing Socks With Skechers Go-Walk

What is the purpose of wearing socks, do they bring any benefits?

Not just one or two, but stocking with Skechers Go-Walk has too many perks. Let’s uncover them together!

Reasons for wearing socks with Skechers Go-Walk:

1. Socks Absorb Moisture

On a hot day, standing in shoes for lengthy periods of time will cause your feet to sweat.

If you don’t wear socks, all of your sweat will be absorbed by your shoes, which is unhealthy for your feet and also degrades the quality of your footwear.

Moreover, wearing socks absorbs the extra moisture emitted by the feet, keeping them fresh and sweat-free.


2. Prevents the Feet and Skechers from Smelling

When you don’t wear socks, the extra moisture from the sweat is trapped in the shoes, which then creates a pungent and stinky smell.

It’s kinda embarrassing, right?

And in the case of leather boots, the embarrassment can go to the next level as boots tend to Smell Like Cat Pee! Skechers Go-walk usually doesn’t reach that level.

Still, you gotta be careful and must wear socks to avoid smelly feet and a stinky Go-walk!

Regardless, if your feet sweat excessively, you can apply any sweat-absorbing powder or talcum powder to minimize sweat and eliminate odor.

And don’t forget to wash your Skechers once in a while, especially if it’s made with Memory foam. This will ensure you have a fresh pair that doesn’t create a bad odor.prevents-the-feet-and-skechers-from-smelling

3. Socks Keep the Feet Healthy

Sweaty feet promote bacterial development, which leads to a variety of foot problems.

It’s not easy to keep your feet from sweating. Here comes the necessity of wearing socks to keep any fungus or germs from developing.

Socks act as a protection line between your feet and the shoes. It soaks up sweat and keeps your feet fresh and healthy.

4. Prevents Feet Chafing

When you don’t wear socks, there is direct friction between your feet and the shoes, which results in chafing and causing blisters. Constant rubbing with shoes takes the layers of skin apart, which leads to infection.

You definitely don’t want that, right?

Wear good quality socks and these problems will go away as the sock works as a barrier. Thus, it reduces the friction felt by the skin.

Apart from wearing socks, insert an insole and use moleskin to avoid rubbing your ankle caused by shoes. Go through our guide to learn more.

5. Prevents Feet Swelling

Compression stockings are special socks designed to reduce swelling in the ankles and feet.

As fluids build up in the tissue, the ankles and feet swell, causing severe foot pain.

These are highly effective and are also advised as a medical therapy because they improve blood circulation and prevent foot swelling. Besides, Compression socks reduce diabetic neuropathy.

6. Improves Feet Comfort

Socks are an excellent way to keep your feet comfy. They provide good cushioning and serve as a liner, preventing the feet from rubbing against the shoes.

Not to mention, in the socks, your feet remain dry and free of dirt. To avoid your feet from bacterial contact or any infections, wear a sock and keep it dry.

7. Keeps the Shoes in Good Condition

Socks not only protect the feet but also keep the shoes in good condition.

Frequent wearing of shoes without socks allows sweat moisture to accumulate in the shoes, causing the shoes to get exceedingly filthy and the quality of the shoes to deteriorate.

To keep the quality of the shoes, wear socks so that they don’t become dirty and stay in good shape.


Socks are a fantastic innovation for keeping your feet fresh, healthy, and comfy. And when you wear Skechers or any other shoes with socks, your feet experience a plush comfort.

Can I Wear Skechers Go-Walk Without Socks?

Yes, you can wear Skechers Go-Walk without socks. Go-Walks are incredibly comfortable and come with many functions, so wearing them without socks will not affect their performance. By the way, if you want to wear the Skechers Go-Walk to the gym or for other physical activities, you must wear socks.

It is not mandatory to wear socks with Skechers Go-Walk, but if your feet sweat excessively, it is recommended to wear them.

You can also wear breathable and odor eliminator socks if your feet sweat a lot and produce a bad smell.can-i-wear-skechers-go-walk-without-socks

There is no harm in wearing Skechers Go-Walk with socks; there are only benefits. So why not wear socks since they keep both your feet and your shoes in good condition?

Are Skechers Go-walk Comfortable With Or Without Socks?

Skechers Go-Walk is comfortable both with or without socks. Nevertheless, it is best to wear socks if your feet sweat a lot since socks absorb all moisture and keep your feet dry. You may even forgo the socks if you want to wear the Skechers Go-Walk for fashion purposes.

Skechers Go-Walk shoes include a padded collar and tongue, a cushioned footbed, and a breathable top.

With these qualities, any shoe becomes really comfortable, and the Skechers Go-Walk shoes are no exception. That’s why you can wear them sockless.

The issue comes if your feet are very sweaty. Socks are a boon for sweaty feet since they not only wick sweat but also keep your feet from stinking even if you wear them for an extended period of time.

And a sweaty and smelly foot can never be in comfort, no matter how comfortable the shoe is. So, the choice is yours on how you want to rock the Skechers Go-Walk!


Sock keeps your feet free of tackiness, reduces swelling and chafing, eliminates odor, offers padding, allows enough ventilation, keeps your feet dry and cool, and keeps bacteria at bay.

Too many perks, isn’t it?

However, Skechers is also comfy without socks, so it’s entirely up to you how you like to wear them.

Let me know if you have any further questions in the comments section.

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